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  1. I have to say we have it made on this board. I was lurking over on the forums and the administrator over there is really strict. Anytime there is the slightest bit disagreement he shuts down the thread! Sheesh!!

    Some pet owners are just a wee bit FANATICAL (for lack of a better term) on what they feed their dogs, so I'm a little curious...

    What do you feed your pets?

    Of interest, I had to post what the feeding enthusiasts recommended as the BEST diet for your dog or cat. I have never EVER heard of B.A.R.F. before... BARF'ing

    I feed Apollo Science Diet Senior, mixed with a can of dog food.
  2. Poll: What do you feed your Pet?

    • Whatever is on sale or "other"

      25.00% 13
    • Kibbles & Bits

      19.23% 10
    • Science Diet (dog/cat formula)

      21.15% 11
    • Iam's (dog/cat formula)

      23.08% 12
    • Eukanuba

      3.85% 2
    • Alpo

      0% 0
    • Pro-Plan

      1.92% 1
    • Nutro or Nutra-Max

      9.62% 5
    • Gravy Train (do they still make that??)

      1.92% 1
    • Actually, I'm a BARF'er or know someone who is

      0% 0
    52 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   live4today
    Our little Prince gets 3/4 cup of Kibbles and Bits all chicken meal once a day. He's overweight, so the vet said feed him no more than that until his weight comes down. Poor baby!
  5. by   itsme
    My 110# golden retreiver likes his 3 cups of kibbles and chunks!! He also likes popcorn!
  6. by   tiger
    i used to get eukanuba(for small dogs) for my chihuahuas but they would leave their food and get into the rotts kibbles and bits. they like that better so that's what they get. plus, they gotta have their daily dose of canned mighty dog! and they like the stuffed hooves from petsmart.
    "Other" here.

    Budd E. Dogg eats Purina Dog Chow Little Bites (cause he's a precious little baby!)

  8. by   Vsummer1
    I chose Iam's, just because that is what the bag of the day is. We also use Science Diet.

    I have a male Russian Blue cat (fixed before he could spray) who is really picky about his water. He won't drink from a bowl (unless we are in Vegas :chuckle ) but wants the running water -- only from the purifier mind you!

    For this reason, the vet suggested we use a food that would help with the male urinary tract problems that could occur from him not drinking enough water. And the purina makes him puke so the cheap stuff is OUT. Plus, he eats less on the higher quality food. Eat less, sh*t less (that is always nice), cost less over time....

    pure bred animals... gotta love them and their breed quirks!
  9. by   Pretzlgl
    Sam's Club brand - recommended by our vet. - very close to Iams and has meat as #1 ingredient, not cereals or fillers. Less expensive than Iams too.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    We use the Sams Club food too. WE go through 50# a week and it's not as expensive as some brands and has 100% of the good stuff.
    We just keep the bowl full at all times and let them eat whenever they want.
  11. by   tiger
    i keep the dry dog food available at all times too. they eat what they want. the mighty dog is once a day. plus, they eat some of whatever i eat.
  12. by   jdomep
    Jack love K & Bits (so does the cat LOL)
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    I think the Jays eat as much as the dogs do.
  14. by   baseline
    HRH Miss Murphy Brown eats Eukanuba. And she fares quite well ! I particularly appreciate the nice neat little tirds, as I live in a pick up the poop area............
  15. by   debyan
    My dog likes gravy train with no gravy deb

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