Peace talks before war...

  1. What about those Columbians and those rebels.. The nerve of them to start peace talks..


    More power to ya..
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  3. by   Q.
    Kinda like Japan and the US during "peace talks" before Pearl Harbor in 1942.

    How interesting.....
  4. by   3651bht
    and how long did the war last.. How many people died during the peace talks and how many people died during the war....And what about those nice little bombs we dropped on them I wonder how India and Pakistan feel about that today... Oh and don't forget China....

  5. by   Q.
    Get your facts straight. Japan inititated peace talks with us to confuse us while at the same time they were planning the Pearl Harbor attacks. We were focusing on "peace" while they were focusing on violence. As a result a whole fleet was destroyed because of our pacifity.

    Keep your own glasses and pick up a book or two. Might do ya some good instead of relying on
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    have you noticed the threads below this one All of them ceased as soon as I left Maybe people lost interest in your ideas...

    Bobbi, you've said this in several posts now. We're not loosing interest once you leave, we're avoiding posting anything at all so you'll stop going ON AND ON with your rants and tirades. It's getting old. And what is this thing you have against Suzy? Is it obvious to anyone else but me?

    "All of the threads cease to exist once I leave"

    Sounds pretty grandiose to me...

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    I haven't lost interest just really busy.

    What was this thread about anyway?

    Oh yah, War and Peace

  10. by   prn nurse
    When I was at The University twenty years ago, the professor told us that politicians love to make war. Wars are financially golden gooses. They create money for the countrys' large companies and workers. Peace does not stir up any money. Now, a war creates lotsa bucks. What is the use of developing smart bombs, weapons, planes and not using them? Look at how fast technology changes. So, if we have warehouses full of warplanes, bombs, and weaponry, we have to use them and build MORE. A powerful senator can maneuver 50-100 million dollars to his home state for the new planes and rockets. (Reagan and Johnson sent $$$ Billions to their home states.) War is mostly about money. We need this little war against Afghanistan right now. The professors all taught that we desperately needed to get into WWII. It was about $$. They taught that Roosevelt had searched for two years on ways to get us into the war. The Japanese were encouraged to bomb Pearl Harbor. There are books written about this and there is a paper trail. A popular account was published last year. It is common knowledge now. We were in the throes of a decade- long depression and desperately needed a warto jumpstart the economy. The Russians were the real losers of WWII. They lost over twenty million young men. Didn't we lose like 120,000? Our part was a breeze COMPARED TO what the Russians suffered. They were fighting the Germans and the Japs simultaneously ...without help ...for several years. An entire generation of men was lost. Few Americans realize this. We spend our days watching the tube. The Japanese were vicious, cruel, indescribably savage to the Chinese also. Many millions of Chinese were massacred.
    Few Americans know this. Our history is so manipulated. It is too bad we are not taught what really takes place in these wars. But, the final word, wars are primarily necessary for the economic good of the country. All of this flag-waving is to make us feel good and be proud to have Uncle Sam's hand in our purses every week. It is to make us feel like "participants."
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  11. by   CATHYW
    You stated that well. Those were the same things I was taught, as well.

    Bobbi, I don't seem to know or remember you, but you keep popping up right after Susy in most posts. Do you like following her around? Where did you get the idea that the rest of us care if you post or not? If you can't be decent, find another forum.
  12. by   NurseDennie
    The Japanese were Encouraged to bomb Pearl Harbor?

    Wow, that's the first I'd heard that. I had heard that there had been evidence that it was in the doing and nobody believed the people setting the alarm.

    But encouraged to bomb Pearl Harbor. How nice of them to go along with what we wanted them to do. And they even went to the base requested? Seems a bit out of character, given what was going on at the time, doesn't it?

    Maybe somebody paid them.


  13. by   Mkue
    Bravo prn nurse,

    You know, I wish I woulda had that course, that makes TOTAL sense !!!

    And the Polititions that sent/send tons of $$ to their own states, well doesn't surprise me the least!

    Thank You for that Post !

  14. by   3651bht
    Well it seems to me that most people are interested in my posts here Just look back and see how many times they address me personally...I think they are peacelovers and don't even know it .. Don't worry us peace people are patient.....

    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that.. It's the money stupid.... Thanks prn nurse for summing it all up ...


    And see I keep posting so the thread keeps going..HMMMMMMMMMMMM