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This is to encourage somebody this morning.. I graduated dec 2012, took nclex in jan 2013 and failed. ran out of time at 230 questions. I was devastated and confused and ask God why. I pray and... Read More

  1. by   odomks
    Thank you for posting, and having faith. I'm preparing now for my test Oct 10 and I feel like I know nothing, but I'm praying and trusting that by his grace I will understand everything that I keep studying and will pass.
  2. by   ainokea
    Congrats! What a wonderful testimony! Praise God!
    I'll be taking my exam this Saturday, November 30 (this is my second attempt).
    All for God! To God be the glory!
  3. by   Lindarn2015
    Date: march 2015

    Your story is very similar to mine. I took my exam in January, studied with Ncsbn for 6-7wks and kaplan for 2 wks (attended the online class and completed all the qbank and sample questions 1-4 repeatedly, also some of the trainers)before I took the exam. I did a lot of prayer (praise and worship every morning and night) and fasting. I told God my content level and critical thinking level is so low.
    My prayer was God I want to pass at 75, which has always been my prayer (5 maths, couple of SATA, 3 med questions e.t.c)
    I prayer before and after the question. During my lunch break I went to the bathroom to reinforce my prayer.

    I had SATA than I thought, more med questions than I thought. The PC shut off at 75. I was like thank you Jesus, thank you for you have answered my prayers. When I got home, a spirit said are you sure that you pass? You probably did not pass. I intermediately did the PVt and the registration went through.

    OMG, talk about a WOW MOMENT, WHY GOD, GOD WHY.

    Through it all, I have learned that failure or disappointments is for our own good. Every disappointment is a blessing. As I study to retake the test soon. I have the determination to stay strong and be everyday. I also involve myself in volunteer service (so fulfilling). I go home happy at the end of my shift. My advance for retakes is to take their time and never give up on prayers. WE will all make it in Jesus Name (amen).

    Sorry for my long story thought it may encourage someone.
  4. by   toomuchbaloney