Patients with Drug Resistant TB Escape Isolation


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    Bad situation for everyone involved...

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    ...49 patients fled from the Jose Pearson hospital near the coastal city of Port Elizabeth between Wednesday and Friday of last week by cutting a gap through the wire fence surrounding the isolation unit.

    The patients, who are suffering from multi-drug resistant TB and its even more incurable form, extremely drug resistant TB, had complained that they wanted to spend Christmas with their families. Some had been in the hospital for more than 18 months.

    In the interim, 26 have returned to the hospital of their own accord.

    "I think that those who returned are aware that they are putting themselves and their families at risk," said Manana, according to the South African Press Association.

    The mass escape highlighted the problems faced by South Africa as it struggles to cope with an epidemic of virtually incurable TB that feeds off the AIDS virus and kills most of its victims. South Africa has an estimated 5.4 million people living with the AIDS virus.
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    Patients On the Run

    There is something about the way this being handled that bothers me,
    but I do not have any better ideas either.

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    The Eastern Cape department of health was granted a court order late on Friday afternoon allowing the forcible return of the patients to the hospital.

    "Those patients will be hunted and brought back to hospital," said provincial health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo.

    The individuals would be traced through hospital records, and police assistance would be sought, Kupelo said.

    "I can assure that within this weekend we'll make sure that all the patients are back in hospital," he said.

    All relatives and other people who came into contact with the escapees will be screened for the TB and put onto treatment if found to be infected.