1. Since my husband and I don't have any children yet, all I can think about are my pets. I have a dog Mazey, she is very spoiled she is an austrailian cattle dog/ boxer mix. Then I have a cat Munchkin who thinks he is king, which he . So how many of you out there have pets? What kinds are they? Are they like your children or just pets?
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  3. by   shygirl
    I have a very spoiled shih-tzu named Snuggles. He won't eat his food if I buy an off brand, he has to sleep on the bed with us, he has to have fresh water every 3 hours or he won't drink it out of his bowl! I love him!
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  4. by   kids
    We have just a "few":

    the fish- one tank in the 19 year old's room. Contains a frog named Frog and a fish named Gorf (frog spelled backwards)...with it down to just the 2 I no longer have to respond to cries of "its dead", and rescue whole tank (usually at 12mn).

    the snake- in the same room. 4 ft ball python, eats 5 lg mice Q 2 wks. As far as I know its name is still Nate's snake. Not terribly friendly, needless to say he doesn't get worn to the grocery store like my boa did (4 1/2 feet when I married a guy who wouldn't live in a house with a snake...wish I had kept the snake)

    MY guinea pig- his name is George, as in "I will hold him and hug him and pet him and call him..." and he is 4 years old he lives in the dining room. I read somewhere that guinea pigs "enjoy a treat of fresh fruit or vegitables once a week"...I sure wish I had known that sooner; the little darling gets fed once a day...dry bowl:1/4 cup pellits, 1 alfalfa cube, 3 seed ball treats, wet bowl:6 baby carrots, 1/4 cup romaine, 3 apple slices, 1 strawberry and a couple of cubes of mellon. He carries on as soon as he hears a dish clink. If I get in a hurry and only toss him a dry bowl he mopes, nothing says guilt trip like a whining guinea pig. I put a cat harness on him and take him outside to play in the grass.

    the dogs-
    Katie, 5 year old sheppard/wolf hybrid/husky. She breifly had delusions of alpha female grandure...until I got her fixed (there is only 1 b***h in my house) is the prettiest, sweetest, cleanest, smartest (sneekyist) dog I have ever seen. Loves me to distraction. She always knows when I am 'not OK' and will come over and put her head on my lap and look at me with her big brown eyes (husband says she is probably just looking for that sign of weakness that tells her it is the right moment to rip my throat out and take over the pack).

    Dizzy, 4 year old sheppard/rott/border collie/blue heeler...the name says it all...I now know what breeds they mixed to get a lab. Was not the most attractive on of the litter, I wasn't going to take her-until she laid down on my foot and went to sleep. Not the brightest crayon in the box but is the biggest sweetie you ever had climb in your lap and lick your face (all 75 pounds of her).

    the cats- (any number less than 17 is not to many)

    Punkin, 8 #, 9 yo old long hair butterfly tabby, took my kids to the pumpkin patch for All Hallows one year, there was this huge litter of barn kittens wandering around. I was looking at an orange one (always wanted one) and this other little cat kept climbing my leg about the 10th time I peeled it off of me I took a look at it and commented that if she didn't have goopy eyes I would take her, guy said give me a minute...2 minutes later she had a shot of antibiotics and was in my car. Has a night ritual...climbs in the husband's lap as soon as he sits down after work, when she decides it is bed time she parks herself on the foot of the bed. As soon as husband gets in bed she parks on his chest, when we do the turn off the light and roll over thing she moves to my pillow.

    Lexi, 8 #, 4 yo short hair slinky cat. Was a gift to Nate's girlfriend at 6 wks, came back to us at 6 mo (temp)...2 years and 4 litters later I got her fixed and refused to give her back. She chatters like an angry squirrl and hates everyone but the husband. Beats up very large dogs that are not 'hers'.

    Screech, another one named for her obvious character traits (was) the most annoyingly vocal cat I had ever met. She was abandoned by the neighbor of one of my home care kids at less than a yo in a cluster of 10 homes 17 miles up river from town. Some how she survived the summer. She was such a sweet little loving kitty until I brought her home (3 1/2 years ago). She hates everybody and everything-until recently when she decided I was her friend, likely because I am the only one who supplies her milk addiction...if she sees me headed for the coffee pot with a cup she won't leave me alone until I put milk in her dish...chases me around the house crying until I do. She used to stay outside until the weather was miserable...haven't been able to get her outside since last October. She is the uglyist cat on the face of the earth, I think she is a mutant...has both long and short hair in clumps, is kinda tabby/calico colored/marked. Weighs 4 #. She is mother to:

    Doug I have no clue who his daddy was but he is gorgeous...15# ...look at a pix of a Maine Coon in a book, thats my Dougy. Until last year he was the only male cat in the house and is a total wimp. I didn't think he even knew he had testacles until he and Lexi became the parents of:

    Poppy, 14 mo, 14#, looks like his Mom. He inherited his grandmothers 'talkativeness'. He has the worst case of 'if the door is shut I must pass through it' syndrome that ever was, doesn't matter what door, whats on the other side or the time of day (night). He enjoys 'crying' like he is dying, I keep telling him that bad things happen to boys who cry wolf but he doesn't see the connection.He was alot more fun when we still had his brother...Bubby, who was also marked like Mom but had Daddy's long hair... He went outside the night of 2/13 and hasn't been back...we spotted him a few times in the week after he vanished but none since. We choose to think he is living in the lap of luxury somewhere rather than something bad happening. One consolation is he went off into the world fixed and current on his shots.

    It costs us about $50 a month in cat and dog food and our annual exodus to the vet in September costs a small fortune but we plan for it.

    I am currently thinking about a puppy or another pair of kitten brothers, husband doesn't even look at me like I'm crazy anymore...says when you have this many what is a few more.
  5. by   prmenrs
    I had a cat named Sarah for ~ 15 years--big tortie longhaired girl--she was kind of a nut case, but I loved her. We even had a second cat for a little while, black shorthair male named Oliver.

    Then came the KID: my son. Sarah didn't think too much of him the only time she saw him--left me a present in the middle of the living room as a token of her opinion of sharing me w/another human!

    When my son was ~ 9, he brought home a white and gray shorthair male kitten with neon pink paint all over him!!! "look what someone did to this kitten, Mom." We kept him, his name was Turbo. He was a great cat, very sweet. Only cat I've ever known who liked to get in cars!

    Five years later, my son had a shunt obstruction and spent 2wks in the hospital; I think Turbo got confused because we were never home--Iwas at the hosp except to sleep. I was just feeding him and putting him out. So the other kids in the neighborhood told me he got into someone's car and went home w/them. ?? maybe.

    Anyway, they (neighbor kids) brought over a gray shorthair male because they knew my son was sad about Turbo; we named him Harley, but I never bonded w/him, he got sick, cost me $400, and had to be put to sleep.

    Meanwhile, the neighbors brought us another cat--white longhair female, green-eyed, very crooked tail--has at least 3 kinks in it. Her name is Jenna, named after the "Survivor" Jenna. Not by ME!!

    That's it for you think it's time for a dog?
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  6. by   moonchild20002000
    I have six cats,one dog,one cocateil,one snake.....It's a real zoo
    around my house!
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    i have a 7month old daughter DaisyMae,aka DM,aka daisymaepupperdog,aka dumba$$, aka ****** hog, aka l'il miss daisy mae...anyway, see the thread "pictures of my kids" for pics of my little darling....she's up over 70 pounds
  8. by   live4today
    kids-r-fun....loved reading your post about all those "kids" you have around the house! :chuckle Great to see a real pet lover, and you most definitely fit that bill to a "T". I could tolerate all your animals, but when it comes to way will I ever get near one.

    My only "son" is named Prince. He is a 3 year old Black/Tan Miniature Pinscher who just KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt that he is totally HUMAN. :chuckle We adopted him when he was between 6 and 9 mos. of age, and have been in love with him ever since.

    I'll post the attachment so you all can see him on the next post below. :chuckle
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  9. by   live4today's our little Prince!
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  10. by   kids
    Hhmmm. I have pics of each and every one of our pets...including Frog & Gorf...think I will refrain from posting them : )...OK, maybe a couple I have that show off some photography talent...when I have time to scan them.
  11. by   adrienurse
    I have two cats. Rufus the male thinks he's very beautiful and likes to be told it. He likes to play fetch and nip me on the bum when I'm not paying enough attention to him. He's a fluffy Maine Coon cat and has a very long tail.

    Rosie the female is an orange and grey tortie. She likes to chase hair elastics for fun. She is very talkative and likes to sleep next to my head whether I like it or not. She's an Abyssinian.

    I am trying to post a picture of Rufus, keep your fingers crossed. I'm very ambitious today.
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  12. by   adrienurse
    Did I mention he's invisible? I need more practice at this posting images stuff. No wait, I did it?

    This one is not my pet, but I had it here as a substitution when I was having trouble. I'll still let you see it.
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  13. by   aimeee
    Jenny, you might enjoy reading this thread about pets as well.

    We consider our pets to be family members, although of lower status than the humans. The cats take exception to this. My labrador is my big doofy sweetheart. My daughter is currently researching and saving for guinea pigs. She had a hamster before and did well with it. Kids-r-fun, I may be calling on you for guinea pig advice!
  14. by   nursegoodguy
    wolf hybrid... will not have another pet though...too hard when something happens to them!

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