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  1. Hi Louie, What whould you like to share? I see mostly kids(outpt) and suspect some parents are using or selling some of the kids psychostimulants. They will send enough to school for the month so they 'behave' while in school, but the school nurses tell me they can tell the kids who don't take as perscribed on the weekends because those are the ones with headaches come Mom. AM.(Except we don't see much headaches with Concerta) Have any tips? Are you near Ann Arbor? or Iron Mountian? Detroit? Thanks. P.S. some dues are paid every year. Don't feel bad- some just don't get time to review the entries very often-and then have time to reply the same day.
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  3. by   Louie18
    I've so much to say, yet so little time to say it.
    and to not be acknowledged tells ME that maybe I should listen. I paid my dues.
    Help me be understood.