Per Members request.

  1. As Admin and mods we realize that not all has been totally fair and and there have been instances where mistakes in moderation have been made. For that we apologize and have developed the following admistrative/moderator guidelines:

    1. It is our goal to KEEP members and attract new members to this board and foster a place where both new and old members can gather to discuss matters both nursing and non nursing. The War/Terrorism forum is closing 5/12/03 and will be archived. Per member suggestion, Off-topic forum will become "The Break Room".

    2.We will strive to answer all feedback questions, e-mails and PM's in as timely a manner as possible, usually within 24 hrs. (Remember, there is no one online 24/7. Mod/ Admin visit at will, poping in and out throughout the day/night).

    3. We realize that this board is composed of members from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds and will take that into consideration. We will strive to support and enforce the TOS in a manner that is consistant and across the board.

    4. We need your assistance in order to help keep this BB running smoothly. All threads ARE NOT viewed. If you see a thread in violation of TOS, please report it using site feedback section or contacting moderator of that forum via PM: include at least thread name and post number, and thread address. You will be notified usually within 24 hours of our findings.

    5.Multiple accounts are not allowed. V-bulletin has software built in to check for multiple accounts. If you happen to have more than one screen name let us know which one you would like to use and we will delete the other(s). Doing this will prevent any disciplinary action if a multiple account is found. E-mail Brian, Karen or Russell for any concerns regarding change of accounts or account status.

    6. The TOS will be our guide for moderating, however posts that appear to be made for malicious purposes can and will be pulled for discussion amongst moderators. When a thread is questionable in nature, it may be moved to the moderator's area for discussion. The thread starter and person who's posts are under scrutiny will be notified via PM of threads movement and of our final decision.

    7. Only Administrators can ban or suspend. In order to be notified of this members must have a valid e-mail address when registering. Please update your address if you change Internet carrier. This will resolve the issue of suspended or banned without notice.

    8.The TOS was rewritten with the members in mind and to give us all some guidelines for both posting and moderating. Take a minute and read it.

    Please, send any comments or questions to any of us via PM, e-mail or through the feedback section which is viewed and answered by administrators .

    Thank you,
    Russell, Karen and Brian
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    I'd like to emphasise the following:

    Please update your address if you change Internet carrier. This will resolve the issue of suspended or banned without notice.

    All too often lately, when someone complains of not being notified of suspension/banning, it turns out that the administrators were not able to contact them due to an invalid or outdated e-mail address. Please make sure yours is up to date!