Pics of my family!

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  2. my oldest daughter
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  4. by   dianah
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    My 2 girls together!
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    Here is my hubby and the baby! He is soooo proud! Check out that koolaid grin!
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    and my oldest son!
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  8. by   hapeewendy
    beeeeeeeeeeeeyotiful family
    lovely kiddos!
  9. by   ucandoit
    and my youngest son!
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  10. by   Mimi2RN
    Cute pics. How old are your kids?

  11. by   ucandoit
    They are 5 & 4 yrs old(the boys), and 2 yrs. old and 7 months ( the girls)!
  12. by   cbs3143
    Beautiful family

    Obviously proud papa

    Here's a picture of our youngest son, Tom, holding our grandchildren, Jeremy and Alora at our motel last fall.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  13. by   hapeewendy
    awwwwww chuck , ur son is resembling you more and more it seems!

    figures look how happy the lil boy baby is , while the girl looks like shes about to cry

    all these cute babies and kids , and me with only my grocery delivery boy to keep me company ......sigh
  14. by   cbs3143
    Thanks Wendy.

    I think she was trying to stifle a laugh or something, because she definitely wasn't going to cry. She has quite a personality. We enjoy talking to her on the phone now, but can't understand much of what she says. We are going to visit them again next month

  15. by   hapeewendy
    I maintain that conversation is always better when one of the two parties cannot actually speak yet
    just my idea
    I bet you cant wait to cuddle those cuties though!