Over the river, and through the woods

  1. Over the east river and through the cement jungle I loveingly call the belt parkway lives my grandma.... and, here lies my problem...

    I have 2 questions.... Whats a venetian table?
    What dessert item should I bring... I need something decadent, and complex, and downright good. Actually... I need recipes, and cookies are no go, as is pumpkin and sweet potato pie(my uncle is taking care of those.... drat)
    Menu is gonna be:
    Prompty at 2PM
    Antipasta(traditional italian flare there...) , then, lasanga or baked ziti (better odds on the ziti),
    then, turkey, stuffing, green beans, artichokes, cranberry sauce, cranberry dressing(god bless alton brown), cornbread, creamed corn, homemade gravy, breads, potatoes, carrots, beets(fresh from the garden)...
    *my item... usually center stage...(I'm the eldest grandchild... tis my job to show off... desserts are my kick.. HAHAHA last year it was a cranberry/jello concoction... very pretty and tasty.)
    Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie(my uncle)
    Oatmeal cookies(my grandmas... with rasins!!)
    Cheesecake(my aunts famous recipe)
    Then... (later... much later...about 7 or so... g-ma has a diswasher...and a faboo manicure...) During the ritual games of pinochle and penny poker, out come the leftover artichokes-- cold... nuts, nutcrackers, italian cookies(fresh from the bakery on 85th and 20th ave... the best bakery in bensonhurst)...
    ok.... any ideas, please enclose recipe... I need to have trials on the item I'm bringing... usually by the time I get it there, I have it nearly perfected, and my little bro is sick of it by thanksgiving day...
    Thank you all so much...
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  3. by   semstr
    Hi there,

    Question 1: a venetian table, is one of those beautiful, shiny, with little mosaiq, small coffeetables (we call them lacquered)

    Question 2: this cries for a Tiramisu or for Crepes or (must it be sweets?) for italian cheeses.

    (don't know how to male either of the first two though, they taste great!! I ate the Tiramisu in Venetia last year, man, a little piece has about 3000 kcal)

    hey, look at Google.com, maybe they have recipes

    Good luck and ciao, Renee
  4. by   kids
    and check:


  5. by   craff1
    I'm drooling on my keyboard!! Especially the artichokes. Now THAT's an idea!!! Artichokes at Thanksgiving, why didn't I think of that?
  6. by   CashewLPN
    well... artichokes are in season now, and they are oh-so-good when stuffed, or even just steamed with some salt.... yumm!