Oysters???????? Help me!

  1. Hey, ya'll... any chefs out there? My neighbor- last night he knocked on the door and asked me if I like oysters. After mentally debating whether or not he was trying to hit on me (the first thing I thought of was 'aphrodesiac!!') I answered yes. He said he'd been diving and they were just plucking oysters off the bottom like berries from a tree. He had a huge box of them in the parking lot, and if I wanted some, I could pick as many as I liked. Of course, I said yes... Here's the problem. They're still in the shell. I was going to use them to make oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving, but I'm running into some issues. First of all, what do I do with them? (laughing) I've never had oysters in the shell before; I always buy them shucked and pre-packed. I have them in the fridge right now, chilled, but can they be frozen? Do I steam them? Boil them? If I do that, what do I do with the meat? If I steam or boil, they're cooked, right? (I heard they only take 3-5 minutes to cook- is this correct?) Can I freeze them after that and still use them on Thanksgiving? Will they be edible? Are they even in season? Or do I freeze them now, still in the shell, and boil/steam/shuck them the morning I'm going to use them? Dear god, help me! I promised him some stuffing, and I hate to have to throw them away. Please tell me some of you know what the heck I'm supposed to do with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Here's hoping!


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    Steam for 10 min in the shell I believe. But my grandfather who used to be a fisherman says the whole point of oysters is to slurp them raw straight out of the shell, all in one gulp. I tried it once and it felt like a really big loogie. And since then there have been warnings about salmonella, and other deadly bacteria.

    My Mom freezes them all the time for fish chowder. I bet that the local grocery store or fish market could tell you more than I could though.

    Enjoy that stuffing.
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    I'd be wary of what the rig they live beside produces, in terms of pollution, though if they live there, it may not be too toxic!
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    The thing you need to do is open the oysters . Stick the point of a sharp knife into the oyster and slide it until you feel the muscle part on the side of the shell.It takes a little practice but you can get them open. I usually put the oyster and the juice into a jar and refridgerate. I don't think I would keep them more than a few days. I have frozen oysters,usually I bread them first and use them for fried oysters. Hope this helps!
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    Originally posted by moonchild20002000
    The thing you need to do is open the oysters . Stick the point of a sharp knife into the oyster and slide it until you feel the muscle part on the side of the shell.
    even experienced shuckers have scars!

  8. by   wanna B an RN
    My husband throws them on the bbq (while still in shell), and leaves them on until they open up (maybe 5 - 10 minutes). Then we squeeze lemon juice on them & a shot of tobasco sauce & they're ready to eat! Yummy!!! Just had some last week
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    Rule around here is you should only harvest oysters in months that have an "R" in it. Course you can eat them anytime! Go on the web and look for "Oysters Rockefeller" recipe, or Oysters Casino, also Oyster Stew is wonderful, usually just milk, butter and oysters. YUM, yes out of the shell are great. I have fried them and then frozen them, not sure about any other way. They should keep in the fridge for a while, at least until Thanksgiving, I have made oyster stuffing with rice and celery....very tasty. hope this helps Eileen