Paranormal activity?

  1. Ok, all.... one of my flippant responses in the pot roast thread was brought to my attention via PM.. the one where I said my house was haunted.

    So now I think we should all share..... anyone have any paranormal experience? Is your house haunted? Seen a ghost? Connected with someone from the past? Used a ouija board? Do you feel you have a past life?

    This is so interesting to me... my house has a lot of freaky stuff going on all the time. I'll share if there is enough interest in this thread.

    Anyway I'm off to renew my CPR (its so convenient when one of your friends is also a CPR instructor), buy some meat, and come back... can't wait to see everyone's input.

    Maybe this thread will have me looking like less of a dope.
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  3. by   bestblondRN
    I lived in a haunted house for several years back in Cleveland. The house was built in 1895 by a man who had one daughter. He, his wife and daughter lived there until each of them died--the daughter married late in life (around age 50), and took care of her husband in the house until he died. She died in 1983. We bought the house from the estate, and weird stuff started right away.

    I was at the house cleaning before we moved in, and was on my hands and knees washing baseboards in one of the bedrooms. The bedroom door faced the landing near the top of the stairs, which was framed by a huge (almost ceiling to floor) stained glass window which faced north. I was alone in the house, but felt like I was being watched, and when I looked up, I saw a "fog" on the landing which resembled the shape of a woman. I froze, blinked, and looked again and it was gone. I thought maybe my eyes were foggy from cleaning up dust and stuff, but knew it wasn't the sun, since the sun never rises or sets from a northerly direction. There were all kinds of noises in the house, which I attributed to it being old, but there was the unmistakable sound of people coming from the attic on a regular basis. It sounded like people walking up there, and muffled voices. The "attic" was finished and had a ballroom and a billiard room, and it was apparently the site of many parties way back when, so who knows? There were a number of other strange things, but the one thing that convinced me was when I went into my son's room one morning when he was 3. I heard him talking outside the door, and when I opened the door, he said, "Hi Mommy, I'm playing with George." I asked him who George was, and he said, "the old man over there by my toybox". I said, "your friend is an old man?" and he said, "he told me he lives here and made this house a long time ago". I called my mother, who had the original blueprints for the house which we found while getting the house ready to move into, and asked her if there was anything on the blueprints about the builder of the house. She called me back later and told me that the builder and original owner was a George Matthews! I couldn't believe it! I told her about my son's conversation earlier that morning, which floored her too.

    Ever since then, I have never doubted the existence of ghosts or in an afterlife. I have had a few other experiences, but nothing as profound as the one with my son. Interestingly, after I sold the house, I ran into the new owner who asked me if I had ever had any paranormal experiences in the house. I asked her why, and she said that she and her husband had seen and heard a lot of things--never anything negative, but she felt that the house was haunted. I related my experiences to her, and she said later it brought her a lot of relief to know that she and her husband weren't the only ones who had seen and heard things.

    MsPurp......please share your stories!
  4. by   sunnygirl272
    i will post on this topic later...i am off to take the old bat to syracuse to her electrocardiologist..(my mom...use that term with affection..when she fell at work and broek her arm, i referred to it as a broken wing..) anyhoo...i'll see y'all later, alligators....
  5. by   suzannasue
    My family has always believed in the paranormal...I would post more but am brain dead at the moment...perhaps I will PM you with details...some folks get crazy when ya talk about such as this. I am not in the mood today to have grenades thrown my way.
  6. by   kmchugh
    OK, didn't happen to me, but my sister. She was in college, and she and some friends were fooling around with a ouija board in their dorm. Apparently, the board told them to go to the pay phone at the end of the hall, so my sister went. When she got there, the phone rang. She answered, and there was a young man on the other end. He said he and some friends had been fooling around in their dorm with a ouija board, and it had told them to call this number. None of the participants in this little adventure ever knew each other before the incident.

    I get chills every time I think about this. I have warned my older kids (now 21 and 20) to stay away from ouija boards.

    Suzannasue, post away. I'll protect you from the grenades.

    Kevin McHugh
  7. by   fedupnurse
    Heck yeah I believe in ghosts. Worked in a haunted hotel all through high school and college. Cora, the friendly ghost. She even cleaned up still!! Then there was the time a few years ago when we were discussing if we believed in ghosts or not while working on Halloween night. When one collegaue said what garbage it was and how we were nuts, the metal intubation tray on top of the code cart flew up into the air about 2 feet flipped over and landed a couple of feet away from the cart. No one was near the cart. We have a couple of floors where I work that have many ghosts. They are the oldest part of the hospital. Guess it is a good thing that walls can't talk. Patients have seen those ghosts!!
  8. by   nakitamoon
    MsPurp,,,,, great thread,,,,, interested in everyone's stories,,,,,,

    I too believe in paranormal,,,, haven't had many personal experiences,,,,, but the building I work in,,,, built,,, 90 years ago,,,, as one of the first hospitals in this area,,,, the Dr who built it still does rounds,,,,, Lol he past away several years ago,,,,,
    The residents,,,, see ,,,, hear ,,,, many many things,,,, most reply they are not afraid,,,, they say,,,, they see 'angels' or family members long past,,, float from the walls,,,, around the room,,,, Soon they will be joining them,,,, we have found out,

    One room,,, residents have same dream early in morning,,,, woman with white sweater,,,, lying in bed with them,,,,,,

    Lots and lots of stories,,,, will write more when I am not on my way to work,,,,,, sigh,,,, Nikita~~
  9. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    Definatley believe in ghosts!!!!!

    I live in a house with my step-family in my teen years that was absolutely haunted...We all saw strange things and if we ever talked about it in one room something weird would happen in another room (eg toilets going crazy, doors slamming, windows opening, etc...)

    Also, played with ouija board - it could read my mind when I wasn't even touching it - I would think some nonsense in my head and the whacky thing would spell out what I was thinking - and I wasn't even touching it! eek!!! I quit using it though - it freaked me out way tooo much!

    This is very interesting & fun :spin:
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    Call lights going on and nobody is in the room.
    Hearing babies cry in the area of the hospital that USED to be maternity.
    Anyone who works nights for awhile has seen or heard something like this I think.
  11. by   JUSTYSMOM
    I definetly believe in the paranormal. I recently posted about my Near Death Experiences & the afterlife in the general nursing board section.

    However, I did not share this experience:

    When I was a little girl, I would always see a greenish/grayish figure walking past me in the house I grew up in. "He" had a distinctive pointy hat. I was never able to look at him directly because it was always as if he was "sliding by me" out of the corner of my eye. I never told anyone about him because he didn't scare me.

    Well, fast forward- years later... My sister was pregnant with her first child. Whenever she would come over, she would complain that she kept seeing a figure walking by...She thought she was going nuts.

    I asked her what it looked like...She described the same exact figure with that pointy hat! That gave us big time chills!!

    Another time, right after my grandfather died, my mother & I had the same visitation from him in our dream. He showed up in both of our dreams as a big "moon" face. He was just looking at us- very peaceful & quiet. We described the same exact dream the next day! Weird!

    Looking forward to hearing more....

  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    how was the roast, rebecca?
  13. by   deespoohbear
    I too believe in ghosts! I used to work evenings at a nursing home. Every couple of evenings a door in the back dining hall alarm would trigger. No one back there. The door couldn't be opened from the outside.

    The trauma room in the ER is definitely haunted. Too much sad stuff has happened back there for it not to be. Call lights going off when no one is back there. Stuff dropping on the floor for no apparent reasons.

    The trailer that my hubby and I lived in the first few years of our married life was haunted by his Grandpa. His Grandpa's home use to set right where our trailer was located. The TV would come on in the middle of the night for no reason. Strange noises that couldn't be accounted for. Nothing really "pee your pants" scary, just odd happenings.

    Went to Gettysburg, PA a few years ago. Went on one of the ghost tours. Didn't see anything. Rats. I like to watch Haunted History on the History Channel. Fascinating stuff.
  14. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    Although I have never witnessed anything paranormal....I definitely believe in spirits or ghosts :chuckle
    Anyone ever watch that show 'crossing over' with John Edwards ? I saw on CNN that he was tested by researchers and proven to be 'real'! I find this topic very interesting as we'll all be crossing over someday :roll
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