Pittsburgh Regatta/Presby Hospital/Kidney Transplants

  1. Just returned from last weekends' annual Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta. Any of you Pittsburgh nurses attend? I was there & thinking of you all, and wondering if any Allnurses were in the crowd.
    I've emailed some of you about my sister donating a kidney to her husband last month -- at Presby. They are both doing well.
    Presby is the greatest place.

    Anyway, I got to do the "tourist thing" at Station Square. Had the best chicken marsala and a dessert -- chocolate fondue--at an Italian Restaurant there at the riverside. How beautiful Pittsburgh is! And, a perfect climate.
    What's the next thing to look forward to in Pittsburgh? I'd like to return in September or October - -for sure.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi Passing Thru!

    Glad you enjoyed Pittsburgh. I am a native Pittsburgher and student nurse here.

    Wish the weather wasn't so rainy for your but still glad you had a good time.

    October is a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing and the weather is usually still pretty nice then.

    It would probably be really tough to do so but if there is any way on earth that you can get tickets to a football game, either Steelers or Pitt Panthers, our stadiums are really nice.
  4. by   BadBird
    Can you believe I have lived her for 7 yrs and never made it to the Regatta? Geeze how lame I am!!! You will be visiting at a great time, all kinds of fall festivals, great weather and beautiful leaves changing. Glad to hear about the successful surgery.
  5. by   colleen10
    Don't feel bad Bad Bird, I've never been to the Regatta either.

    Big crowds, etc. just don't appeal to me much. Now, if it was a Pirate game or football game, then that would be different.

    But, when you open up the paper and see all the layoffs and closings that the mayor approved last night, well, I kind of feel like I take a lot of things in this city for granted and I'm going to miss a lot of events like "The Great Race" when they are gone.
  6. by   passing thru
    Don't feel like lonesome strangers. My sister has been there for years, and I mentioned to her that the next time I visit, maybe she will feel up to a trip into town to the Warhol museum....

    for non-Pittsburgher's:

    (Andy Warhol's hometown is Pittsburgh and there is a great art museum there). My sister didn't even know it.

    (I went to the Regatta and to the Point, etc. with a cousin and her spouse.) The name of the delicious Italian restaurant we ate at was Buca's.
    The crowds were not bad at all, actually no crowds....I think the weatherman blew it, cause he predicted rain and all day last Saturday, there was a 5 minute shower. I think everyone stayed home because of the prediction. And Sunday - - was a few intermittent light showers until it rained hard late in the evening.

    I really liked the boat races, the music, the station square, the revamped old station is memorable, the fountains at the point...old-timers in Pittsburgh dressed up and never missed a boat race.

    I was thinking in terms of apples for September...craft festivals, county fairs..............
  7. by   oramar
    Have gone to the event you mentioned in past years but not this year. Went to the arts festival in the spring. I guess you were there on one of the days it did not rain. They really got soaked the last day. Of course, that is the kinda summer we are having. Rain, Rain, Rain!
  8. by   passing thru
    Oramar, have YOU been to the Warhol museum?

    LOL Reminds me of all the people who live in state capitals and have never been to the capitol buildings.
  9. by   oramar
    Warhol is not really a big star in his old town, he was never well liked.(he made no secret of the fact that he did not like us either) In true Burg fasion the museum was well attended the first month it was open because it was free. After that the locals just trickled in from time to time. However, out of town guest always want to go straight to it. No, I have never been there. I have been to the History Museum, the Carnegie Museum, the science Center, the childrens Museum, the photo museum on the north side, the Omniplex, the art show and the regetta many, many time(oh I almost forgot the zoo). That just means I am a typical burg person. The average burg person would rather go look at a body in the morgue than go look a Warhol work of art.(If that sounds like a wierd thing to say the morgue used to be open to the public and trooping through looking at the bodies was a favorite passtime, it was a regular prom night stop, they stopped permitting it a few years ago)
  10. by   passing thru
    The photo museum on the north side/////
    What's the name of it? I have some old pics of boat races from the 30's....
    I take it it is old pittsburgh photos?
  11. by   pghfoxfan
    Actually, I participated in the "Anything that Floats" race a few years back. We won some awards too!

    We were a dinosour...We called it Thoracic Park!
    We were part of the CardioVascular Institiute! We had a blast
  12. by   SteelTownRN
    I am a PGH native, and visit home when I can. I'd recommend taking in a river cruise. There are great dinner cruises in the evening, and a kids smaller boat cruise, called the Good Ship Lollipop. Someone mentioned the museums, and I think the best is the Carnegie in Oakland. They have a wondreful dinosaur exhibit, among other things. Buhl planetarium is also a great place to take in a show. If you like sports, you can take in a Pirates or Steelers game, but I personally like the Penguins hockey team. Their practice facility is usually open, and fun to watch (in Southpointe, just south of PGH).

    You should go to eat on Mount Washington, that overlooks downtown. There are several nice restaurants up there, but you probably want reservations unless you want to wait. Also, the Duquesne Incline is a good ride from the river up to Mount Washington. You probably saw it in "Flashdance" where she took her bike on it and rode up and down from work.

    PGH has alot of ethnic neighborhoods that have ethnic food grocery stores. Sometimes driving around and stopping those can be fun, too.

    There is a Heinz (as in Ketchup) museum in Oaklans that is great, too.

    Have fun in a great city!
  13. by   pattyjo
    Speaking of dinosaurs.........
    Have you all seen the dinosaurs all over the city? http://www.post-gazette.com/ae/20030727dinolistae3.asp
    (Hope that link comes through ok.)
    The Heinz History Museum is terrific. Right now there is a display on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
    Lots to do here, we are justifiably proud of our town!

  14. by   nursenoelle
    We are supposed to go visit my MIL up there next year, so I am taking notes. I have never been there. Hubs tries to talk me into moving up there a few times a year. He misses the games and the weather. I worry about the cold. Passing- glad to hear your visit was nice.