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  1. I am so aggravated, I need to vent. I am finally ready to get a new dog. It hurt so badly when I lost my last dog, I just couldn't do it right away.

    Anyway, I decide I'll "do the right thing" and take a dog from a shelter. I was advised to go on-line and look at the pics, updated weekly. I picked a sweet beagle mix who has a mark on her face exactly like my old dog. It says she may have congenital cataracts, needs f/u w/ specialist etc. I call and leave a message, she is currently in a "foster home."

    Well, foster mom yakked on endlessly about the dogs needs. The dog was found at 6 weeks old with mange, UTI, eye infec may not actually be blind at this point but need to f/u, tapeworm, and is now up to date on shots etc... Obviously the dog has special needs and I am willing to accept/pay for that.

    Now the foster mom says the dog will also need to be enrolled in obedience classes for the "socialization" since I currently have no other dogs. OK, excuse me, but that the HE!!???

    Then they will do a vet check to be sure I have given my dogs every rabies shot, heartworm q year, and truth be told, I didn't. I never ignored them , but frankly, they were inside dogs, and when we were very low on cash, my husband said, that would have to go, his logic was they were only outside being walked on a leash, what was the likelyhood that our animals would be bitten by a rabid squirrel in that situation. I had to admit it made sense, and it worked for out purse. Now, this may be held against me!

    I am soooo pi$$ed. How dare they judge me on that alone?? I will not lose, I will just BUY a dog, the dog will not lose, b/c they will eventually find someone who meets their exceedingly high standards, the only one I see losing is the foster mom who can't see the forrest through the trees. She will have to keep the dog and continue to incur the medical expenses herslef along with her other 4 dogs and nine cats! You go O perfect one!

    Thanks! I had to get that out! I just feel like saying I am not a good caregiver to my animals is like calling me a bad person, and I am not a bad person, or a bad animal caregiver, and I RESENT the implication!!
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Well, it's official. I am a reject, not worthy to adopt a dog!

    I am very depressed! I just wrote a note to the foster mom, here it is....

    Dear Holly,

    I was interested in adopting CC, but I was rejected for a bad vet check. I am very very angry about this, but I am civilized, so this is not a note to tear you or your organization down. I do however have something to say.

    1) I am not losing anything here. I started out w/o a dog and I am going to end up with a dog, with or without your help.

    2) CC is not losing out, as I am sure you will find her someone who can live up to your high standards.

    3) You are losing out due to your short-sightedness. Here you have a loving home for a pet, a person who wants to do the right thing by adopting an animal, yet I am rejected because I did not take my dogs to the vet as frequently as you feel I should, or as any vet would say I should. I did suggest you speak personally with the vet on my application, which clearly, you did not. But, as an aside, thanks for telling me, now I will choose another vet who keeps better records! If my cat was never there, can you tell me where his medicine came from??

    4) I will not attempt adoption again! I will just go out and buy a dog, even if he/she comes from a puppy mill, at least I won't be interrogated as if I am a criminal!! Nor will I recommend that anyone I know choose this route. And from the sounds of it, any dog I could get from a puppy mill couldn't be much worse off than CC, and you nursed her back. I know in my heart I can do the same. I do not need your stamp of approval.

    There may have been times when my animals did not have their rabies or vaccinations. Maybe we had to choose between feeding the kids or vaccinating the dogs that year. My dogs were loved pampered and spoiled. Rather than put them down when they became ill and incontinent, I nursed them the best I could and made their last days as happy as I could. My husband rationalized not giving them their shots at times due to the fact that they were so pampered and spoiled as indoor pets. It was highly unlikely that a rabid animal would break into our home and attack our animals or attack them while being leash walked. And one more thing, if I choose to enroll my dog in obedience training, it is my choice to make, not for you to tell me. I am all for obedience training, but do you think average people can afford to enroll a dog in obedience training for "socialization"??!! Please!

    So, thank you. It seems you have done us a great favor. Now at least we can have a dog on our terms, not yours. I would not adopt a dog now if I were the last person on earth willing to shelter, feed, and love a dog. I will miss the idea of CC, but there are plenty of other dogs who need a home.

    To me, your rejection of my application for adoption is like saying I am not good enough to take care of a dog. I feel sorry for you that you must abide by these regulations. I am sure your animals miss a lot of chances to be with good loving people that way, and that is really the shame of it. I am not a bad person and I am certainly not a bad animal caregiver. I will not allow you, your agency, or anyone else to attack my character in this way.

    Best Wishes with CC and all the other animals in your care, may you all have long, happy, and healthy lives. :-)

    Thank you for bearing with me! I had to get that off my chest.

    OK, tomorrow, we go to the puppy stores!! Yippeeee.

    PS I am still angry with my husband who feels I betrayed him by going behind his back about this dog. I told him, I never made a secret that I would get another dog, just when. He says, "You had no regard for my feelings about it whatsoever." Then I BLEW UP! I screamed back at him, YOU have had no regard for the other THREE PEOPLE in this house who DO want another dog and if you don't like it, don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out! Now I am crying again! I said well I guess you're happy now, I was rejected for the dog. What does he say? "Oh, now it's MY fault?!" I swear, sometimes he is such a A$$!!!!! It's all about you dear, that's right! A-HOLE!!!!!!!

    OK, I'm going to have a very very strong drink!!!!! I feel like I need a shot! I am sooooo glad I got cancelled from the agency tongiht. I am way tooo agitated to work now, and soon, I will be too drunk!
  4. by   tiger
    hoolahan-i understand that you are upset but i hate to hear that you are going to support pet stores and puppy mills. i know myself i would take every single animal out of those environments if i could. but then they would just be replaced. puppy mills and pet shops are cruelty to animals and should not be allowed. i know puppy mills are illegal but pet stores should be as well. couldn't you check in the paper for dogs in need of a home or go to a reputable breeder. janet
  5. by   fergus51
    I agree, check the paper. There are a lot of good dogs for sale because of their owners moving, dying, whatever. Please do not buy from a pet store. I own a rescue dog who was used to produce those cute little puppies every year and the way she was treated is enough to make you sick. She was horribly malnourished, bred every year, left outside (she is a chihuahua, not a husky!) and abused by the breeder's children. Please do not support this. I understand your frustration, but there are a lot of other places to get a dog like the pound or the SPCA that aren't as picky and don't support backyard breeders like pet stores do. The SPCA here only requires that people have a fenced yard and will pay 90$ for their dog. Not unreasonable at all. So don't give up and go to the pet store!!! PLEASE.
  6. by   tiger
    thanks fergus for giving another opinion. i'm a chihuahua mom too. janet
  7. by   hoolahan
    I have been reading the papers, the only ads are for pure bred dogs or puppy barn ads. I have called every SPCA, shelter, etc, they don't have puppies, and I do want a puppy or a very young dog. Janet I see you're in Nevada (?), well, in NJ, they tend to be very anal rententive about things. Ex, it was a big to-do just to transfer my pa cpr instructor cert, I finally just let it expire, then applied to NJ!

    This adoption was through a local animal shelter. All I can say is they lost me. If they can judge someone that harshly, how will they ever say yes? Should I lie and say I have never had any animals? Am I such a bad person b/c my dogs did not go to the vet regularly? He!!, for that matter, can't tell youwhen my last pap smear was!

    I appreciate what you are saying, but, I don't see any other alternative. My friend is a dog groomer, and she's been looking for me for 4 months, no bites. Apparently, all the people I know have spayed their pets!

    Well, my son and I will be going out to the puppy stores tomorrow, the first one advertised "No puppy mill dogs." So, we'll start there. I truly wish I could have taken a dog from a shelter, but apparently, I have a "bad vet record" and that is what they all seem to check. Today I called my local shelter to find out if they check this and all they were obsessed with is who I spoke with. I was not out to get someone in trouble, just wanted to know what is the bottom line, they wouldn't stop harrassing me about who I spoke to, so I hung up! I won't be made to feel inadequate! If this is what the shelters do to people, no wonder there are so many homeless pets!! That is truly the sad thing about it. I can't remember when I have ever been made to feel so bad about myself. I have been crying on and off all day in between cursing at everyone on the road while driving today! Best I fix that drink now. I didn't have anything strong in the house, had to go o the liquor store to get it! That's the tea totaler I usually am! I think it would hurt less to say I was a bad mother, than to say to be I do not take good care of my animals! I just feel like I had my heart ripped out! Oh, enough, gotta go.
  8. by   tiger
    hoolahan-i wish you would reconsider. look up new jersey pet rescue on your computer. i did and there are several. i only looked at one of them since i don't know what area you are in, but they do have puppies. they are a private non profit organization just for the animals. their e- mail address is i think you are giving up too easy. i have no respect for people who help to keep the pet shops and puppy mills going. i can't believe there are no puppies to be found anywhere near you that are not in the shelter. and by the way, you say they have pure breds in the paper. what do you think you are going to find at a pet store????????????
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  9. by   PJRNC2
    Dear Hoolahan, So glad you are getting another dog. Try and forget that woman-sounds like she has more money than sense-if she was selling real estate in the desert she would want you to buy flood insurance. Please keep us posted on the New Pup Saga.
  10. by   RNforLongTime

    So sorry to hear that you were rejected. These places sound ridiculous to me! You were trying to adopt a DOG not a child? But just to let you in on something, a nurse at work went to the APL(animal protection league) to look for a kitty and the woman there said she wouldn't adopt a pet out to my nurse friend because she didn't like the way that my friend interacted with the kitten she was considering adopting. That is the most stupid thing that I have ever heard of!

    Anyhow, we have 2 male cats, both were neutered and are up to date on all their shots. I'll GIVE them too you if you like! I am not a cat person. Hate them to be honest as they are just KILLING my allergies at this time of year!

  11. by   MollyJ
    Ooh, Hoolahan, this almost sounds like something off of Saturday Night Live episode. I am not trying to laugh at your misfortune but--a bad vet record!!! Jeez, I hope the State Board of Nursing doesn't get wind of that!!!

    When you're calm, write the director of the local shelter and tell him/her that at times you did prioritize other family expenses over vaccinations for the dogs _because they were purely inside dogs_ and that you think that their policies obstruct adoptions and may lead to the unnecessary destruction of dogs and cats that were adoptable and had people who wanted to adopt them. I think your rationale for delaying vaccinations is simply a real life decision made in balancing priorities and I would feel really different about it if your dog(s) went outside and didn't have current vaccination. Tell her that, as an animal lover, you object to that. Talk this over with your vet and see if he agrees with you. You know, ASPCA's depend on volunteer vets for support and if he thinks these people take themselves way too seriously, I'd contact the local newspaper and see if they'd be willing to do an article on this if your still upset about if. And as for that, animal foster mother--there's a place on SNL for her, too. Like SOME of the human foster mother's I've met, she is way over involved and is actually obstructing the placement of this puppy. She needs to "get a life" but she won't likely successfully hear that message from you. Consider her a serenity prayer moment--accept the things you cannot change....

    We still love ya, "bad vet record" and all...
  12. by   BBnurse34
    Hoolahan... maybe you should adopt a child instead. Probably be easier... no tough vet police tracing your every move.
    Goodluck with your new pet, might be a good thing that the deal fell through with CC. She might have been picking up her foster mother's weird ways!
    P.S I would fail the vet check too, don't tell that mean lady though.. She might come after me..
  13. by   fergus51
    Please be aware that "no puppy mill" signs mean absolutely nothing. Practically all pet stores nowadays say their animals come from local breeders because they know that the puppy mills are not pc. Unless you can visit the breeder PLEASE do not buy a puppy from a pet store. My dog was producing for a pet store who claimed not to use puppy mills either, but the conditions she was kept in were absolutely sickening. "Local breeder" and "puppy mill" often mean the exact same thing. Do you really want to help support a business that causes endless suffering to innocent animals? I can tell that you are a caring animal lover and don't want to do this, so please check things out to make sure.

    I am sure that you love animals and would provide a good home to any dog you get. But if you buy irresponsibly then you are only helping to hurt the dogs used to breed in puppy mills. I hope you will try again in a shelter or rescue group or something or at least insist on getting the breeder's name if you buy from a pet store and checking it out to make sure you aren't helping to pay for the abuse of other dogs. Even if you have to wait, I am sure it will be worth it to know that you have a dog whose parents were treated well. Good luck in your search. I am sure you will make a great home for some lucky pooch!!
  14. by   rn2003
    Hi hoolahan,
    I can't believe what that "foster mom" put you through! I will say that agree about the whole puppy mill thing. Since you are an animal lover I am sure you don't want to support such a cruel and inhumane business. i worked as a vet tech for almost three years and we almost always had dogs that needed homes. Dogs that had a problem..hit by car, illness, or whatever. The owners would rack up such a high bill and wouldn't come pick up their dog so we were left with that dog until we could find a home. We would under no circumstance give the dog to a shelter. Employees would take them home until we could find a home. We had a sweet lab for about 9 months before we found a suitable home for her. I urge you to call local vet clinics and ask if they have any dogs or know of any that are up for adoption. You might be surprised.
    Good Luck! Doggie hunting can be so rewarding!