1. Received this email today and thought it was cute: PMS from a guy's point of view

    CREATOR Help Me Survive
    (Verse 1)
    --- Something happens to my baby 12 times a year.
    - If I could find a cure I'd be a millionaire.
    - I can't understand, no matter how I try.
    - If I said it didn't scare me it would be a lie. -- The expression on her
    face will just completely change.
    - Then she'll open up her mouth so I can see her fangs.
    - The veins will pop out on both sides of her head.
    - I can hardly recognise the precious girl I wed. --- You can bet my dirty
    clothes won't hit the bedroom floor.
    - And if I have to go, I'll raise the seat for sure.
    - I pray to Creator she doesn't ask which shoes look the best.
    - Creator please let me survive another P.M.S.

    (Chorus) --- On the twenty

    second day of every single month.

    - Something always happens to my honey bunch.
    - She goes a little crazy and blames it all on me.
    - She takes a small vacation from her sanity.
    - I try to understand, I try to do my best.
    - Creator please help me survive another P.M.S. (Verse 2) ---She'll be crying
    out her eyes because she thinks she's fat.
    - She might blame it on Mcdonalds' She might blame it on the cat.
    - If I bring home some roses to try to cheer her up.
    - She might think that I'm cheating and punch me in the gut.
    - She might tell me I'm ugly, She might tell me I'm cute.
    - She might hold me at gunpoint.
    - Creator please don't let her shoot.
    - She'll ask if I remember what she wore on our fourth date.
    - Then when I tell her no, she'll break a dinner plate.
    - She'll ask me to get her Mydol off the bathroom shelf.
    - I'll listen from the other room as she talks too herself.
    - The more I try to love her the more she loves me less.
    - Creator please help me survive another P.M.S. (Repeat Chorus) (Tag)
    --- It's four a.m., I'm in my bed with one foot on the floor,
    - I'll sleep with one eye open and a clear shot to the door.
    - I locked away my rifle, I hid my baseball bat.
    - Put all the kitchen knives where she'll never find them at.
    - I think it's almost over as I look to where she lays.
    - I should be safe from P.M.S another thirty days. .

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  3. by   karenG
    :roll :roll :roll

    no - its not like that is it??????????


    thanks- I needed the laugh!!:kiss
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    How'd you know about me???? now my cover is blown wide open.......