1. hola.... I have a question... do any of you have any platinum jewelry? for x-mas I'm getting my mom a nice little tanzanite and diamond pendant mounted in platinum, on a nice 18in platinum box chain...

    Does it last? It seems more shiny than white gold... I heard that it doesnt scratch as bad as the gold and sterling does... is that true? Is it stronger than the gold?

    (The gift of bling is coming from my little bro to my mom-- he just needed some assist with the payments... now, he has a dishes plan to pay off the pendant)


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  3. by   KC CHICK
    When my fiance and I went to the jeweler to pick out engagement rings, I had my heart set on platinum. That is, until I found out that white gold is STRONGER. We were advised that platinum is a much softer metal than white gold, and therefore, was prone to more scratches and dents. With my job the choice was simple.

    I now have a WHITE GOLD & diamond ring on my finger. (truth is, people really can't tell the difference...they think it's platinum - until I tell them otherwise.)

    Good Luck with your Christmas shopping!!
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  4. by   kids
    OK, here comes conflicting info...

    My grandma was a midwestern farm wife, her wedding ring was platinum and she wore it for 40 years, my sister in law has worn it for 15 more years and it still looks really nice.
  5. by   CashewLPN
    hmm.... ok... I've done some research... woo hoo...

    Turns out that on a hardness scale, Titanium is harder than yellow gold and silver(gold is one of the softest metals around)

    If the white gold is alloyed with enough other hard stuff, its karat designation falls to I think 10k or something, rendering it hard, but brittle...

    Titanium is alloyed with iridium (hense why its so darn expensive) and it makes it incredibly hard and scratch resistant...

    Plus, my g-ma wears my nonni's wedding band which has got to be about 70 years old, and she says that it still looks amazing for its age... never had to have it repaired...

    I wonder if it holds up in pendant settings as well...

  6. by   Mariah
    I wear platinum because of metal allergies. My wedding and engagement rings are in platinum. No problems and still going strong. Metal allergies (particularly nickel) are common among people with scandinavian descent. I hear 15% of the swedish people have this allergy. In this case, platinum and silver are our best bets as gold is often mixed with nickel.
  7. by   misti_z
    My mother-in-law's wedding set is platinum and it looks wonderful..........and it (the set) is 50yo!!!
  8. by   Q.
    My wedding ring is platinum and we heard quite the opposite: the platinum is stronger than any gold and that even if you can't afford to have ALL platinum, having the setting platinum will help in reducing those prongs from shifting and having your diamond fall out.

    I've had numerous rings that were gold that the diamonds fell out - to date none of my diamonds in my wedding ring have. I think platinum shows off the sparkliness of the diamonds better provided you start with a good quality diamond to begin with - a good clarity, etc

    My husband's band is gold and platinum.
  9. by   night owl
    My wedding ring and engagement ring are both platinum. Been wearing them for 17 years now, and they still look like wear and tear noted at all!
  10. by   ICUBecky
    i have a white gold and diamond engagement ring from 1924 (it is grandma's) and it still looks beautiful. she wore it everyday of her life and i wear it everyday of my life. it never comes off.

    i have heard titanium strongest, then platinum, then white gold, then yellow gold, then silver.

    one day...when my boyfriend finally plans on proposing, i want platinum. every ring i've seen with platinum is beautiful. never have been a yellow gold fan.

    that's my input.