Out of my mind, be back tomorrow morning

  1. But when a guy you're dating calls you house on a saturday night, and sounds drunk, professes his undying love for you, says he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and all that gushy stuff, and THEN says (after i brought it up) "oh i was drunk and i don't rmember saying that" then changes the subject, it tests your patience in the dating world.

    That WAS my boyfriend that did that, the weekend before memorial day. He'd left a message on my answering machine, since i was at work. Then when i asked about it, he acted like it was nothing, and kinda got an ******* attitude for the rest of the conversation. And so did i, by saying i wasn't a person to be jerked around, nor would a stick around and allow myself to be done like that again. Told him the ball was in his court if he ever wanted to speak to me again, and IF i would even GIVE him the time of day, he'd have to try his *** off to get me back, and that we're officially over. I didn't call him, etc. i just went on my merry way doing whatever i wanted.

    'Whatever i wanted' wound up being a 'blind date' (normally a bad idea) on a Sunday evening at a wings bar, which turned into a midnight drive on country roads for the heck of it, breakfast the next day along with a walk in the park, and watching TV at my house (a 60 hour date, and yes i 'behaved' myself ).

    Second date wound up being a trip to Charlottesville to walk around at the outdoor mall, breakfast the next morning (still 'behaved' myself) and a trip to the indoor mall (where i treated myself to a few new clothes, and a couple of belly rings), going to his place to pack a few things, driving back to my house to pack, then going to FayetteCo., WV, since Class VI's (a whitewater rafting company) reunion was this weekend, coming back to my house that night to sleep (still 'behaved' myself), and going to Charlottesville again.

    So he's at work, and technically we're still on our second date. I'm going back home this evening, since i start nursing orientation tomorrow for my new job.

    I don't think i'm completely off the beam here, he's a great guy (so far, course i said that about the last one too), and i definately want to keep seeing him. He's just indescribable, COURTEOUS, SWEET, words just don't describe someone like this, so someone must have raised him right!

    Heck of a graduation present though!!!
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  3. by   Altra
    Good luck with orientation tomorrow!

    Time will tell if this one's a keeper or not ...
  4. by   leslie :-D
    so what happened to the drunken ex? is he out of the picture? and congratulations on your new beau....the joys of falling in love, nothing like it.
  5. by   MandyInMS
    wooohooo sounds like you found a "keeper" ..hope it works out and good luck with your orientation!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    After professing his 'feelings' and being a jerk when i asked him about it later, he's history. Life's good right now, and the last thing i need is someone playing mind games and hurting my feelings in the process.

    (Not using the L word on the new guy :stone. Don't want to jinx myself. I've had such great luck of picking out the weenies lately.)
  7. by   NursesRmofun
    [font=franklin gothic medium]sounds good to me...and even if he isn't "the one", you will have some nice times. if the other one decides to call and apologize, at least he knows what you expect cause you told him! good going! enjoy! and happy orientation!
  8. by   jnette
    Good for you !

    As Liza said... just ENJOY the good times !

    Don't analyze this realationship, or any of that crap... just enjoy each day with all its little surprises and delights, and if a week is all you get, then there's one glorious week you have had to always remember and treasure !

    One day at a time.

    As for the other.... booooooooooooo !!! *Hiss*
  9. by   kids
    There is nothing wrong with a 60 hour first date or that you are still on your second date.

    My husband and I had our first date on May 1, 1996, it lasted 4 years.
    In 8 years we have been apart exactly 6 nights.

    Enjoy what you have for the time you have it. Whirlwind romances can be heartbreaking but sometimes there is a happy ending.
  10. by   Tweety
    Always, always be concerned about a man who gets drunk and says "I don't remember........." That's a red flag.

    Good luck.
  11. by   BRANDY LPN
    In my experience men who call when drunk and spout out all that crap, are usually just hoping you will come over and spend the night, somehow in their drunken stupor they think this stuff slurred into the phone is gonna be a big turn-on.
  12. by   nurseygrrl
    Awesome! You sound so happy and excited. I love those crazy feelings when you first meet someone that you really, really like. It sounds like you had some nice romantic times. I wish you the best of luck!

    On a side note...when I went to Virginia last Spring, my husband and I went for a drive from Richmond to Charlottesville (took Broad Street, scenic route) and we had a great time at the outdoor mall. Stopped for lunch at Miller's because we're big DMB fans. It was such a nice day...you brought back some cool memories for me
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Marie......good luck with the new guy. I think it's great you threw the old one away and didn't take him back when he called again! Whoot!
  14. by   missmercy
    Good going Marie!! No one should put up with the games!! This new guy sounds like a peach!! No one knows what tomorrow will nring -- enjoy every moment with this great guy -- like someone else posted -- if it only lasts a week -- at least you will have that one glorious week! Some people never get that!! Treasure the gift!