Pageant to show off plastic fantastic

  1. Last Update: Wednesday, June 9, 2004. 9:17am (AEST)

    Pageant to show off plastic fantastic

    Just days after a local woman was disqualified from a pageant because she had had plastic surgery, China plans a contest where participants will be banned if they do not have it.

    "Artificial beauties" from around the world will gather to show off the skills of their plastic surgeons, the Xinhua news agency reports.

    The agency quotes the head of the pageant's organising committee, surnamed Lu, as saying: "Man-made beauties should have a stage of their own.

    "It's fair to have a pageant apart from that for natural beauties."

    There is one major exception though, as transsexuals will not be allowed to enter.

    A major controversy erupted over 18-year-old Yang Yuan, who was kicked out of the Miss Intercontinental contest for having gone under the knife a little too much.

    The organisers argued that a bit of facial adjustment was allowed but not on a massive scale like Yang, who had visited her plastic surgeon 11 times to look like a completely different person.

    The plastic beauty disagreed and is suing the organisers in the hope they will pay her 110,000-yuan ($18,850) medical bill.

    -- AFP
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    I thought that's what "the Swan" was all about??