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  1. After having just two atrocious nights being in charge and wanting to leave work crying, mostly because of the general lack of respect of some coworkers, I have decided to change. I am going to kill everyone with kindness. They say it only takes one person to make a difference. At least this way, I can say that I went down in flames trying.

    If this thread should die an early life, at least I feel better for venting for it.

    I thought that I would post it here as well to help with mood:kiss


    I want to thank

    NRSKaren for her excellent posts in the Nursing Activism that keep me up to date on what is going on politically and professionally in nursing. And for being an awesome moderator.

    Jenny P for being an awesome person and a great resource of information life/nursing experience as well as activism.

    My husband for putting up with my pregnancy complaining and for being the love of my life.

    And my friend Erin, my coworker and source of sanity for those just awful days at work and in life.

    :kiss :kiss :kiss
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  3. by   NurseDianne
    You go girl! KILL KILL KILL them w/ kindness......ummmmmm..........guess that's a good thing if you can do it.......words to live by. Hope it works......hang in there!
  4. by   Shamrock
    Thank you for starting this thread, it should be good!
  5. by   nurseleigh
    I want to thank:

    OBNURSEHEATHER for always telling it like it is nd for just being herself.

    Hapeewendy for making me laugh after a very bad shift. For saying the things I was thinking before I had a chance to.

  6. by   Flynurse
    This is so interesting. I'm going to Pay It Forward to you....

    I had a patient the other night in TOM unit and he was the most kind PATIENT I have ever met...I mean he was really sincere about all of the things he had said to me.
    Just when I thought the shift couldn't get any worse I walked into his room and he said, "Your name is Melissa, right?"
    Perplexed I said, "Yes it is." (with a big smile on my face because I had only 1 1/2 hours left in my shift and now he's asking my name?)
    "Good!," He said, "I told my wife just now on the phone that I wanted to write a letter to the administration about you." (my heart sank, what did I do now?) "I've been here for four days and you have been the most kind and informative nurse I have had so far. I just wanted to say thank you." Warm fuzzies!!!
    Then he said something I should have kept in mind these last couple of days, "My dad use to say to me 'Don't say anything unless you have something nice to say.' To me that always had a negative meaning. (He's right I think most of us feel that way) But now I think 'If I have something nice to say I should SAY it!' So I do. Thank you, Melissa."

    That lovely man nearly had me in tears. I think its something we should all think about, including myself. (Man, this would be a good story to send to the Chiken Soup for Nurses people!)


    Thank you Brian for putting things into perspective for us.
    Thank you all Administrators for backing him up.
    Thank you members for being who each and every one of you are.
    I my Allnurses family!

    PAY IT FORWARD......
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  7. by   duckie
    I couldn't possibly "pay it forward" to everyone here that has touched my heart. You are a great group of nurses and to all of you I wish tons of love, smiles, hugs and happiness. :kiss
  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    Here's an example of when killing with kindness worked!

    When I used to work as a CNA, I got transfered to the ortho/med-surg unit for a while because they were short staffed. I made friends with the other CNA's pretty quickly, in general it was a very good atmosphere. But there was one CNA that everyone complained about. She had been there for many years, did great pt care, but the complaints were that she was not friendly, was stuck up because she didn't talk to everyone else at the nurses station, and she was not a team player - wouldn't help with anyone elses pts if something came up or while they were at lunch.

    I decided to "kill her with kindness". I would make it a point to say hello to her each evening when I came in, and during the shift I would ask her if she needed any help. She always said no, so I took it upon myself to grab her laundry bags too if I was heading to the utility room, answer her call lights if she were in with another pt, and other small things that the rest of the CNA's usually do for each other.

    At first she regarded me with much suspicion, :chuckle , but after a while she started returning the gestures, and soon she became friendlier to others as well. Things went much smoother at work after the change for all of us.

    I also wanted to say thanks to Love-a-Nurse (Stephany) for being kind enough to remember my name when she answers my posts. It's a nice feeling when someone calls you by name, makes you feel more important! I've tried to pay that forward to others as well. Thanks!

  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I thank Las Vegas for her humor and Christmas spirit...i got more cards this year than ever before...i owe this to you....

    OBNURSEHEATHER for her help computer-wise. She is amazing!

    KC CHICK for her honesty when dressing me down when I needed it

    Mark---What an amazing OB nurse he is inspiration for me to do better in my nursing....

    Duckie for being herself and very honest even in painful times..hang tight duckie....

    Rusty for being his ole humorous self. wish my dad were like you; kind, considerate and rock. really you do.

    all the nurses at the OB/GYN forum who supported me when i vented about my faux pas the other week at work. Your support means so much to me!

    Wendy...your bravery in times of strife (SARS, personal challenges, etc) is amazing. And your honesty compassion never-ending...................

    NURSE KAREN...for keeping us all up to date in current issues and encouraging involvement at the grass-roots level to improve our plights as nurses...................

    SUZYK---you are so articulate and honest and more than once called me on some issues whereby I expressed myself in an emotional manner rather than articulately. Your posts always make sense and are so smart!

    same for are one smart dude! Even if I don't agree with you, I respect you.... and finally,but surely not least....

    Brian--- for starting this awesome site. Your vision and work are an inspiration for more than 25,000 members and's been a rough time this last week or so but you handled our anger and strife with grace, never sinking to a level beneath your dignity. I have expressed a lot of anger myself but I so appreciate your NONdefensive manner of handle us who were so upset lately. Thank you for that!

    whew, that was long. many people I have to thank here that I have not acknowledged even....thank you all for your insights, humor and willingness to share a bit of yourselves with the world of nursing. Without you, this site is not possible.
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  10. by   Tweety
    I'm a closet SmilingBluEyes fan. Always telling it like it is, straight from the gut, no frills. Always quick with supportive. If I see SmilingBluEyes in a thread I always read what she has to say, following her around like a puppy.

    There, I'm out of the closet now! LOL
  11. by   aimeee
    I hate to start naming names because I hate to leave anyone out and there are so many who enrich my life daily and do many small things which add up to making a huge difference.

    For now I'll just draw attention to Shamrock's signature line, which in just a few words, says volumes:

    "The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."

    Thank you, Shamrock, for choosing that.