Please pray for my daughter Karen

  1. Please pray for my 27-year-old daughter Karen. She was planning on starting nursing school this fall in Memphis, and was taking her prereqs. She was doing well, and was looking forward to nursing school.

    But this morning, she was T-boned in a car accident. Her pelvis is broken in 2 places; her lung is punctured; her spleen has a Level III injury.

    In addition to your prayers, I would like to know if any of you trauma nurses can give info regarding the length of hospital stay and rehab, etc. You may PM me, if you prefer.

    If you like, please click on the link for some recent pictures of Karen and her husband Shawn:

    Thank you all for your support at this time.
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Tell Karen that your online Nursing friends are thinking of her, and pulling for her. I am sorry to hear of her accident, and will remember her in thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you find out what the prognosis is.
    Hugs to you all.
  4. by   live4today
    Hello Sleepyeyes,

    Consider it done! May the grace and peace of God be with you, your family, and your daughter throughout her recovery period from her accident.

    I viewed her webpage, and she was a beautiful bride! I loved her wedding dress, too.

    It's difficult for parents to see their children in pain or wounded in anyway - no matter what age the children may be. May her recovery be swift and complete. (((HUGS))) and :kiss
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    Update: I thought she was in surgery to repair the pelvis, but it turns out that was not what she had surgery for. I'm still a little unclear on what was done, and her husband is doing the best he can; I didn't want to press him for more information.
    She also has 3 broken ribs. The good news: the head of the femur popped itself back in. Surgery to repair the fx pelvis has not been scheduled yet' the ortho team's booked and they feel she's stable enough. The pelvis is stabilized with an external rod pinned to her knee at this time. She's on a PCA of demerol as the MSO4 didn't work for her, plus the usual IVF. The spleen has a small tear, as does the lung, and the docs think they'll repair themselves. She's in ICU.
    Hubby tells me she was hit by a pickup truck and her car is completely totalled. So the miracles started right there at the scene.
    Thanks ((Renee)) and ((Cathy)) for your prayers and support.
    I plan on printing this thread out for her at some point, so she can feel a part of the nursing community.
  6. by   live4today
    Ahhh, praise God for His miraculous touch! Stay prayerful, MOM!
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    How awful! I'll keep your daughter in my prayers!
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sending possitive vibes and healing energy your way along with a {{{{{HUG for Karen}}}}}.
    Sleepyeyes, tell her Karen RN from PA has added her to the prayer list. School will be there for her when she is ready. She will be a wiser nurse comming from this experience.

    Hope thats a PCA of Dilaudid not demerol for her bone pain, that can be excrutiating. Mom's TLC will help her too.
  9. by   kaycee
    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} for your daughter and many prayers sent your way. Keep us informed as to how she is doing!!!
  10. by   semstr
    and prayers across the ocean!!
  11. by   nursedawn67, Karen and your whole family are in our prayers. Just take each day as it by day you'll get through this. Take care! We are here for you anytime!
  12. by   Mary Dover
    Sleepyeyes- you, your daughter, her husband, and your entire family are in my prayers. God bless you all. Truly a miracle. By the way, the pictures are beautiful.
  13. by   hoolahan
    Sleeyeyes, I will keep Karen and your family in my prayers also. {{{{{{{Sleeyeyes}}}}}}}} :kiss
  14. by   CEN35
    i'm sorry to hear about karen's incident. i hope her recovery is speedy and well!