Please HELP, dog has terrible gas!

  1. OMG,

    I don't know where to begin, we got this pomeranian the day before Thanksgiving, a rescue he was in terrible conditions, well he is a wonderful doggie, easily housebroken, but OMG his farts are killing us !!! WTF is up with this doggie? He is so little and he stinks so bad, how can that horrific odor come from such a cute little dog? He went to the vet, had his first shots ever (he is 5 yrs. old) and we will bring him next month to be neutered. I just don't know what to do about the gas, does anyone have any ideas? He hates his dog food but it doesn't seem to matter what he eats, he just lets them rip, Hack Hack Hack, he did it again !!!

    Help, what do I do?
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  3. by   kristi915
    LoL......ohmygoodness!!! Sorry, your post was quite comical...

    My dog used to fart all the time!! It was really gross too....I think it was what he was eating....we live on a dairy farm so goodness knows what he ate!! *ahem, cow poop, kitty poop, after birth, garbage**just for starters* YUCK!!!!

    Watch him carefully and see if he is eating something other than doggie food, or table scraps. That might be the problem....other than that, I will try to find something on the WWW...
  4. by   baseline
    Change the dog food. Try Eukanuba. If you have a cat...make sure the cat food is where he can't reach it! I agree with trying the WEB. Lots of doggie sites for doggie problems..........and I'm sure farts are mentioned somewhere!!! (My corgi eats eukanuba and I don't believe she has ever cut loose!)(Of course she IS the Queen of the Corgi's, so she would deem it improper and undignified!)
  5. by   kristi915
  6. by   donmurray
    Charcoal biscuits can help.
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    One day a guy got invited over to his girlfriend's parents house for dinner. He really liked the girl and was set out to impress her parents. When he arrived at the girl's house he was quickly whisked into the dinning room where they were getting reading to sit down for dinner. He sat down in his chair and the family dog curled up under him.

    Halfway through dinner the man felt a rumble in his tummy and noticed he had gas. He was very uncomfortable so he let a little bit out hoping no one would notice. As soon as he did, the girl's father yelled at the dog "Rufus!" The guy thought, hey, this is great and let out a little bit more. Once again, the girl's father yelled "Rufus!"

    They guy decided to let all the gas out since the father thought it was the dog. After he let a long fart out, the girl's father yells at the dog "RUFUS! Get out from under that chair before that man ***** on you!"

    It is necessary for a dog to be around for this fart to occur. People who fart and blame it on the dog when there is no dog within miles are making a travesty of the whole fart identification business, which is difficult enough as it is. This is always a silent fart but one with an odor you could blame on a dog that was dead. The farter tries to blame it on the dog. He will even go so far as to run the dog out of the house. Do not be fooled. When a dog farts it will usually grunt too. It may even get up and walk away. This is what you should do when you have identified a dog did it fart. They are vile.
  8. by   BadBird
    I bought Eukanuba from the vet, he won't touch it. He had some turkey today. OMG he sleeps in bed with me too, I think I'm gonna cry! His breath is bad too, when he is neutered he will get his teeth cleaned also, hope that helps.
  9. by   dianah
    My uncle fed his Great Dane sweepings from a friend's granola plant,as well as dry dog food. That dog had the most FOUL-SMELLING FARTS that have ever been recorded!!! (note to self: no more granola!)
    Agree w/other posters, check out doggy websites and ask your vet. Good luck, keep us posted! -- D
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    watch what the dog eats......and pay attention, maybe an underlying digestive issue that needs attention. good luck..meantime DON'T light any candles (rofl)
  11. by   aimeee
    Hope you find a solution soon! Labragas is a frequent problem in our household when there are too many rich treats. For a good laugh, sometime read James Herriot's story about Cedric the farting boxer. It is hilarious!
  12. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by kristi915
    I've got a link here: http://www.onlineveterinarypractice....tulencedog.htm
    Hey thanks for the link!
  13. by   kids
    My 2 75# dogs are indoor/outdoor puppies...who tend to eat what ever they can get in their mouths (yes, it is a s gross as it sounds...they kill bunnies and squirrels (in their fenced yard) and eat them.

    I feed my dogs Mylicon drops.
  14. by   Hidi74
    This is going to sound gross but bear w/ me. I used to work in a kennel in High school and I noticed that pomeranians tend to eat thier......well....thier poop. I used to have to be sure to clean up after them as soon as they went or each and every one of them would do that.....yuck! It never happened to any other breed of dogs but them. I assumed it was a breed thing as I have a friend with a pomeranian and she started watching hers and she was doing the same thing. Any whoo that may account for the nasty farts and the yucky smelling breath.....Be sure to stay away from the face licking untill your sure........blehhhhhh Good luck!!!!