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  1. Looking for some advice on a topic that just makes people roll their eyes at me-
    Is it possible to go cold turkey when I get pregnant? I really have no desire to quit smoking right now, but I also DO NOT want to be a smoking pregnant person. So my question is, does ANYONE think I will be able to quit as soon as I see that little 'x' on the test???? This was my plan, when we take that pregnancy test and it's positive, I will throw away cigs and be done. Husband will be able to take Zyban or do what ever if he needs help, but I won't really have that option. Just wondering if anyone had some advice.
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  3. by   semstr
    you do it cold turkey.
    I was and am again a heavy smoker, during my 2 pregnancies I stopped right away, without any problems. And you know why? I had a goal.......... a healthy baby!
    Started after each though, was feeling very bad at times, cause I lost both babies. (one at 30 weeks and the other in the 13th)
    But you can do it!!
  4. by   aus nurse
    Buffalo I did it like semstr too. Quit as soon as I was preggers and started up 1 week after my son's birth. Maybe you can avoid that taking up again afterwards and stay a non smoker. I had a healthy 7lb bubby, he's 11 now
    semstr sorry for the loss of your babies:kiss
  5. by   renerian
    I used to smoke 23 years ago and quit cold turkey when I got pregnant. Like a dummie I started smoking 3 years ago when my mom died of the flesh eating bacterial disease. I just quit 12 weeks ago now but I am using nicorette gum. I am down to one piece every four to eight hours.

  6. by   Beach_RN
    I quit the minute I found out for both pregnancies... however, did started right up again, each time, when I wheened them off the breast!

    However, I have been smoke free for almost a year now! Feel much better now that I don't smoke... actually I have become one of those annoying reformed smokers!!! LOL...

    But I have to tell you... being in school, and working.... I do miss a cigarette with a cup of coffee, to chill me out!

    Good luck

  7. by   baseline
    Wow...are you really from Buffalo? NY? No WONDER you smoke!...........I feel free to say that you understand I was born and raised there!

    I have no children and at my age...don't intend to.....( although my spouse and I continue to practice the art....). I smoked for years. Quit twice. Hopefully this time is the last time. Both times cold turkey. Used Zyban once and came unglued.

    I realize you don't want to quit right now....after all.....what would a winter be in Buffalo without standing huddled outside the door to get that ciggie!!! Been THERE.....
    But you will conceive before you realize you are pregnant....and besides, why not just be a healthier Mom NOW......practice makes perfect!

    baseline now lives in Fla.
    Hi there Buffalo!

    Nicotine is a very powerful teratogen, an agent harmful to a developing fetus.

    Taken from the UCLA Medical Center Website:

    Factors Important in Teratogenicity

    Time of exposure: Very early in gestation many agents have an "all or none" effect, that is they either kill the embryo or have no effect on its development. Most teratogens produce their effects (embryopathies) during embryogenesis. (that's before you know you're pregnant)

    Is that a chance you're willing to take? I would suggest you get yourself healthy now, before you conceive.

    Good luck!


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