Please keep your fingers crossed

  1. Hi Friends,

    Please keep your fingers crossed that my son passes his drivers test tomorrow! We practiced parallel parking in my big o van and he is pretty good. He comes to complete stops at the stop signs, counts to six seconds, observes the speed limit, I am not sure what else is required I just hope he passes.

    If anyone has any hints I would appreciate it.

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  3. by   Mkue
    I hope he passes ! is he going to use the Van for his test? He's doing pretty good so far
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    ah, i am sure he will do fine. let us know how it goes.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I keep my fingers crossed he passes, but more importantly, he observes safe driving practices after becoming licensed so he and the others around him are safe, too. Good luck and hang in there.
  6. by   kristi915
    Tell him to try his best not to be nervous. I know it sounds hard, but it does help you drive better! He should try to talk to the instructor, just kinda chat it up, it helps w/ not being nervous, and for some instructors, they like to see that you can talk and drive and not be distracted.

    I'm sure he'll do fine. I failed my first time and I was sooooo !!! I drove on the way home trying to hold back the tears and kinda got a little heavy on the gas pedal.....

    I got mine my 2nd time, and I was soooo relieved!!!
  7. by   live4today
    BADBIRD.......prayers going up for your son to pass his driving test tomorrow. :kiss

    Kristi....don't feel because I too flunked the driving portion of my driver's test when I was 16, and had to listen to my father's mouth ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY HOME.......Man, was that drive a looooonnnnngggg drive home. :chuckle

  9. by   Brownms46
    So how did he do???
  10. by   BadBird
    Thanks everyone for your support, unfortunately he flunked the parallel parking part, he was so nervous. Poor kid, I told him not to worry he just continued our family tradition as we all flunked the parallel parking the first time, I told him he is a good driver and just try not to be nervous. Oh well, off we go again.
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    Wow.. I didn't even have to do the parallel parking thing.... Glad I didn't ... I probably would have failed also..
  12. by   live4today
    I too flunked the parallel parking test at 16......didn't get licensed until I was 20 or 21 after that failure. Didn't want to hear my father's mouth again. It was bad enough to hear him yelling at me all the way home at age16 for not passing the driving portion of the test. :chuckle

    I hate to admit this, but I drove a car without a license for a couple years before I even became a licensed driver. I was married with one child before I got my license. I do not advocate this behavior for anyone as it was a very irresponsible thing for me to do.
  13. by   CountrifiedRN
    Sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully next time he won't be as nervous since he'll already know what to expect. I think the worst part is the anxiety of not knowing what they'll ask of you.

    I got lucky for my driving test. It was the first and only time I have ever competently parallel parked, someone must have been helping me that day.

    Who the heck made up parallel parking anyway? Who really ever does it? And why would anyone want to???

    My fingers are crossed for the next time!
    Wow! We don't have to do parallel parking! I HATE parallel parking! I get to my sn's school early everyday so I don't have to worry about it!

    Sorry about your son. Practice, practice, practice!