Pet Prairie Dogs?

  1. Anyone have "wild" animals as pets?

    I used to catch snakes and put them in the garden to eat tomato worms. Not quite pets.

    I know a nurse who used to live in a trailer park. A retired man had a FAT pet squirril that sat on his shoulder as he rode a bicycle.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Many years ago I had a young red-tailed hawk that I rescued after a tornado came through town. After months of living in the garage, learning to fly and acquiring a taste for ground beef, it was able to return to the wild. It also acquired a taste for prairie dogs and other small rodents I was able to acguire for it.

    As far as prairie dogs go, I knew they were pets in Japan, but not in the US. I have always considered them targets in the US.

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  4. by   gwenith
    Had a couple of Galah's that we had rescued - very intelligent and very mischievious birds - we don't think of them as "exotic" but they would be considered such outsied of Australia.

    Knew a male nurse who kept carpet snakes brought one into work one day to show a patient but at a loss as to where to keep it for teh rest of the shift -he placed it in a pillowcase in the back of the linen room. He told the other nurses but forgot about the linen supply staff who poked this fat looking pillow and subsequently had to be rescued from the ceiling after the bag hissed at her.

    When I was working in a rural hospital one of the other nurses was trying to hand rear a wallaby baby known as a "Joey". Usual outcome - it is extrememly dificult to hand rear marsupials.
  5. by   Jay-Jay
    I have bottle raised kittens, and hand raised several birds. I once nursed a painted turtle back to health after it was attacked by a raccoon, and had 3 of its legs bitten off. I kept it as a pet for several years, then donated it to a pet shop to use for breeding stock.

    I've had mice, garter snakes, frogs and toads as pets. (I used to teach biology, okay??) The tree frogs were the most interesting... they could cling to glass, and walk up walls! Most exotic pet I've had was an American chameleon (anole). I also have raised a lot of insects, as I used to teach entomology and pond study. When I taught outdoor ed, some of my students learned how to identify the eggs of the monarch butterfly, and we got to watch the entire life cycle, from egg to butterfly.

    Worst experience: my mom stepping on a fully grown monarch caterpillar, as she went to open my bedroom window one morning. I can still hear her scream in my memory....
    She also wasn't too happy with the dragonflies that hatched out of my aquarium in the middle of April, and went zooming around the basement!
  6. by   Mkue
    Cool Jay-Jay used to teach biology, that explains all the frogs, mice and snakes


    I have saved several kittens in my lifetime