perdium vs full time

  1. how does your unit use perdiums. our old boss used to give them whatever days they wanted saying those were their days of availability. our new boss is different. i agree with her completely when she says the perdium are to fill in as needed. i'm not saying every weekend but if they want to work they will take the days available. what do you think? j
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  3. by   tiger
    that would be o.k. cause there are plenty of nurses willing to work o.t. i just feel if you are full time and you have some years in that perdium should work around you. any full time for that matter. that is one reason why they are paid the bigger bucks. if they are not getting time i think they would widen their range of availability.
  4. by   NursePooh
    Most nurses who go per diem do so because they need the flexibility.

    They get higher wages because they don't get benefits. If your manager starts disregarding their shift requests and assigning them like the rest of us full time donkeys, they are gonna bail and then where will you be?
  5. by   fergus51
    I always heard full-time nurses complaining about this. I say if you can't beat em join em. Per diem nurses don't get any of the benefits you do and they aren't guaranteed to get full time hours. If they're willing to take that risk they should get more flexibility and pay. If I was working per diem I wouldn't put up with being scheduled in when I didn't want to be. I'd work elsewhere.
  6. by   tiger
    like i said we don't have to beat or join them--our unit works it out together but they don't get preference over full time. j
  7. by   Q.
    I work per diem and let me tell you - most are per diem for a reason - whether it be school - or another job! I work full time days at my primary clinic job, and if my hospitals in which I am per diem started telling ME when I had to work - they would lose me altogether - as well as all the other per diem nurses in our pool.

    And yes - I get paid more because I don't get ANY benefits - no paid sick time, no paid vacations, no health insurance, no 401 participation.

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  8. by   tiger
    there are alot of full time people who work a second job or go to school as well. i've worked many a second job. you just have to coordinate. i'm not saying to force perdiums into certain days. just offer them whats available. if they can do it fine and if not fine. our union says they are to supplement staffing as needed. that means they may be filling in for someone who is on vacation and need to fill certain slots. our perdium are good and we try to satisfy everyone including full time when we schedule. and by the way we don't have mandatory overtime. i do it when i want. we have alot of perdiums that prefer not to be scheduled and that is fine too but they don't work near as much as the scheduled ones. i didn't mean to cause a war over this or anything i just wondered how other places worked this out. j
  9. by   SharonH, RN
    Hello there. I've been working per-diem for the most part since 1992 here in the Atl area. Almost everyone here does it the same way: I tell them the days and shift that I am available and they schedule me for those times. If they don't need me, they cancel me or float me to another unit. This is rare but it does happen occasionally, especially on weekdays.
  10. by   tiger
    i just don't feel like a perdium should be able to dictate what days they will work and bump a full time person to days they are unhappy with. luckily, on our unit we all get along and work together on the scheduling. nobody can always have the perfect schedule. we all have other committments too. please, i wasn't trying to offend any perdium workers. j
  11. by   Q.
    We have a very good staff of per diem nurses - that will routinely come in at a moment's notice, take call, etc. Things started becoming a problem, however, when they started mandating per diems overtime. This started conflicting with my primary job - I would work PMs at the hospital, and be mandated for another 8 hour shift - and still have to be at my OTHER job at 08? There is no way I could do it.

    Our facility looks at things this way: per diems tell the scheduler when they are available. The scheduler either takes them or leaves them - chances are they take what they can get. If they left the "holes" open in hopes that the per diems would fill them, well, those "holes" would remain open - and the regular staff would have to stay overtime. It makes much more sense to be flexible around the flexible people - if you start dictating when per diems can work - you will be left with NO help - I guarantee it.