out of the mouths of babes

  1. I just wanted to share this little story with you all, and maybe you have had similar happenings. my three-year-old daughter is sitting here with me, and we are having a little chat (she talks very well). She says she wants to be a nurse like mommy so she can "check on people and make them feel better." I am one that is prone to migraines, and when I have to lie down on the couch, she always comes over to "check on"me, and "make me feel better." It is SO cute because she brings me her favorite blanket and stuffed animals, and she uses her "doctor scope" (stethescope) to check my heartbeat.
    Wondering if any of you have children that are aspiring nurses? Any stories?
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  3. by   H ynnoD
    My kids think I'm strange going to school to be a Nurse.Not sure what they want to be,they change their minds once a week.
  4. by   AndyLyn
    I have a three year old daughter who also would like to be a nurse! Every night when I come home, she asks about my patients and wants to know what was "wrong" with them... I think she'll be an expert diagnotician by the time she's 5!
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    When my kids were younger they spent a lot of time with me in the nursing home.
    At age 7 and 8 they were telling the new cna staff things like "She can't use that arm well 'cause of an old stroke"
    "She's diabetic so if she really wants some cake at least take the icing off"
    Asking one of the nurses "Is he on a sliding scale?"
    After someone fell, "You could just steri-strip that, It's not that bad"
    I have hope for some future nurses in my house too.
  6. by   rebel_red
    LOL What wonderful stories! More More!

    I appear to be raising an aspiring engineer. Very literal, linear thinking. But he loves weird al yankovic so there is hope.

  7. by   karenG
    I have one son who is desperate to be a policeman- and has been since he was 2- hes now 12!! the other wants to do anything that pays loads of money with no work required!!!

    not sure I'd wish a family of nurse on anyone- my gran, mum and sister are all nurses and mealtimes can be very interesting at family do's!!!

  8. by   nowplayingEDRN
    1 aspiring EMT/Paramedic (she just graduated....see thread "Proudly Posting") and 1 dedicated underachiever that is as dumb as a fox with a mechanical inclination (automotive wise that is) So 1 outta 2 isn't bad and close enough for government work, too......but they are forever telling the school nurse..."Don't worry, my mom is a nurse. I'll talk to her when I get home and she will take care of it" or (this one is the classic "Hey my mom is a critical care nurse and she knows more than you do any day" Poor woman.....she must be a patron saint to have to deal with my kids......lol (they are every bit as outspoken as me....just incase you are wondering....:imbar)
  9. by   atownsendrn
    My 5 year old - bless her heart - is torn between being a nurse because she will get to take care of babies and a fireman because they have cool toys to play with.

    She told her preschool teacher that she needed to check the blood in her finger because she probably had too much sugar in her blood. It was making her tired. (I had gestational diabetes with my youngest) I thought her teacher was going to fall in the floor laughing when she told me.:imbar
  10. by   happystudent
    I just wanted to share this......... I have 3 kids 8yr old boy and twin 3.5 yr boys.... well i took them to the lake one afternoon and the twins were playing and splashing when my oldest shouts "MOM,MOM We have to get AAron out of the water Quick!" I say, "why .. hes fine" My oldest says , "no hes not cuz he wont stop VIBRATING" He was shivering 'cuz the lake was cold.........

    ahhhhh kids
  11. by   dianah
    My kids (now 12 and 14) come to me with "Mom, I have a stomachache . . . it's 6/10 scale."

    I AM the diva of bandaids, too! And I watch the kids like a hawk, but on the outside I'm "yeah, yeah, if it's not spurting blood you'll live, so get over it."

    When my youngest was 7 he had a little wound on his calf (he showed me after his bath). It didn't look bad, routine scrape. The next nite after his bath I checked on it again and saw the infamous red streak heading up his leg from the sore. I scooped him up, phoned urgent care (they were about to close) and told them I was on my way, my son needed abx stat. They waited for me, took him right in a room and gave him an injection as well as (po) abx. I was so glad I checked on the "routine" sore. Actually I'd never seen streaking like that before but it was definitely there and ascending! DH looked it up on the internet afterwards and was stunned at what COULD have happened, had I not noticed it and gotten treatment.

    'Course, when my oldest had a huge goiter at age 8, I didn't notice ANYTHING, until he had a physical and the pediatrician took one look at him, felt of his neck, took his pulse and said a bunch of phrases that ran together" pediatric endocrinologist . . . lab work . . . goiter . . . never seen this before, in 28 yr of practice, in 8-yr-old male . . . any family history . . .????" THEN I did notice his neck, and couldn't believe I missed it!! (Later the endocrinologist told me it's often missed by family members, as it grows so slowly they don't notice)

    Love the stories, keep 'em coming! -- D
  12. by   Nurse Ratched
    I can't wait to see if my little niece wants to be a nurse since her daddy and aunt both are . She's a little too young yet to tell where she might lean.

    Love the stories!
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My little daughter wants to be a "baby doctor" (she is 4) and my son (11), an Air Force pilot. So far, no budding nurses ....

    but we all know they can change their minds.

    Cute anecdote. Thank you for sharing.
  14. by   at your cervix
    My 2 little girls, age 4 and 2 1/2 are both aspiring nurses. My husband is diabetic and they take turns "wiping his blood" after insulin injections. It is so cute to hear them ask "daddy, can I wipe your blood?" I work labor and delivery and every day when I get home, they ask me if I "belivered" any babies, if I say yes, the want to know if it was a boy or a girl.
    I think that it makes them more understanding when I have to go to work. They sometimes fuss and ask why I have to go to work but if I tell them that I have to go help the babies, they are much more understanding and ususally stop complaining about me leaving.