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  1. I am sad to say that at present here in Aussie land there are more shows avbout home renovation and gardening than there are about how to care, nurture and raise children.

    There used to be a saying " As boring as watching paint dry" or "As boring as watching grass grow" well they have programs dealing with that, thinly disguised with names like "Backyard Blitz" and "Home Improvement" , but it seems to me that the best home improvement is good kids.

    Now I would like all you Moms and Dads, Peds Nurses and Psych nurses to think for a minute. If you were asked to be a resource person/ writer for a program on "how to raise a child" what would you include?
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  3. by   dianah
    Section on Child Growth and Development, including optional expanded section on "How to Survive Your Child's Puberty Phase"

    First Aid

    Section on Temperaments - recognition of various temperaments and effective ways of communicating/dealing with them -- effective discipline geared to each temperament (and the variations of combinations)

    List of area resources for help/advice/guidance prn

    Periodic updates of the above areas

    JMHO. -- D
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    I could do an episode on chores and hard labor.
  5. by   jdomep
    Picking your battles and Don't sweat the little things - life is too short

    This was great advise from my pediatrician, with 4 little boys 3-7 I would be fighting all of the time
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Originally posted by jdomep
    Picking your battles and Don't sweat the little things - life is too short

    I totally agree with that one!

    Also, be consistent. Do what you say you are going to do. Every time. This goes for discipline and everything else.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    I could do the episode on DEALING WITH YOUR CHILD'S TEACHERS.
  8. by   debyan
    Taking time to enjoy your child. and learning to use what the community provides what I used to call "cheap thrills" inexpensive places to go with your child.
    Zoos I love them and aquariums you can pay for a membership and go to different ones for free.
    Parks systems have lots of things planned to keep kids busy.
    Museums another place that provides education and even programs to entertain.
    Libraries have storytime at least once a week.
    Playing baseball, tag, tennis ( our version of it) bike riding all can be ways you can interact with your child that will keep them healthy and show that you want to be a part of their lives.
    I had my summers all planned out and saved up money with their help, so they would get the idea of saving for something they wanted (it didn't work too well) We would go camping month, an amusement park the next even went out of state and since my husband was a truck driver it wa usually just us, he was on the road.
    Playtime is so important in a childs life it is the way they learn and it helps them enjoy life.