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  1. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were today about the plane crash in NY??
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  3. by   prn nurse
    huge drop in paid fares since 9-11. And the government is being pressured by the airlines. And people are anxious and it was already predicted the # of people flying this thanksgiving and xmas would be down. I think the official report will be it was an accident. An official report that it was a terrorist act will put the airlines in the basement for a year or two . The economy can't take it. The destination of the plane is not important. Terrorists don't care if they kill Dominicans or Americans in an instance like this. The objective is: Scare the P_SS out of Americans and make them afraid to get on any plane. And with security so high on domestic flights, it stands to reason, a foreign-destination plane would be easier to sabotage. You wouldn't think terrorists would sabotage a plane to Dominican Republic, would you? So, who's looking? Surprise ! This is my take on it.
  4. by   CarolineRn
    Prn, good analysis! I agree that if it *were* an act of terrorism, the general public may not be told for some time, in order to keep the airlines from bottoming out.

    When's the last time a plane crashed in a neighborhood?? In my lifetime, I cannot recall one instance. Maybe someone here can enlighten me? This seems too odd to be just an accident.
  5. by   lvnmom
    I TOTALLY agree-and no I don't ever remember a plane going down in a neighborhood...I cannot imagine what the people of NY are feeling right now.I don't understand,haven't those people and all people suffered enough.When is Mr Pres gonna attack back?Don't get me wrong I am a faithful Bush supporter I am just getting really angry!
  6. by   NurseDennie
    Hi -

    I was going to write in and say that I recall a plane going into a neighborhood here in Nashville, but that was a military plane. The results to the houses involved were pretty much the same, though.

    I'm with you - I think it's ridiculous to have put out reports already saying "We don't think it's terrorism" 45 minutes after the crash! They hadn't even had a chance to talk to all the eye witnesses, even.

    Prayers with the people devastated by this latest thing.


  7. by   nilepoc
    Here is one that ended up in a salvage yard.

    Here is a link to one where the plane ended up in a gas station parking lot.

    A strip mall parking lot

    This is a great site for persons interested in airline safety, check it out.

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  8. by   CarolineRn
    Thanks for the link Craig. Interesting site!

    NurseDennie, I love your quote. But then again, I love all things Lennon.
  9. by   CashewLPN
    well.. the crash was about 5 mi from my aunts house... she's a nurse turned cop.... my uncle, he's one of NY's bravest...

    it was another hideous scare, b/c all the phones were down and we couldnt find them again.... until, they turn up on the tv.... Alive and well...

    But... anyway...
    I still remember that it is safer to fly than to drive, and danke to the chaos factor, that there is no smooth line in airline mortality, but-- its jagged, with some bumps and some smooth stretches... We're in the middle of the bump...

    oh well....
    Just remember that we are alive and well, and should live every moment to the fullest...

  10. by   jjenRN
    According to news reports on msnbc, the terrorists have said that there is going to be more terrorist attacks on American planes. I just recently took a vacation and believe me it was very time consuming----long lines and being checked and double checked this was both coming and going! I believe that with all the increased security being put in place regarding the people on the plane, that the terrorists might have had people working for the airline or a way to get behind the line of security and put a bomb on the plane! Or it is possible that considering what the people did on flight 93, that the terrorists figured that we would not sit still and let them take over the plane so they found another way. I really believe it was a terrorist attack! and if you think about it---it is very similar to united flight 700 (I think that is right???) this plane also took off out of the NY area and there were several witnesses that said they saw flames in the sky prior to the plane going down???? I think it is time for our government to take control of security on planes! also don't forget that the statement was made that if an airliner did become a threat to any American landmark/building/etc..... that the gov. would in fact shoot it out of the sky!!! whatever the cause I love to travel and will not stop!
  11. by   kaycee
    Another weird thing I've heard people talking about is, remember the fireman who at a NY concert got up on stage and said Osoma Bin Ladin you can kiss my Royal Irish Ass. He also said I'm from Rockaway(sp) and this is my face.He lost a brother 9/11 and his area of Queens is where the plane came down. Well some people are saying this was a result of that. I think it is a coincidence but a very strange one.
    Anyone else hear this?
  12. by   hoolahan
    OMG Kaycee, that is unbelieveable coincidence. But what would terrorists have done this time? The engine FELL OFF! Did they get in there and loosen all the bolts or something?? I don't know. Do you think an explosive separated the engine from the plane?

    I do recall a plane in Florida going down in a neighborhood, but it may have been a military or small plane. There was a small plane crash in my county about 18 years ago, and then there was a small plane crash in a Camden or Burlington Co area in NJ in the last few years. Haven't heard of too many commercial planes going down in neighborhoods.

    Way too weird.
  13. by   kaycee
    I really hope it was just a terrible coincidence. I can't imagine them being able to target a specific neighborhood like that. It's horrrible enough that this happened, let alone in a community where mostly fireman and police reside that have already lost so many from 9/11.
    I haven't heard this mentioned on the news, just on radio talk shows but it is too weird as you said.
  14. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I think it's just a case of another overworked professional with the safety of the general public on thier shoulders, being given too much to do, in too short of time to get it done safely, so the corporation that hangs his job over his head everytime he complains, can make a few dollars more.
    Does that sound familiar?
    Someone screwed up. Whether it was the $6.00 hr "security" officer, or the ground crew. They'll be singled out and fired, and the same system will kill hundreds more some day.
    I don't think that having the feds run it will make it any better. It might even get worse Do you know of ANY gov. program that is run efficiently and fairly?
    No, I think we need to find a successful security model in some other country and copy it.
    I also think that safety is not a top priority to a corporation that sees it as an expense when people will fly that airline anyway.
    What's it to them. They lost an asset and have to pay some damages.
    I think that if any arline was found to have caused deaths from a safety issue, then they should be dismantled, or at least boycotted.
    What about the Jackscrews in the rudders of those planes a few years back............"Gee, we found metal shavings and THOUGHT something might be wrong"
    Columbia, MD