Ovarian Cysts

  1. I was just diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, which has apparently been causing my very painful periods lately. My Dr. said that in most cases the cysts are not harmful and scheduled another pelvic for four months from now. If the cyst is still there I would need an ultrasound and possibly surgery.

    Has anybody else ever had a cyst? Is there anything I can do about the pain?

    For those of you in OB/GYN, do most cysts go away on their own? What are the chances that I will need surgery? Will this affect my fertility in the future. Please Help.

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  3. by   Heather333
    About 6 years ago, I started having excruciating pain in the RLQ. It would be so bad at times that it would stop me in my tracks. I went to my MD and he thought it might be appendicitis. I had a pelvis US done and I ended up having 6 cysts on my right ovary. He did a pelvic and decided to try me on birth control to see if that would help the cysts resolved. I was told that a lot of times it is due to a hormone imbalance. Within a few weeks I started having less pain and my f/u US after 3 months showed the cysts were gone. I still ovulate and have my regular cycles.

    About the infertility...in my case, my DH and I haven't tried to have children yet but my OB said it shouldn't be a problem.

    Good luck to you and I hope all goes well.

  4. by   moz
    I have them too, very painful...this spring I had a lot of pain, I mean daily, somedays very mild and some much worse. By the time I went to the dr, he said it was "leaking down" and that it felt like a deflating balloon. The pain probably depends on the size also. I have found that naprosyn works pretty good, especially during the painful periods.
    I know its miserable hurting all the time, and hope you feel better soon.

  5. by   BadBird
    My Dr. found ovarian cysts on a routine exam, I did not have any pain. I was scheduled to have surgery to remove them, 2 cysts measuring approx. 15cm. During surgery the cysts ruptured, and the Dr. had difficulty controlling the bleeding so I ended up with a hysterectomy (which is a wonderful thing by the way). My Dr. also told me I was full of endometrosis and adenomysis (sp?). I don't know why I was lucky enough not to have any pain but I truly did not, always had regular periods. Anyway I ended up with a abdominal hyst. but saved 1 ovary and cervix. The surgery was pleasantly not as awful as you may expect and I was fortunate enough not to have any complications, minimal pain, the Dr. gave me percocet but all I took was motrin which worked great. Sorry for the long response. You may want to check out a website called Hystersisters.com, there is a lot of info on gyn things. Good luck.
  6. by   aimeee
    Yes, I had cysts on and off for a while. Would go away on birth control pills or during pregnancy but then after my second child I got a rather large one that the Dr. felt should be biopsied to be on the safe side. Since I was considering a tubal ligation at the time, I told her to go ahead and just schedule the tubal and then remove it at the same time. It turned out to have pretty much taken over the whole ovary so she removed the one ovary. Everything continues to function normally.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Many women develop luteal cysts which come and go through their cycle. Close monitoring should show it for what it is.

    The ones that are large and stay become a problem particularly if they strangulate or rupture.

    I had a grapefruit sized dermoid cyst R ovary at age 21...it was thought to be a pregnancy gone awry or a twin I may have enveloped in utero or (???) It is now in a jar at my local med school and I refer to it affectionately as my 'little monster'. I was pregnant within a year of having that ovary and cyst removed, so it does not necessarily effect fertility.

    Good luck and hope yours resolve without further incident...so many do.