Passed my nclex 2nd time

  1. This is to encourage somebody this morning..
    I graduated dec 2012, took nclex in jan 2013 and failed. ran out of time at 230 questions. I was devastated and confused and ask God why. I pray and fasted...didnt knw how to start again and was not motivated.
    so i moved to another town with my boyfriend and we ended breaking up and i was stressed.
    anyways I took my exam March 26th, and i said i am not going to do any PVT trick and i am going to wait on God and check the bon to see my name. I took my nclex 75 questions and to God be the glory, he allowed me to pass.

    How did i pass NCLEX:
    Ecclesiates 9:11-13
    Kaplan: just did the questions Qtrainer q1-q7 (71, 71,60, 50,51)
    ATI virtual tutor: which my pastor wife paid for: well it didnt help me. even the instructor i was assigned to, i don't she even read all of my assignments. but all in all, I am grateful
    Hurst : at first i was contemplating about doing hurst again after failing but after asking others who retested, they said, Nclex was mostly content review so i studied Hurst back to back.. every word in there i knew by heart.
    Nclex 4000: just questions
    Overall, I barely did SATA questions.
    On my nclex, i had 6-7 SATA, 5 meds, 3-4 drag and drop, 3 EKGS, 1 HOT spot and few infection ctrl and few prioritization.

    I went thru alot this 2nd time taking the nclex. I didnt have money to pay for my exam. It was rough. everyone in my class passed with 75 questions except 3 ppl who failed including me. I could not tell anyone i had failed my nclex the first time..
    To God be the glory, is not my wisdom, my strength but by the GLORY OF GOD. he had turn my mourning to dancing, my sorrow to joy. and has increased my faith.
    Also, i had many children of God, even my pastor praying for me while i was taking my exam.
    Pls note: you can read and read all you want but without committing everything to God hands, the author and finisher of our faith, all ur works is labor in vain. After reading Ecclesiastes 9:11; I asked God for Forgiveness and from that point all I did was thank God..

    Pls you can go to my previous post and read about my first experience: how i pray, fast and didnt really submit to God.
    So full of joy but pls those out there reading this and still wondering when am i going to pass my nclex and be a RN.. let me tell you... the bible says, if you have faith like that of a mustard seed, u can tell the mountain to be moved and it will be moved.. Your faith in God will move you to be a RN and giving thanks.. How i passed and the questions i had.. all i can say is Thank you God. I ask God for 75 questions, 6-7 sata and he did it for me. As A new RN, i will use my career in praising God and glorifying his name.
    Pls contact me for any info.. thanks
    **** sry for the typos and mispell.. just too excited in praising God.
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  3. by   RN2BEESOON
    Congratulations what was your score on Kaplan QTrainer 7? Do you feel nclex resembled Kaplans
  4. by   Galapagos
    Congratulations,God Bless you sister,Taking my test saturday at 8:00 please pray for me
  5. by   hjalloh
    Congrats Hun... GOD is a good GOD...
  6. by   goatfish41
    to god be the glory,
  7. by   melaniedale28f
    God is all good!
  8. by   Bella2917
    Wonderful testimony!!! I am sooo happy for you and u are soooooo right!!! You have to put God first and everything will fall into place!! I just took my nclex for the first time on Monday and it was ALL God!! I passed at 225 questions!!! I studied only for 3 weeks but prayed and fasted everyday....I only studied and prayed!!! I prayed throughout the test and I know God was with me!!! Trust in The Lord with all thine heart!!! And lean not to your own understanding in all thy was acknowledge and He shall direct thy paths!!
  9. by   stephanie11
    Thank you!!!!!! with Kaplan.. q1-71; q2-71; q3-60; q4-50;q7-51.
    Hurst review: my ranges were 60-66%...
    No exam review out there looks like NCLEX.... but do as many questions as possible and a week prior to the test.. just content and review..
  10. by   stephanie11
    Go and take it and come out REJOICING...Trust in the Lord, and he will see u thru..... after ur exam,, keep on thanking and praising God FOR CROSSING YOU OVA AS A RN NURSE.
  11. by   Bella2917
    Yessssss!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM!!! I CAN DO ALL THINGs through Christ who strengthens me!!
  12. by   melaniedale28f
    Amen!!!!!! Praise God!!!
  13. by   melaniedale28f
    Quote from Bella2917
    Yessssss!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM!!! I CAN DO ALL THINGs through Christ who strengthens me!!
    i have a question, can you explain the question that asks require follow up?! Is it a wrong statement or correct statement?
  14. by   Bella2917
    Ohhh I got a lot of those questions..that means something that needs to be checked u would pick the worst choice..