1. I just read the thread regarding the young lady who chose to dump her pet cat off into the woods and let me just say I am shaking with disgust and compassion for this animal. I am NOT a PETA/animal rights *fanatic* but I do work in cat/dog rescue and love every minute of it. I'm absolutely shocked. Shocked this kind of behavior would come from a seemingly educated person in the HELPING profession ! here's a nice little piece I found online. Sorry to vent, this just upset me so bad. Animals have a sense of fear, abandonment, etc. A friend of mine found an abandoned kitty in a sealed up box and years later when that cat sees a box she freaks out
    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Pet Owner:

    Thank you for contacting us animal rescuers, shelter volunteers, and foster-homes about your inability to keep your pet. We receive an extremely high volume of inquiries and requests to accept surrendered animals (and none of us is getting paid, OK?). To help us expedite your problem as quickly as possible, please observe the following guidelines:

    1. Do not say that you are "CONSIDERING finding a good home" for your pet, or that you, "feel you MIGHT be forced to," or that you "really THINK it would be better if" you unloaded the poor beast. Ninety-five percent of you have already got your minds stone-cold made up that the animal WILL be out of your life by the weekend at the latest. Say so. If you don't, I'm going to waste a lot of time giving you common-sense, easy solutions for very fixable problems, and you're going to waste a lot of time coming up with fanciful reasons why the solution couldn't possibly work for you. For instance, you say the cat claws the furniture, and I tell you about nail-clipping and scratching posts and aversion training, and then you go into a long harangue about how your husband won't let you put a scratching post in the family room, and your ADHD daughter cries if you use a squirt bottle on the cat, and your congenital thumb abnormalities prevent you from using nail scissors and etc., etc. Just say you're getting rid of the cat.

    2. Do not waste time trying to convince me how nice and humane you are. Your co-worker recommended that you contact me because I am nice to animals, not because I am nice to people, and I don't like people who "get rid of" their animals. "Get rid of" is my least favorite phrase in any language. I hope someone "gets rid of" YOU someday. I am an animal advocate, not a people therapist. After all, for your ADHD daughter, you can get counselors, special teachers, doctors, social workers, etc. Your pet has only me, and people like me, to turn to in his or her need, and we are unpaid, overworked, stressed-out, and demoralized. So don't tell me this big long story about how, "We love this dog so much, and we even bought him a special bed
    that cost $50, and it is just KILLING us to part with him, but honestly, our maid is just awash in dog hair every time she cleans, and his breath sometimes just reeks of liver, so you can see how hard we've tried, and how dear he is to us, but we really just can't . . ." You are not nice, and it is not killing you. It is, in all probability, literally killing your dog, but you're going to be just fine once the beast is out of your sight. Don't waste my time trying to make me like you or feel sorry for you in your plight.

    3. Do not try to convince me that your pet is exceptional and deserves special treatment. I don't care if you taught him to sit. I don't care if she's a beautiful Persian. I have a waiting list of battered and/or whacked-out animals who need help, and I have no room to foster-house your pet. Do not send me long messages detailing how Fido just l-o-v-e-s blankies and carries his favorite blankie everywhere, and oh, when he gets all excited and happy, he spins around in circles, isn't that cute? He really is darling, so it wouldn't be any trouble at all for us to find him a good home. Listen, we can go down to the pound and count the darling, spinning, blankie-loving beasts on death row by the dozens, any day of the week. And, honey, Fido is a six-year-old Shepherd-Lab mix. I am not lying when I tell you that big, older, mixed-breed, garden-variety dogs are almost completely unadoptable, and I don't care if they can whistle Dixie or send semaphore signals with their blankies. What you don't realize is that, though you're trying to lie to me, you're actually telling the truth: Your pet IS a special, wonderful, amazing creature. But this mean old world does not care. More importantly, YOU do not care, and I can't fix that problem.

    All I can do is grieve for all the exceptional animals who live short, brutal, loveless lives and die without anyone ever recognizing that they were indeed very, very special.

    4. Finally, just, for pity' s sake, for the animal's sake, tell the truth, and the whole truth. Do you think that if you just mumble that your cat is "high-strung," I will say, "Okey-doke! No problemo!" and take it into foster care? No, I will start a asking questions and uncover the truth, which is that your cat has not used a litter box in the last six months. Do not tell me that you "can't" crate your dog. I will ask what happens when you try to crate him, and you will either be forced to tell me the symptoms of full-blown, severe separation anxiety, or else you will resort to lying some more, wasting more of our time.

    And, if you succeed in placing your pet in a shelter or foster care, do not tell yourself the biggest lie of all: "Those nice people will take him and find him a good home, and everything will be fine." Those nice people will indeed give the animal every possible chance, but if we discover serious health or behavior problems, if we find that your misguided attempts to train or discipline him have driven him over the edge, we will do what you are too immoral and cowardly to do: We will hold the animal in our arms, telling him truthfully that he is a good dog or cat, telling him truthfully that we are sorry and we love him, while the vet ends his life.

    How can we be so heartless as to kill your pet, you ask? Do not ever dare to judge us. At least we tried. At least we stuck with him to the end. At least we never abandoned him to strangers, as you certainly did, didn't you? In short, this little old rescuer/foster momma has reached the point where she would prefer you pet owners to tell her stories like this:

    "We went to Wal-Mart and picked up a free pet in the parking lot a couple of years ago. Now we don't want it anymore. We're lazier than we thought. We've got no patience either. We're starting to suspect the animal is really smarter than we are, which is giving us self-esteem issues. Clearly, we can't possibly keep it. Plus, it might be getting sick; it's acting kind of funny.

    "We would like you to take it in eagerly, enthusiastically, and immediately.

    "We hope you'll realize what a deal you're getting and not ask us for a donation to help defray your costs. After all, this is an (almost) pure-bred animal, and we'll send the leftover food along with it. We get the food at Wal-Mart too, and boy, it's a really good deal, price-wise".

    "We are very irritated that you haven't shown pity on us in our great need and picked the animal up already. We thought you people were supposed to be humane! Come and get it today. No, we couldn't possibly bring it to you; the final episode of "Survivor II" is on tonight."

    Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Pet Owner, for your cooperation.

    Author Unknown, but could be any shelter worker or rescuer.
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  3. by   SmallTexan
    Sorry, I know this is a nursing forum and this may not be the place for this, but after reading that thread I am in COMPLETE SHOCK and felt the need to post.
  4. by   jadednurse
    Don't apologize. While this may be a nursing board, this is the off-topic forum.

    As a mommy to several kitty cats (which my mom "inhereted") and the most adorable doggy in the world (see avatar!) I understand where you are coming from and am so proud of people like you! Kudos, it would be so difficult for me...I would want to bring all those unwanted pets home w/ me!
  5. by   SmallTexan
    Originally posted by jadednurse
    it would be so difficult for me...I would want to bring all those unwanted pets home w/ me!
    You know what ! I used to think that too, but since I've been doing rescue (fostering dogs) I can't believe how desensitized I've become to the whole overpopulation mess. I HAVEN'T gotten attached the way I thought I would ! I just tell myself the pups are going to a GREAT HOME and I'm just an "inbetween stop" :roll
    Kitties, well I'm maxed out on them but I try and do trap-neuter-release when i can. I'm maxed out on kitties cause when we lived in an apartment complex lovely people would move and leave their cats behind I love all of them and am so glad we brought them with us (after spending gobs of $$ spaying, testing,etc.) but I can't have anymore I wish people were more educated about animals. it's quite simple -- just don't adopt one if it isn't for a lifetime
  6. by   tattooednursie
    Yes, Smalltexan, and I think it was unkind of you to verbally bash me through a PM. I FOUND THAT CAT A HOME!!! OK!

    I did not dump it off in the woods either. I went with my mother, to drop it off at a lodge, a motel where there are many other cats, and they all get fed, all they can eat. He was happy there, but I felt guilty with all of the posts of verbal bashing, and I went and found him a HOME. Who knows, he might just get dumped again. Look at the big picture buddy!
  7. by   SmallTexan
    Well I am glad you found him a home. Actually thrilled. Sorry I sounded harsh thru PM but thinking of a living thing being dumped off (or what I interpreted being dumped off, now I see he was being relocated, so to speak) was horrifying. You see, I've been on the receiving end of "dumpees" and it ain't pretty. It's quite sad. They are never quite "normal" , that is if they live that long.

    Thank you for finding the animal a home. I'm not a fanatic, like I said, just have had a love for animals since early childhood
  8. by   tattooednursie
    It's okay. Sorry if I sounded harsh in my pm reply. I wasn't really going to report you to the moderator, and tonight I am the one with the issues being really snippy tonight, so I am sorry. I just whished you would have looked at the big picture.
  9. by   whipping girl in 07
    I dropped some extra dogfood off at the animal shelter yesterday (fixing to move, puppy food leftovers from the litter of bullies I bred last year). An old lady was there dropping off a lab. She looked like a nice dog, except maybe a little rambunctious (but she was a LAB!) and I noticed on the form the lady had to fill out that she wrote "nowhere to keep her." I wonder where they had been keeping her before. Did her backyard suddenly fall off the face of the earth? We got back in the car and I had to subject my poor son to a five-minute tirade about if you get an animal it's your responsibility until it dies. Poor kid, but I think he understands.

    I have three dogs right now. Two bulldogs (female and her son) and a bullmastiff (female). The two female dogs do not get along, and we have had to keep them separated since two weeks after we got the bullmastiff. I've thought about finding a "good home" for the bullmastiff, but I don't think I could find a better home than ours for her, and besides, I love her. I love my bulldogs too. It's not their fault that we adopted two alpha females. It's our responsibility to take care of them for the rest of their lives. It's also my responsibility as a breeder that if a puppy I bred needs a home, I will take care of it until I can find it a home. We have acquired all the dogs we've ever had as adults (except the puppy) and several of them were rescues or adoptions.

    I wish more people were responsible and realized that getting a pet is very similar to having a kid...YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT FOREVER (at least kids do grow up and leave home...usually )

    Stepping down from my soapbox...
  10. by   LauraF, RN
    I used to volunteer for an animal shelter. We used to give them all baths early in the morning and then go to PetsMart to adopt them out. I finally got an apartment and fostered a few of the dogs, because our facility lost it's building, it was either foster the animals or put them to sleep. I had a huge chocolate lab and a shitzu in a one bedroom apartment with 3 cats until the next weekend when the dogs got adopted. I live in a house now and am married. Have not been able to volunteer anymore(I sure miss it) but everyone of my animals is a rescue. I even have a full blood Boxer that someone gave up. She got an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. Why take the apartment then? Anyway one of the other dogs was so abused they did not think that it would get adopted. I took her carried this 60lb dog to my car and took her home. She would cower in the corner whenever anyone went outside. She is now a very fun loving affectionate dog. I would never give up any of my babies any sooner then I would my actual children. I can understand your feeling toward unwanted animals. They can not speak up for themselves and they depend on humans.

    BTW....all my 3 dogs and 2 cats are spayed or neutered. This is what will cut down on the over population problem.
  11. by   Rapheal
    Here is a happy story. 3 1/2 weeks ago a feral cat (my neighbor's ) gave birth to 2 kittens next to my shed. No shelter. I make a shelter-momma cat moves kitties. Momma cat moves them under my porch for a week. Next week they are gone. Week after that one kitty under my porch. Lively but has crusty eyes and the weather is very cool still.

    I take the kitten. Find her a nice home with my retired neighbors. I buy milk replacement formula and a bottle. My neighbors feed kitty every 4 hours. I check on her every day. She is eating well but has not had any stool for 3 days and her abdomen is distended.

    Since I am babysitting her today I decide to take her to the vet. I feel that I took her away from her momma too soon. Vet's dx is worms. He shows me how to stimulate her anal region with a cotton swab and viola! STOOL. Giver her a dewormer and tells me "She is a lucky kitten. She will do just fine. You saved her life."

    I almost start crying. I thought I took her from her momma too soon and doomed her. I just did not want her to die like I suspect her sibling did. The momma cat is still looking for her kitten. She has been crying and calling for her for 3 days. This makes me so sad. But I am so happy that the little kitten is expected to do well. She already enjoys being held by people. I just love this little kitty and must wean myself from visiting her every day and from babysitting her. She sets off my asthma but gosh darn it she is so cute!
  12. by   kids
    That momma cat NEEDS an encounter with her baby. In my experience she visually recognize it but when she sniffs it over it will not smell "right" and she will be "ok" about it being gone. It was probably left alone under the portch while mom was looking for food, if it was lively it was healthy despite its crusty eyes and worms.

    I have 2 dogs and 10 cats, 3 of the cats are actually fosters that have never gone to homes (anyone interested in a matched pair of 12 yo Persians or a 10 yo Birman?) I've been trying to convince my husband we need an even dozen but he says 10 are enough.
  13. by   SmallTexan
    God bless you for saving those precious kittens ! I agree with Kids, let her see the kitten one last time, for closure.
  14. by   nimbex
    All my animals, two dogs, two cats (okay I bought the hamster), two parakeets and now a senegal parrot have found my home by way of a shelter, or adopted from a friend.

    Perhaps an even bigger picture, is that ANYONE considering ANY animal needs to visit the pound and animal shelter FIRST !!!!!!!

    Our new addition hazel the cat had been in a no-kill shelter fo 3 months. I chose her because she just let me pick her up on my shoulder then she purrer like crazy.

    She now kicks the butt of my crazy dachsund, loves all over the collie mix who's 11, and stares enviously on the birds,

    We just love her to death, she took over the house from day one.

    So sorry to ramble, but I have never had a bad experience from the shelter or pound except having to leave the pound, day before they all were scheduled to be killed, with only one animal.

    Can we positivly promote this activity and save animals from the above situations?

    I hope so, thousands of animial are going to die today, while people are buying them.