Plastic Surgery...would you do it?

  1. Boo. Spinoff on the "got my veins done" thread.

    I fully intend to buy myself a new set of boobs once I'm done breastfeeding and my kids have turned my breasts into a set of wrinkled tube socks that make the chicks in National Geographic look sexy. That's why God made silicone, IMO.

    Lots of people find it offensive (women, that is) that I want to get plastic surgery. What's your opinion?
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  3. by   shygirl
    Do it!

  4. by   Tweety
    Never say never.

    Right now, I've decided to let nature take her course with my body, with one exception. I'm going bald and the wrinkles are here. I color my grey hair though. It makes me look way too old and I'm on 43 dammit!

    Right now I say no to any surgery.
  5. by   hoolahan
    I am so with you! IF I had the money, this is what I would do, in this order...

    Tummy tuck
    boob lift
    eyelid lift
    double chin removed
    cute new nose

    OK, somebody tally that up, how much do I need to save???
  6. by   BadBird
    I would not have any plastic surgery but if you want to, then go for it.
  7. by   tabbeycatt
    I say if it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it.
    There's nothing wrong with wanting to look "good" and if you got the $$ to spend then I would do it, too.
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  8. by   EmeraldNYL
    I would definitely get a nose job.... I've hated my nose ever since I was little. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to make some small improvements!! Just don't end up looking like that cat woman that I read an article about in People; she looked disgusting!
  9. by   litepath
    B]I say if it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it. [/B] There's nothing wrong with wanting to look "good"

    Nope..If it makes you happy~~~Thats a good thing!
  10. by   tiger
    shay, i posted a response under waggys thread.
  11. by   Beach_RN
    Ditto.... I also posted underwaggy's thread too!

    I say You go girl! Theres no shame in it! I am sooooooooooo there!

  12. by   kaycee
    I never thought I would when I was young, but now that I'm old if I had the dough, yes I would do a few things!!
  13. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I always said I would too... if I had the money... my only problem is that there are so many other "more important" things to use the money for!!! I think I would feel bad for something "trivial" like plastic surgery, when there is breast cancer research and hungry children that I could give it too. I have thought about it numerous times.... IF I had the money, and I think I would really have to give it some serious thought.
  14. by   night owl
    H*ll yeah! I would tell them to pull it up, tie it up then cut it off. That should take care of everything!