pet insurance?

  1. I'm wondering anybody has health insurance for their pet, how much they pay for it, if it is truly saving them money....
    I have two cats and one dog. My dog is truly the light of my life, and I would do anything for her. Last month she had a seizure, so I took her to the vet for an exam and a blood draw. $250.
    Her alkaline phosphatase was elevated, so I took her back last week for a recheck and another blood draw. $80.
    This week she started shaking her head and scratching at her right ear (she has floppy ears, and has had ear infections before). So I called her vet to ask if we could just have the medication, cause Jessie always takes the same ear medication, instead of going in for a visit and the whole nine.
    Nope. They have to 'culture' it to see if it is yeast or bacteria. Sounds reasonable. So I get there today and she has so little discharge (presumably because I caught it so early) that they are unable to do a swab and will just give her the same medication she always gets.

    Another $68.

    Jessie is generally a healthy dog, but this is getting a little out of control. Some of her vaccinations are due toward the end of this year, add in her heartworm preventative (which she gets monthly, year-round), and her flea and tick prevention, and that's a lot of cash!

    So I'm wondering if any of you folks have pet insurance, or what you do to curtail vet costs?

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  3. by   micro
    no, i don't carry pet insurance, but i know what you mean how you talk about pets.....

    my animals mean so much to me.........

    my little like with me all the time..........

    my oldest cat......he just does his thing.......

    and the dog goes woof, and he is so cute with his head out the window when we go riding.........

    micro talks to her animals.........
  4. by   MPHkatie
    Before I became I nurse, I was a veterinary tech. at a local Emergency clinic. We would get mailers about pet insurance often. I found that they usually didn't cover the regulars, and that to get it to cover many emergencies was a hassle. So, unless they have changed some in past years, I wouldn't recommend it.

    One thing I do to cut costs (I have two dogs, one who has a birth cataract and requires special eye care) is to give my own vaccinations- purchased either from the vet or a feed store (gotta be careful with the feed store because sometimes they are not refridgerated when they should be) I also researched and found the least expensive vet in my area- and turns out he is nice and also very astute (caught the cataract immediately, which shocked the heck out of the eye specialist- it's a very wierd type apparently- go figure). There is a new shot which supposedly does the heartworm thing for a looong time, but it probably costs quite a bit. The other thing that saves me is that my friend is a vet student and she sends me food coupons and free heartworm preventative. I still find them expensive, and go crazy each time my vet tries to sell me an extra teeth cleaning.... Also, if you don't board your dog and are getting the bordatella or kennel cough vax, don't get it, it costs money and unless your dog hangs out with lots and lots of other dogs in a cloased space (ie kennel) there is probably low low risk of her getting kennel cough.
  5. by   shay
    My m-i-l has pet insurance, which is (get this) a BENEFIT offered by her EMPLOYER (she works for a bank). LOL!!

    She has 2 shi tzus, which are really health-problem prone dogs, so it's a great thing for her. One of her 'babies' died 2 days before xmas, and she'd had him for like 10 years old and had all kinds of health problems. He took a slew of meds every day, had allergies, yadda yadda yadda. The health ins. was a lifesaver and a wallet saver for her.

    If you've got really problem-prone pets, I'd get it.
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree, i think it really only comes in handy with health problem animals... But I would check as soon as possible because like human insurance some of the pet insurances will not cover "Pre-existing" conditions..

    And as another former Certified Vet Tech (well I still have my license)... I also vaccinate my own animals, except for Rabies, which in my state has to be Vet administered... And if you board your animals then most vets will not accept owner administered vaccines...

    Definately shop around for the cheaper Vets.. Just because they are cheaper doesn't mean that they aren't just as good.. Some are even better.. I know we marked things up like 200% if not more.. So shop around, and check into the insurance...
  7. by   live4today
    No, we do not have pet insurance for our little pet, but sometimes I wish we had it because he is soooooo prone to whatever blows his way. Right now, he is on medication for his allergies, and gets ear drops and ear washings for a left ear infection. He hates to take his medicine -- poor little thing. My husband complained because it cost almost $70.00 for our pet's visit this past Monday, and he has a "follow-up" in a couple more weeks. Not having any kids at home anymore makes it a little easier financially. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to afford our pet. My husband won't pay a bundle out for our dog, so I just hope and pray he doesn't get really really sick to the point where we have to decide what to do with him. He comes from a breed of dogs that is prone to having seizures, and has several seizures per year himself. Pet Insurance is just another way for someone to be making a killing off of us sappy pet owners who would do almost anything for our little petsy-wetsys. :kiss