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  1. I thought I'd start a thread for anyone who has a pet... ANY kind of pet. What kind of pet do you have, why did you choose them, what do you like/dislike about them, and special talents your pet possesses.

    I have 2 guinea pigs name J-Lo (big butt) and Cowlick (obvious reasons) - acquired during my daughters pre-teen years, a tortise-shell cat named Ginger/Ginny and a Basset Hound named Bailey.

    Bassets are very much a "clown dog"... Bailey is darn near human in her behaviors... she even POUTS when she doesn't get her way. Contrary to popular opinion, Bassets are very smart and we've taught Bailey to sit, stay, lay down, speak, roll over, play dead (except the very tip of her tail thuds gently while the rest of her is dead still) :chuckle She LOVES to go for walks, fetch and play tug-of-war with her toys... I'm sure I've spent hundreds of dollars on a vast array of obnoxious squeeky toys. She attracts a lot of attention and is very sweet and gentle...but for some reason as soon as someone comes near her, she tucks her tail and cowers... when just moments before she was jumping and barking with excitement at the newcomer.

    All of my pets are a great comfort to me when I come home after a hectic day... all they want is a little attention and love... they make me feel all gooshy, yanno??

    I'd love to hear your pet stories....
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  3. by   fergus51
    I have a chihuahua. I picked her because she was such a ***** (litteraly and figuratively). I would describe her as a Rottweiler trapped in a chihuahua's body. She is also quite the clown and I absolutely love her. I think she is part pig because she will actually eat until she makes herself vomit and then try to eat it again. Yuck!!! But she is the perfect size for my not so big townhouse and fits nicely in my bed, under the covers.
  4. by   Brownms46
    I used to have a chow...that a kid bought to our subdivision...after his father said he had to find somewhere else for him. Best pet ever! He was wonderful! He almost took my deck down the street with him a few times...or at least it felt like he was going to! I would have to tied him up until the school kids came down our street. This was a new subdivision...that had only one street as a lot of the land didn't purk...and building was halted after just about 10houses were built.

    Anyway...we got him in the late fall...and so when everyone really saw him again...He was really Big ....and most were afraid of him! But he was really a least to our family! He would wait until you got all the way on our property...before leaping out at ya...not funny to those he did this to. Never bite anyone...just scare the crap out of them though! So consequently few people would just drop in...:chuckle...which suited me fine!

    He just knew when it was time for the kids to come home. And when they weren't home at the time I would let him inside...he would run to their bedrooms...and then come to the top of the stairs and look at ....where are they???

    He also thought the den downstairs belonged to him....and would lie on the couch in front of the TV..which he knew he wasn't supposed to do...:chuckle. When he would hear my car coming...he would look out the window...and go run into the laundry room. I could always tell what he had the curtains would tell on him! The times when I would catch him unexpectedly...he would

    When I started traveling...I gave him to my neighbor who was a captiain on the base near us. Most who lived there were military or retired. I didn't feel it was right to drag him with up from pillar to post while we traveled...but I wish many times I had bought him along. But then a lot of hotels, motels didn't allow large dogs. I miss him terribly...and think of him often! I know he would have protected us with his life! When I settle down...I hope to find another ....just like him! His name was Brandon...from the show 90210.
  5. by   angelac1978
    We have a silver-tabby cat named Teppie. She's six yearsold and I've had her since she was six weeks old. I chose her because she was the runt of her litter! Totally opposite now as we just switched her to Iams weight control! She totally adores my hubby and actually follows him around. She sleeps at his feet at night and sometimes will sleep on his belly if he lets her. She definitely rules our house, she has her own "perch" where she can look out the front window and she meets us at the door when we come home. She will let you know when she's pissed though, if you aggravate her enough, she'll bite the top of your foot, the little devil!
  6. by   mopsi
    I am owned by a llittle group of fur-friends...Martha is a 2 yr old black pug,,a real hoot..twitchhazel is 1 4?yr old pomeranian recuse dog who actually smiles..mrs buttons is my nanny cat..sits and keeps an eye on my daughter.tiny pink paw pads..and the newest Roo..a small grey neutered and declawed male american shorthair who found me while I was out walking the dogs..half starved(no claws tend to do that to dumped pets) and just a love bug..I am interested in adding a larger dog to our family..moving to a house and need a big barker to keep my teen company while I hammer out a bunch of nite shifts..Leaning toward a german shepard but would love some input on the bigger breeds...Need a pal to get along with the loyal and prootective e propertyto the pack but not eat anyone that may come on the property..could do a puppy or established pooch..Love bull mastiffs but dont know anyone with personal experience..would appreciate any insights from you'all...
  7. by   hapeewendy
    I have a cat, well more like a pet human trapped in a cats body! her name is cali (she's a calico, ok we arent so original with naming), she was 6-8 weeks old when we got her and now shes pushing 6 years old! she used to be tiny with huge ears but shes grown into them now, shes a fat lil thing now, diet time!
    her colour pattern is the usual orange white and black of calico's but she has tabby in her somewhere cuz she has stripes on her head/back...
    now onto the part about being human, she's so talkative, you talk to her and she answers, for example she loves having her belly rubbed so I'll say "cali you want the belly rubs?" and she will roll over so that her tummy is straight in the air and meow for affirmation, she follows me around everywhere, she sleeps in a dog bed cuz the cat bed was too small for her, shes wonderful and loving and a great way to keep me calm when I come home from a stressful day at work.......
    we have tons of nicknames for her, the newest one and the one that we use most often is pudge cuz she's so chubby now, but we've called her calculus, calcitonin, caligula, califlower, calisaurus, bum bum etc you get the point, the point is we turn into goofy buggers when shes in the room cuz shes just so damn cute!
    anyway enough raving about my baby here.......
    got work to do!
  8. by   casperbjs
    Hi, I have a chihuahua also, he's 14 years old and sleeps all the time. I work in a independent home for residents and took him to work with me one night. Most of the resident's loved him. He doesn't like kids or bicycles, loves to chase them. We also have a 6 year old female german shepard, who is a good guard dog, but scared to death of storms! She goes to the bathroom and gets in the shower and stays till it's over with. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old. She has also been diagnosed with discord lupus on her nose. I didn't realize that dogs can get all kinds of diseases too. The vet told me he has another german shepard that has it and it's on chemotherapy. I hope and pray it doesn't come to that. Her nose stays good since she has become a house dog!
  9. by   delirium
    My dog, Jessie, that I talked about in the pet insurance thread is half english springer spaniel and half black labrador. She is gorgeous; she has the black and white markings like a springer but has a thick lab body. She's 3 years old and weighs 91 pounds.

    She is bar none the most spoiled dog alive. She is very much a pointer dog, in that she points to what she wants. Once I bought her toys that came packaged together, two in one package. I gave her one and 'hid' the other one in the cabinet above the stove. About 6 months later, she is crying and pointing at the cabinet. I couldn't figure out what her problem was, I started pulling things out thinking she had seen something crawl in there (yuk! she also 'points' out bugs and has even brought me a dead squirrel a time or two), and then I found her other toy. She hadn't forgotten it was there, even though I did.

    She is a very doggy dog. All the dog stereotypes, she does. She snores, she belches, she digs holes in the backyard....

    She is adorable. Can you tell I love her?
  10. by   bhart
    I have a lab / shar pei mix - she has a lab body and coat and a shar pei wrinkles (solid black). I adore her and she knows it. Her name is Humphrey. I rescued her and her original name was Princess - no way, she farts, beltches, digs, drools, etc. and Princess did not fit.

    She does rule the house (and me). Didn't know I wanted a dog when I got her, now I can't imagine being without her.

    She is very frightend of mirrors, vacumn sweepers, coffee makers, and anything else that makes noise. She always answers the door (me or any visitor) with a toy - don't know whats up with that.
  11. by   semstr
    Ok, my cat is named Buddy, is 17 years old and we got him with 6 weeks. He is part of our family and life. He is a grey "tiger"
    he was pretty sick a few times already, because his liver is not taht well anymore, kidneys are fine though. But at the moment he is very lifely and healthy. running around and "schmuzing" with everybody.
    Big problem is the jumping though, he only drinks water from the tab and that jump is too much for him. I put a chair under the sink, but that is not interesting enough for him, he ignores it.
    He follows me like a dog, sleeps in my bed, well next to my head on my pillow and talks back to me.
    OMG, I hope he'll live for a few years!!
    My daughter is absolutely crazy about this cat too! She draps him around her neck and he stays there like a scarf for hours!!

    Take care of your pets, Renee
  12. by   cpgrn
    I have a fish named Arthur and a very large blonde male cat named Kenny. (after my father in law) My cat is very sweet and catches a lot of mice outside. He also caught the mole that was terrorizing our yard. He is an outside cat but he has an "apartment" in the garage for bad weather. I am getting a toy poodle next week name Abbie. I have been waiting for her for quite a while. I lost my last poodle last Labor Day to old age - he was 16 and1/2. I have always enjoyed having pets. They are very good company and they keep your secrets. They also allow you to complain and they listen.
  13. by   Furball
    I have a 4 year old Saint Bernard , approx 160 lbs. Picked him up at a shelter at age 4 months. Doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The cats eat out of his bowl and he doesn't care. I've never heard the dog growl the whole time he's been in our family. He occasionally says' "mama" with his big lips. It's hysterical. He's still full of "puppy vinegar" at times. Can you imagine 160 lbs of hyperactive puppy crashing around the house? Not ALL Saints are sedate.
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  14. by   Ortho_RN
    OOOOH this is my kind of topic... Especially beings as my first career I was a Certified Veterinary Technician, so I am suprised I don't have a housefull of animals... But I do have 3 very special lil creatures :angel2:

    My first is Thomas, he is a 15lb orange male tabby cat... He was a research cat at a Veterinary School where I was going to Tech school at... Luckily the research was over before I left and I got to adopt this WONDERFUL cat.. He loves everyone and everything... Dogs, other cats, KIDS... He is great..

    My other kitty is a 2yr old mutt cat (Siamese/RagDoll Mix) name Chloe... I adopted her a 9wks from the local humane society.. She is a good cat.. A lil shy with strangers, but she warms up eventually..

    My 3rd pet I just acquired last night... Don't know exactly how old, but we think maybe 10-11wks... She is a lab/pitbull mix... I was told she was a pure lab... The original owner said if someone didn't take her, then he was just gonna shoot her... So I couldn't leave her... Weird thing is, I always said I would never own anything with PitBull or Chow in it.... Now look at me Oh well.. She hasn't even got a name yet.. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears..