Pharmaceutical Salespeople

  1. Anybody looked into this as a new career? I have a few friends that do it now who seem to enjoy it (at least they like the money). But neither were nurses before they started, and both had sales experience. I was wondering if any of you had looked into this as a possible career change, or are doing it now. How are nurses received by the docs. I can be a pretty good schmoozer, but not sure if I can do it as a job! I have lots of feedback from the sales aspect and would appreciate my nursing cohorts opinions!
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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Me- personally - I couldn't sell drugs. Thats just me. i know some of these drugs help people, but I'd want to help a person get better. I know drugs are "in" at the moment, so, you might like the change. It might be okay to "dabble" in the,. but I'd keep nursing as my number one activity. Just my opinion, mind you :-)