1. Anybody know anything about Pascagoula Mississippi? Thinking about going there.

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  3. by   DebsZoo
    Originally posted by kmchugh
    Anybody know anything about Pascagoula Mississippi? Thinking about going there.

    Wow, it's been a while since I've heard that name
    My father lives just outside Pascagoula, in Helena.......about 10 miles, I'd guess. I lived there for almost 2 years as a's HOT........HUMID.......but a very nice area (once ya get past the paper mill and pogie plant smells) :chuckle
    It has grown a lot since I lived there. The last time I visited was a couple years after a hurricane had been through, and tore up the city pretty bad. It was completely rebuilt. New Orleans is only about 70 miles away (to my recollection) and Mobile, AL is about 45 miles the other direction. One of the biggest employers in the city is (or was) Ingall's Shipyard. They repair and build ships, and dock international ships for loading & unloading. As far as hospitals, I don't know an awful lot .
    The people are very friendly, and, in general, pretty laid back. Casinos have pretty much taken over the entire coastal area (Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Biloxi), so, if ya like to gamble, a good place..........not so sure though.........Lol, could get expensive.
  4. by   deespoohbear
    I think the comedian/singer Ray Stevens sang about Pascagoula in a song. I believe the song was "The Mississippi Squirrel Revial." Talked about squirrel getting loose in a church one morning. Otherwise, don't know a thing about Pascagoula.
  5. by   shygirl
    Isn't there a song with this in the name?
  6. by   deespoohbear
    Here it is:

    The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
    Well, when I was a kid I'd take a trip every summer down the Mississippi
    To visit my granny in her antebellum world
    I'd run barefooted all day long climbin' trees free as a song
    And one day I happened to catch myself a squirrel
    Well, I stuffed him down in an old shoe box, punched a couple of holes in the top
    And when Sunday came I snuck him into Church
    I was sittin' way back in the very last pew showin' him to my good buddy Hugh
    When that squirrel got loose and went totally berserk
    Well, what happened next is hard to tell
    Some thought it was heaven others thought it was hell
    But the fact that something was among us was plain to see
    As the choir sang "I Surrender All" the squirrel ran up Harv Newlan's coveralls
    Harv leaped to his feet and said, "Somethin's got a hold on me", Yeow!


    The day the squirrel went berserk
    In the First Self-Righteous Church
    In the sleepy little town of Pascagoula
    It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival
    They were jumpin' pews and shoutin' Hallelujah!
    Well, Harv hit the aisles dancin' and screamin'
    Some thought he had religion others thought he had a demon
    And Harv thought he had a weed eater loose in his Fruit-Of-The-Looms
    He fell to his knees to plead and beg and the squirrel ran out of his britches leg
    Unobserved to the other side of the room
    All the way down to the amen pew where sat Sister Bertha better-than-you
    Who'd been watchin' all the commotion with sadistic glee
    But you should've seen the look in her eyes
    When that squirrel jumped her garters and crossed her thighs
    She jumped to her feet and said "Lord have mercy on me"
    As the squirrel made laps inside her dress
    She began to cry and then to confess to sins that would make a sailor blush with shame
    She told of gossip and church dissension but the thing that got the most attention
    Was when she talked about her love life and then she started naming names


    The day the squirrel went berserk
    In the First Self-Righteous Church
    In that sleepy little town of Pascagoula
    It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival
    They were jumpin' pews and shoutin' Hallelujah!
    Well seven deacons and the pastor got saved,
    Twenty-five thousand dollars was raised and fifty volunteered
    For missions in the Congo on the spot
    Even without an invitation there were at least five hundred rededications
    And we all got baptized whether we needed it or not
    Now you've heard the bible story I guess
    How he parted the waters for Moses to pass
    Oh the miracles God has wrought in this old world
    But the one I'll remember 'til my dyin' day
    Is how he put that Church back on the narrow way
    With a half crazed Mississippi squirrel


    The day the squirrel went berserk
    In the First Self-Righteous Church
    In the sleepy little town of Pascagoula
    It was a fight for survival that broke out in revival
    They was jumpin' pews and shoutin' Hallelujah!

    Written by: C.W. Kalb, Jr. and Carlene kalb

    Published by: Ray Stevens Music
    1707 Grand Avenue
    Nashville, TN 37212
  7. by   RNinICU
    My husband's sister lived near Pascagoula about ten years ago. There was a hospital there at the time called Singing River Hospital. I always thought that had a pastoral sound to it, and wondered what it would be like to work there. If I recall properly, the people were freindly, but the pace was too slow for a Yankee like me.
  8. by   bestblondRN
    Just be prepared that wages are considerably less than in many parts of the midwest. I lived in Vicksburg for awhile and, as a northerner, found it to be a rather hostile place--some of those folk are still fighting the war.....

    On the other hand, it might be different closer to New Orleans--in general, I found the people of Louisiana to be friendly and welcoming. Haven't done anything other than drive through Pascagoula though. Just go with your gut......
  9. by   kmchugh
    Thanks, guys!!

    Actually, if I go there, it will be for nearly double my current salary, and the cost of living there is considerably less than in Kansas where I currently live.

    Also, there is another song about Pascagoula, but only true Parrot Heads would know about it. The song is Pascagoula Run by Jimmy Buffett. The Mississipi Squirrel I hadn't thought about that song in years!

    My wife and I have talked alot recently about moving, and have considered the South quite a bit, though I'm not sure she's prepared for the humidity down there. So, anyway, I'll let you know what happens.

    Kevin McHugh
  10. by   Ratnikal
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  11. by   Ratnikal
    my 2cents,

    the place is smelly, in the middle of knowwhere, with a higher population of gators than people. i know people who live there.....they are good people, but trust me>>>>if you are moving from the north this is not the place for you.

    if you want REAL SOUTHERN CULTURE IN A SMALL TOWN ATMOSPHERE try Lafayette, LA....much more to do, a state university in town, and culture out the wazoo...however, as with most places in Southern LA, the economy is run by oil, and the roads are awful.

    If you want nice beaches, low income taxes, low COLA, try Pensacola, Fl. Couple of the hospitals in area are in a bidding war and are offering huge sign on bonuses...and it's only an hour and a half away from your beloved Pascagoula...the economy there is tourism and military...
  12. by   eltrip
    I have a cousin who lives outside Pascagoula. She's definitely southern, but she's from the Atlanta area, so her perspective is a bit different than a native Mississippian. She talks about wearing shorts in December, mold growth from the damp weather, hurricanes, & some of her interesting neighbors. All of her children were born at Singing River Hospital. I think that's where she had her surgery a while back. Didn't hear any rantings about the nursing care...her mother is an RN & came to stay with her in the hospital.

    If heat & humidity appeal to you, then this is the place to be.
  13. by   NurseDennie
    My hubby took a job in Pascagoula a while ago. I went there to look for a house and I refused to live there.

    I have to say that it WOULD have been a nice place to live (if you like that kind of climate. The humidity is KILLER) before the people got there and put all the smelly stuff there. When we got off the plane in Biloxi, I could smell Pascagoula!!!! The paper mill is rank and acrid smelling, the pogie plant smells like an OLD, uncleaned outhouse!!! There is a refinery there, and that smells, and then the ship-building. That's the cleanest thing there.

    There are some beautiful homes and some lovely scenery - oh and shrimp fresh off the boats. It seems like most of the people I met there were nice, too. The further you get from Pascagoula, the nicer. Some of the other little towns around there are pleasant.

    But, oh, that smell!!! It gets in your sinuses and you can't get rid of it.


  14. by   mark_LD_RN