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  1. Has anyone made a personal webpage? Or do you have one? I am currently in the process of making one all by myself!! So far so good.

    I am using Dreamweaver for designing and html codes, and using FTP Pro to upload. (sorry if that dosn't make sense to some people )

    Well, anywho... I just thought it would be fun to share our webpages and stuff....

    Here's mine:
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    Dood... you linked us to a page with nothing more than a counter???
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    click on the pic, heather
  5. by   kristi915
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Dood... you linked us to a page with nothing more than a counter???
    Huh?? There's a digital clock on there, info about my plans for the site and a counter, and a link to a pic..................

    I'm confoosed
  6. by   Stargazer
    If Earthlink can figure out what the hell's wrong with my DSL--

    I get a free webpage with my account. I have no idea what I might do with it, if anything. I'm kind of a freak about my anonymity. I might end up doing a blog and just posting links and stuff that I find amusing, and the occasional humorous rant. We'll see.

    I know NOTHING about web design, but Earthlink has some sort of idiot-proof (Heh. I'll be the judge of that!) software and a little tutorial to get you started.
    Pardon me, one picture. And a clock. I don't have any of those!
  8. by   kristi915
    Well I just started it today. So, I just wanted everyone to see how smart I am!!! I'm doin it all by my smart self!!
    I linked to a page with that same pic on it a few days ago from your sig line.

    It's fun making your own, isn't it? I did mine by myself too, and update it regularly with new pics.

  10. by   ayemmeff
    Well done Kristi! I wouldn't have a clue where to begin! Although with a few more lessons from webguruHeather..............

    P.s. Are we allowed to go and look at your site,Heather?
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  11. by   nursedawn67
    I haven't updated mine, I think it is still Christmas theme.
  12. by   NurseDennie
    I've got a web page that I used to have in my signature line here, I'm so (inordinately) proud of it!

    I'd had an earlier page that I'd done using some kind of html builder, so I used that to start out. But it was a stupid thing, because every few words, it put in the font and font size and stuff like that. So I looked at the html and just started copying what the html builder did, only with less wasted thingies. I've got some pictures of flowers on there, that was fun to do. I found a website with creative cursor effects, and I had flowers following the cursor around on the main page for a while. It annoyed too many people, so I got rid of it (after I'd gotten over how much time and hard work it was to make the flowers in the first place!)

    It's fun, isn't it? I'm learning some stuff that would make for a more interesting web page, if I can think of some way to NOT use it in a way that's more anoying than interesting. Not my strong point, if you've seen my page, you already know that!

    I didn't put a counter on my page, and I didn't put any music on it. I had that on my first page, but didn't carry on with it. My first web page was funny. I thought random thoughts coming my way might help me out of the deep dark forest I was in back then. So I had a web page asking for advice. I thought if I didn't state what KIND of advice I was asking for, I might get the odd gem of wisdom. Nope. But it was a good try, I think.

    But I made both my pages all by myself. Despite the fact that I have a kid who was at the time I started the first page 13 and already knew how to write HTML, Java and PERL but did NOT help her old mum at ALL. I would gladly have accepted her help, in fact I asked for it, but she was much too busy.



    PS - Waaaaaah - my dancing spiderman on my page disappeared! Doggon it, there goes my weekend - I just know I'll waste the entire time trying to get it going again!
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  13. by   kristi915
    I hated that site before. That was a practice run for me. I like the stuff I have now. The background color is a lot easier on the eyes, and it's simple and not so crazy looking. I like it simple, yet admirable to viewers. I'll have a lot more pics on there, of trips I've taken and what not. Links to some online games, and funny stuff....etc..
    Sure thing. It's for my cakes and such, I've posted it before.

    Heather's Sweet Creations

    I still have some cakes to add to it.... I've been lazy about getting film developed lately.