paint color mishaps

  1. You all know the drill... need to paint a room, spend much time picking color, only to have it welll..... not quite what you expected.

    I seem to have missed one step here.. the much time spent. I had it in my mind that I had to buy paint RIGHT THAT MINUTE. At Kmart, I looked at one inch square paint chips for about 5 minutes, and choose a nice green. I was going for a seafoam kind of green, but found that name too drab. So I pick something a bit brighter, but not too bright.

    Well.. It was called Spearmint. And yup.. that about covers it. Much different when dry. You know at the fair where they have all kinds of cotton candy,,,,, you know the green color? That is the color of my bedroom now. And to add insult to injury, I, being the fool I am, didn't mix my can of paint together and have some areas that are noticably lilghter. I knew to mix them, but didn't have a big bucket and was painting late at night as I was moving in in a few days and the carpet guys were waiting for me to paint and needed them to come before I moved....arrghhh..

    Anyone else have some interesting paint stories... maybe mine wasn't interesting, but a lesson for all..
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  3. by   barbiedee
    The question is...can you live with it? Or is a complete re-paint in order? Maybe doing a color wash with a more subdued color would help? Like a pale, pale green over the bright green? Could be interesting. But what a bummer...all that work! Guess mom was right....haste makes waste! I once painted my bathroom a deep, deep turquoise, I don't know why, just saw the color chip and went with it. I hated it. But kept it for about 5 years. Just recently painted over the turqoise. Took two coats of primer and three coats of butter yellow, and it STILL shows through! Lesson learned! By the way, I'm addicted to HGTV home improvement shows....ever seen The Painted House? Its a canadian show, and its great! Love that Debbie Travis!
  4. by   galenight
    yeah.. i can live with it.. and I WILL live with it as all my stuff is in the room and it was too much work to do a redo... maybe in a couple years I will repaint.. with my paint color choice done very leisurely... lol
  5. by   Katnip
    Our neighbor was going for a a brilliant orange. The inside of their garage is now neon. :chuckle

    I've made so many painting mistakes, it's not funny. I finally took the hint from pros...get a quart...either paint your walls with 3'x3' swatches so you can see what it's going to look like in your lighting, or get a big piece of scrapboard. It helps.

    Still didn't help me with the office walls that were supposed to be a nice clay and turned rather bright peach. It's good I like it, but DH won't come in here now.
  6. by   Altra
    My first attempt at sponge painting didn't go so well ...

    What I pictured was an aged Tuscany-like wall with muted shades of gold and dark red. What I got was more like Louis XIV on acid.

    Fortunately it was only one wall - covered up nicely with wallpaper.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Yep, I've done it too. When my teenage daughter was a baby I painted her room what I thought was a soft pink. When the first wall was drying it looked too light so I went up to the hardware store and they added a bit more color. Finished up all the walls and very difficult old windows . . . . to my dismay when it had dried (duh), it was a very ugly bright pink. Yes, we lived with it for a few years. Finally hired a painter and it took alot to cover the pink, especially on the windows.

    Paint never turns out like you see in the home decor magazines or on HGTV.

    I would love to have the money to hire an expert . . . .it is so hard in this old house to know what to do.

    I may have already mentioned I picked out light colored carpet for this office room, the hallway and up the stairs thinking it would lighten up the long dark hallway and stairway . . sigh. . . . . well, the carpet was high quality but it can't resist living with farmers and loggers . . . . I've had it professionally cleaned many times and NO the stains don't come out . . .it looks gray now.

    I'm going to tear it out someday and NEVER EVER put carpet in my home again. Wood, tile . . . you can wipe up spills from those.