Pet name help!!!!!!

  1. Hi..

    I need some suggestions on puppy names... I just got a lil (well she isn't really small) 12wk old female Rottweiler today... And I need a name for her... She is a very playful girl.. 3days ago we rescued a lil Pit/Lab mix pup from being shot by her original owner, so now she has a playmate... We named her Lola (my husband doesn't like it) and I have 2 cats named Thomas (had the name when I got him) and Chloe.... I want something cute.. A lil strange is ok.... But it needs to be fitting for a dog whose future weight will be about 90lbs..

    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   kids

    personally i think it is a wonderful name for a little girl rott. i used to know a pair named gunter and greta.

  5. by   jccarolina
    My son has a friend who named theirs "Roxy"
    Oh yeah! I second Roxy!

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    What does she look like? Coloring remind you of anything? When my dog had puppies years ago, I named them, temporarily of course, after things their colors reminded me of. For example, I think rotties have that same deep chocolate brown and tan touches, we had one pup who looked like that and I named him Reeses, b/c he reminded me of a reeses peanut butter cup. Another dog was dark brown and white, she was Oreo, one was the color of sand, so I named him Sandy, one was just a shade darker than Sandy, had no idea what to name him, but I noticed he really tugged on his mommy while he nurses, so I named him Tugger. Another pup, the biggest, was white with big patched of color, yup, named him patches. The last two were cinnamnon, one was all cinnamon colored, and that's what I named her, the other was just a tad darker and had white touches on the paws, tips of the tail etc, so we named her Gingerbread (cookie).

    My little Ginger was the scaredy cat runt, so we kept her, she was almost identical to her mother except she had a brown nose and her mother had a black nose. They came be be know as Yogi and Boo Boo around the house.

    Do you have a favorite charcater from a book who has traits like your dog?? Outgoing personality? A Romeo or a Juliette? Cleopatra or a Princess? Trixe or a Wilma? My frined named her huge German Shepard Whilhemina of the Valley, or Willie for short, she lived in an area known as Pleasant Valley.

    YOu don't have to decide immediately, she'll come to anything if you say it sweetly!

    Have fun with your pups.

    BTW, this dogs name is pretty unimaginative...Shelby, the Sheltie. I call her Shel Shel. She is my Steel theres an idea, how about the name of a flower or a Rose type that you like? Magnolia, Mercedes, Beauty, etc...
  9. by   ageless
    Cleopatra (cleo)
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  11. by   semstr
    Brunhilde, Kriemhilde, Hildegard, Solveig, Sieglinde,
    These are very, old German names. When you hear them here, you think of a very large, heavy-boned woman.

    Take care, Renee
  12. by   Jen911
    I like Gretchen, Heidi, and Elsie.... Good old German dog names!!!
    Check out this link! LOL
  13. by   Mary Dover
    Yes for a Rott, I'd be partial to a nice German name. My sister has 2 Rotts. The male is Ben. The female is Xena. Not German names but fairly good strong names for big dogs I guess.
  14. by   ziggyRn
    Betsy ???