Pete Seeger and the 'One Blue Sky Above Us'

  1. I think, "What memories those children will have!"
    Watch the video. Petes voice is nearly gone but he still gets people singing.

    Pete Seeger and the 'One Blue Sky Above Us'
    Legendary folk singer-songwriter Pete Seeger sings his song One Blue Sky and talks about the need to get involved in the International Day of Climate Action on December 8th, 2007.
    I went to talk to a folk singer about global warming over the weekend. There are some who would say that that's silly, even irresponsible, given the weighty scientific and economic issues that lie at the interface between energy policy and the atmosphere.

    But actually, a folk singer-in this case Pete Seeger-has just as legitimate a place at the table as a first grader, a retiree, a coal-industry lobbyist, a climate scientist or one of the diplomats negotiating in Bali over how to revive an ailing climate treaty.

    That's because the debate over next steps is as much about values as data.
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  3. by   Simplepleasures
    Oh that was TRULY precious. What I find interesting is that all the Republicans running for Pres. have jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon, maybe BUSH and his neo cons will be the few left who think there is no connection to global warming and greenhouse gases.
  4. by   dianah
    Wow, thank you spacenurse!

    What a legend he is, and kudos to him for supporting this cause!!