Please pray for a student of ours.........

  1. This little girl is 10 years old and is wheelchair bound and non-verbal but understands everything you say to her. Her health is pretty fragile. She needs help for even her basic needs. She has Rett Syndrome. Tuesday of next week she is having spinal surgery for her scoliosis(curvature of the spine). This spinal situation has gotten very bad, very quickly. They will open up her spine and insert pins. The curvature cannot be corrected but it will halt the progression. She is the sweetest little girl. Always smiling, not an ugly attitude or any ugliness from her at all. All who work with her KNOW she is an angel even though we can't see the wings. She'll be in the hospital for a week and not back to school until January. We sent her off this afternoon in grand style with a large cart full of goodies for her Mom and Dad to eat and use while she's in the hospital. She got from us a cake, balloons, a doll that resembles her. Our whole school took part in making posters and cards for her. This child has grown very close to our hearts. I used to rock her every day at nap time when she was small enough for me to hold her. We got very emotional saying goodbye to her and her Mom. She's like part of our family. PLEASE pray for her especially on Tuesday the 26th. The teacher, myself and the other aide plan to go see her in the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully she'll be able to receive visitors by then. Thanks and God Bless. I'll let you know how the surgery goes.
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  3. by   l.rae
    magnolia, warm wishes and fortunate that a such a group of warm hearted loving ppl are involved in her life......LR
  4. by   just1rn
    May your little angel be blessed and a prayer is sent her way
  5. by   baseline
    Good thoughts and warm wishes..
  6. by   emily_mom
    She is so lucky to have such caring people as you guys. She sounds like an angel...I will pray that all will go well.

  7. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    Thanks you all for the prayers for her. I plan to print all of the well wishes and give them to her Mom. Has any one here taken care of a ptient with Retts syndrome? Just wondering.
  8. by   lisamct
    Im sending all my best wishes to her and all of you who love and care for her.

    I have worked with 2 young girls with Retts syndrome, once in the school that I worked in before I trained to be a nurse and once in my present position. (Im a Registered Learning Disability Nurse in the UK)

  9. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    lisamct, aren't they just the sweetest kids to work with? She is so special.