poison ivy is no fun

  1. Now this is my first run in with poison ivy on a personal basis anyway, And I did a good job of it. Went hiking in the hills of SoCal. I never saw it but I am terribly afflicted with it. And I will say it is absolutely no fun. from my feet to my scalp and everywhere in between. I mean this is not pleasant. I am not a wimp by any means, But I truly believe I would prefer waterboarding instead of this. Well for a first time at getting it, I did a very thorough job.

    Now lets hear some good home cure remedies to help.

    So far Rum seems to the best, just kidding. Maybe.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i have never gotten poison ivy...knock on wood.
    what i would do is take 25mg of benadryl, get a tube of hydrocortisone and apply...
    then on top of that (after it dries), maybe some calamine lotion?

    right now i'm drawing a blank, but there's something you take a bath in, that is supposed to be soothing.

    i'll be back.


    ok, here's a link.
    you may also want to peek at the 'complications' section.

    feel better.
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