Please pray for me

  1. I am in trouble, and I'm scared. Please pray for me.
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  3. by   Celia M
    Consider it done Lori, hope things get better for you.
  4. by   rehab nurse
    Lori, I have been in similar situations lately, and I won't say I know how you feel at this moment, but I will say I know how scary and overwhelming everything feels.

    I certainly am thinking about you, and praying for you. Feel free to PM if you want a listening ear.

  5. by   new_mom2005
    I will keep you in my prayers. Just keep your head up and u will do fine... GOOD LUCK
  6. by   tigress_8207
    My prayers are with you
  7. by   canoehead
    Hugs Lori.
  8. by   TazziRN

    I'm here if you want to talk too.
  9. by   Agatha

    Praying for you that all is soon resolved with you safely over this hurdle. God is with you in all things. :blushkiss
  10. by   CseMgr1
    (((LORI))) :flowersfo
  11. by   charebec65
    Will say a prayer for you..... I hope all works out fine....
  12. by   Katnip
    Lori ((((Hugs))))

    Im hoping things turn around for you, dear.
  13. by   leslie :-D
    aw (((lori)))- wishing for a peaceful resolution.

  14. by   Hnebun
    I am praying right now for you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Satan, you have no authority here. One of your children is in need of prayer. Let her feel the outpouring of love circling around her while she is troubled. Remind her that none of us is ever alone, You are always with us. Help us all to remember that when we walk thru the fire, we are being tempered and refined like steel. That everything is to your purpose, even though we may never know the reason why. I ask for peace in Lori's heart, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
    We love you and God loves you Lori-
    Lynn in Virginia