Pauly's needing everyone's help, me too

  1. OK, I know this may seem trivial, but I have been given a senegal parrot who is 3 months old. HHEEELLLLP!

    Anyone, please with some real experience with these buggers? I have read the internet, front to back, my eyes are blood shot and the information conflicting on everything.

    Always had birds, but a baby, who will be part of the family for 35 plus years??? I'll be in my 70's!

    Pauly will eat anything, chicken and eggs, kids accuse me of canibalism, husband says I'm overfeeding him.

    Pauly's pad is 16 x 14 x 26, I think it's too small, but a larger cage can't be hung from the ceiling, and the two cats are just dying to meet him, up close and firmly

    We're doing the "up" command, it's working outside the cage, but to take him out twice a day I have to literally tear him screaming from the cage, he won't leave... then he's fine once out, but seems barbaric.

    CAN YOU HELP!!!!

    At this rate my poor bird is going to need therapy
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  3. by   P_RN
    Oh dear. No I only had parakeets. Maybe there is a vet near you who deals with exotics?
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    I've heard they make good eating .

    Seriously, tho, I have no clue on bird things. Can the person who gave it to you help?
  5. by   aimeee
    Parrots are not my thing, but I have a couple contacts who have lots of experience with them. Perhaps they can suggest a resource for you. I'll get back to you on that.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ask a vet about bird specialists in your area. I am sure there is someone out there who can help you. THis is specifically why I won't have birds of the parrot family in my home. I can't tolerate their weird behavior and can't understand em!! I wish you luck!!! You and Paulie need to find a bird specialist!
  7. by   BadBird
    Ok, Here goes. Can you put the cage in a room away from the cats? If you can, leave the door open so the little birdie can come out on his own. Birds demand A LOT of attention, did I mention A LOT of attention? You can try enticing the bird with a treat to lead him out of his cage, it takes patience lots and lots of patience. Birds will eat just about anything, they love chicken and scrambled eggs, fruit, veggies, toast, really anything that you eat they will eat. Never give a bird chocolate, apple seeds either. Birds will bond with one person more than others, as they mature that may change. Once the bird gains your trust he will come out of his cage when you want him, he may demand to be taken out when he sees you.

    I have a blue and gold MacCaw, Drew will live to be near 100 yrs. so I will have to will her to someone. Be prepared for a daily mess to clean up, keep their water clean, birds need to bathe too, you can put your bird in the shower or put a bowl of warm water at the bottom of his cage if he will bathe himself, cute to watch too. You will need to learn to clip your birds talons and maybe beak too or you can have the vet do it. Remember, birds learn at their own pace, they must learn to trust you first, please be patient. Another thing to remember is that in the bird world there is a pecking order, the higher the branch the more status the bird thinks they have, for this reason while training Pauly don't let him get on or above your head, he will think he is training you, if you get them to realize that you are the top of the pecking order they will listen to you. Good luck with your bird.
  8. by   nimbex
    THANK you to everyone, hey bad bird, took the little bugger in the shower this morning,,,, he LOVED it !!, finally some non stressful time together, thanks.
  9. by   dianah
    We used to spray our parrot (Finch's Amazon) with water from a spray bottle. He perched on DH's arm and spread his wings out and made all sorts of noises and did lots of mannerisms that, I'm pretty sure, showed how much he loved it! He'd even allow himself to hang upside down and be sprayed!
    BadBird, do you think the cats would stay away once they got a look at the bird's beak and heard some extreme parrot noises up close?? Or would that be too traumatic (and dangerous) for the bird? Our parrot escaped one day, flew away never to return . . . he really only bonded with DH.
    Oh, a little parrot story: we had the bird's cage in the bedroom and one warm afternoon had the windows open. I decided I'd get bird on my arm, and have a little bonding, one-on-one, w/him. He was OK for a few minutes, then he leaned over and pinched my hand w/his beak. I leaned toward the cage and yelled (remember, the bedroom windows were open): "Get OFF me!!! I HATE it when you do that!!!" DH and I still laugh about it. . . . wonder what the neighbors thought . . .
  10. by   nimbex
    ANyone know about feedig these guys too much? I'm trying to give him a fruit variety for breakfast plus fresh food and water with a dinner veggie and meat dinner.

    I watch salt, fat and no chocolate. any suggestions?
  11. by   kids
    My sister has a 19 yo Senegal...I eats ONLY (high quality) parrot food and fresh fruit.