Pathological Liars

  1. With all of the health problems and horrific diagnoses amongst our siblings at allnurses...and within our families,extended families...I have come across a human creature who becomes jealous regarding those who actually have disease processes...
    One of our co-workers has Hodgkins Lymphoma...going through chemo...and the monster decided to tell everyone she has a tumor in her spinal column, even asked a co-worker to insert a saline lock for chemo treatment...the next weekend her tumor had
    "moved" from her spine to her right flank area...the next weekend her tumor was in her abdomen...and she is telling everyone she is continuing chemo therapy when not at work...
    Another co-worker has a severe respiratory infection, this liar calls in and comes back to work telling everyone she had to be intubated over the weekend... "look at the bruises on my wrists from being restrained"...another co-worker has a chronically ill child, many birth defects involved...the liar comes to work telling another yarn about her child having genetic defects, tells her story of woe regarding inabilty to recieve adequate health care for her child...
    I cannot fathom tempting the "fates", lying to get attention...doing her best to inspire co-workers to take up a collection for her financial problems related to health issues...
    Was updating a co-worker on a mutual friend's prgress following a "super lupus" attack...and before the night was over, this idiot had "suddenly" developed lupus...ah yes..had not told anyone yet
    because she didn't want to upset anyone...
    I do not "buy in" to any of her stories...and can change the subject in 0.01 seconds, much to her dismay...
    She needs to get some psychtherapy, IMHO.
    Have any of you worked with a creature such as this???? We have even started a "guess the diagnosis of the week" pool at stupid.
    I guess she is bored beyond belief....
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  3. by   canoehead
    So you have three pathological liars where you work? Sounds like a lot. How do you know they were lying?
  4. by   suzannasue
    Nope...only one liar, many tales...
    Other than the fact that she cannot back up any of her diagnoses with any meds... has no idea of the agents used in her chemotherapy...has not been admitted to any hospital she claims to have been admitted to...has no clue as to the nature of her tumors (no biopsy has ever been performed)...cannot give any lab values for lupus diagnosis nor is she being treated by anyone for lupus, gave explicit details of how she instructed doctors in appropriate technique for her intubation....she has 2 beautiful healthy children whom prior to our co-worker's child being born with multiple problems, had NO health issues other than snotty noses... we all see these children quite frequently and the genetic problems she mention would have had surgical intervention prior to her youngest's 13th birthday last week...
    Gee, I dunno, guess you have to be there...
  5. by   jevans
    The trouble is you never know when they are telling the truth! and that what frightens me!!!!!
    I realise that people like this are seeking attention however what will they say if they should discover they have made a work related error.

    Coworkers need to check their backs at all times. Not a nice thing to have to do

    Good luck with it
  6. by   canoehead
    Sorry, I thought there were 3 of them.

    Walk away when she starts to spout off, or say, "I really don't want to discuss personal problems at work, it keeps me from patient care."

    Or confront her..."you were concious and well enough to give instructions on intubation? When's the last time you intubated anyone? What doc was stupid enough to listen?"

    hee-hee, I could really have fun with her!
  7. by   Aussienurse2
    Oh man I have a friend kinda like that. She has done everything and been everywhere!! Oh my goodness, I crack up just thinking about her!! It's like I'll say that another friend has just been diagnosed with Graves diease and she'll say "Oh! I had that years ago, dreadfully hard to shake off!"!!! *****??!! Yep! real hard to get rid of that pesky little THYROID!!! When did you have radium therapy??? I've known you for, what eleven years!! "Oh! when I was a kid", yep, right, it's adult onset chicky!!!

    Or what about the time she "thought" she "might" have MS? Cause when they did a scan( for her "dreadfull" migrains that she got after seeing me with one) they "thought" they found a "white" spot on her brain!

    She even went out and got herself up the duff TWO DAYS after we told her we were having a baby!! Always wearing the same things I wore, doing her hair the same way ( hence the purple!Tee Hee!! I like to mess with people, bad Kate, bad!) Still does it!! But she has a good heart... or I'm a big softie and try to see past it.
  8. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I lived with a pathologic liar for 7 years, now my EX thank goodness! I must say that there HAS to be some sort of chemical imbalance, along with many emotional/self esteem issues going on to lie like that!
  9. by   l.rae
    hmmmm,scarey, sounds like maybe a Munchausen's(sp) brewing?...maybe not full fledged yet...but..if she stops getting attention from the "stories"...she may concoct some "situations"...most scarey for the children....keep an eye out on this one! Had one chick that was discovered to be injecting fecal material in herself (IV)!....she was a nurse....whatelse?...R
  10. by   night owl
    What???? Feces IV? OMG!
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    I had a friend like that once. (notice the past tense?)

    No matter what you were going through or had or felt like, she could top it. And if she couldn't top it, she had a cousin that could.

    My husband and I used to play a game. We would deliberately invent things or make comments that would encourage this behavior. And the first person to get "well my cousin...." won!

    We were friends through high school, and she had had a pregnancy scare at one point during our senior year. I went with her to planned parenthood to get a test, and it came back negative.

    A year later, when I found out I was preggers, she started in with "well, remember when you went with me and it turned out I wasn't pregnant? Well, really I had been, but I miscarried."

    Whatever. Life is too important to invent stories about and manipulate people with. That's pretty much about the time we moved and conveniently forgot to send her a forwarding address.

    Call her on it. I hate these types of people.

  12. by   nursegoodguy
    We have even started a "guess the diagnosis of the week" pool at stupid.

    For the one's that you know are liars, the above quote wa funny!
    Yes I think we have all worked with people like this... They usually never last because they not only lie about their personal lives but they can't be trusted at work!
    I was a sucker though... I sometimes would believe the stories and feel so bad for the person... until someone reminded me that, uhhhh they're lieing!
    You just don't want to listen to them after they get over on you a few times...
    I went over to a "sick" (work aquaintenances) once because he called me and said he had a temp of 106! He refused to go to the hospital then started hallucinating calling me "dad" so I headed over to his place to assess him for myself... I knew he'd only have beer in his house so I stopped off at walmarts and picked up a few things I thought he might need... soup juice tylenol a thermometer... (now how did he check his temp if he didn't have one, I just thought of that?)
    Anyways I get to his place and it's a filthy mess with beer cans strung out all over the place... so I decide the best way to proceed is to first check his temp... he had to pee after I stuck the thermometer in his mouth... when he came out of the bathroom I checked the reading on the glass thermometer and it was broken? Like the part that I put in his mouth was broken? I couldn't quite figure it out? So I head off to work to get the digital thermometer... I get back to his place and he decides he wants to go pee again... I take it out of his mouth and say I'll put it back in after you get out of the bathroom... When he got out his lips looked moist as he opened his mouth for the thermometer... I said, on second thought we'll do this axillary and you WILL keep your A$$ in the chair until I am done... (I was wising up... )
    guess what his temp went down to...
    like 98 something!
    I'd been HAD!
    That was on a Friday night... he called after 10 pm and I lived an hour away so by the time I got to his home it was nearly midnight! By the time I go to work to borrow the thermometer and get back to his place and decide he's just a drunk looking for a sympathetic shoulder, (or whatever he was looking for but didn't get) it was like 2 in the morning... I had to be up by 5, (3 hours later) to work a double shift saturday and i was on a double sunday too.
    I hope dealing with people like this in the world doesn't make me a bitter cold old man! I feel like it already has somewhat...
  13. by   night owl
    I never worked with anyone that had this pathological lying disease, but I remember going to school with this one girl that no matter what new disease we learned about, she had it and I'm thinking my God girl, you should be dead never mind in nursing school...*****
  14. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    I hope dealing with people like this in the world doesn't make me a bitter cold old man! I feel like it already has somewhat...
    Guiseppe, this is definitely not going to make you a bitter, cold old man. It will make you a good judge of people.

    I used to get suckered by people like this all the time when I was younger.

    [Good heart + large home in the country = ne'erdowell magnet]

    Many times I'd tell myself that I would never help anyone ever again, especially after I'd been had --again. But eventually, I learned to spot 'em.

    I almost don't know how to describe them, except they seem to attract problems, where the rest of us are trying to go about our lives despite our problems.

    In the end, they have really got a sadder life than I could ever imagine. But if it makes 'em happy to have a whole boatload of problems, who am I to ruin it by getting rid of a couple????