Our new little lovies...bunnies and some questions about them

  1. Well, we got two baby miniature bunnies. They are adorable! We have had them since last Saturday and we have been trying to litter train them. Any tips from other bunny owners out there? Any tips on bedding, food, playtime, etc?

    I just fell in love with these little guys, even though they are supposed to be for the kids and obviously the bunnies already love me. They cuddle right up to my hand when I am in the cage feeding them or cleaning it and when we let them out, they are all about being all over my legs and feet! LOL!

    The black one is Boo and is my daughter, Piper's. The black and white one is MJ (stands for Morty Jeff, though it's a girl! LOL!) and is my son, Trey's. I suppose when Bryce gets big enough we'll have to get a third!
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  3. by   madamewalker
    Just wanted to say that they are so CUTE! I must admit I was brought up not really being able to appreciate animals, but I can see myself giving in when my daughter gets old enough, and if its for one of these little guys, I think I'd definitely be able to enjoy him/her just as much!

    Good luck with them!

    (But I haven't a stitch of advice how to take good care of them!)
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    We raised rabbits for a couple of years (although we sold them for the dinner table, not as pets).
    I don't know about litter training but do know that rabbits will mostly go in the same corner of their cage most of the time.
    I'm thinking that you are keeping these animals inside the house? Keep them in a well ventilated area and watch their claws and trim them if needed to keep them from getting stuck in carpeted areas.
    Fresh water and a clean food area are vital to your animals health.
    Rabbits, like cats, will adapt well to human contact and will thrive with being held, played with etc.
    I won't offer recipes at this point in time.
  5. by   teeituptom
    I have some great recipes also
    love rabbits
  6. by   UGAmomX3
    Yes, they will litter train fairly easily. At the pet store you should be able to get a corner litter box to put in the cage. Put some litter in it (I just use regular cat litter) and (this may be a little gross) a few Tbs. of their..umm.. waste products and they will get the idea. And don't think they have lost their minds if you see them eating some of said waste products. They recycle. Rabbits have a digestive system that is basically like a horse so their main food should be hay (my vet says Timothy is better than alfalfa) and the pellets should be treats. I have a doe named Wascal (as in "you wascally wabbit") and a buck named Roger. Roger has been fixed so we don't have hundreds. If you let them run around the house make sure they can't get to wires. The insulation must be yummy. We have had to replace the phone line a couple of times in the den. We've had fun with them, but we found out they are not as smart or easily tamed as cats. Oh, and get some little nail clippers and have some things for them to chew on because their teeth never stop growing and they have to wear them down or they get so long they can't eat. The vet can clip them, but that gets expensive. Hope this helps...Mary
  7. by   suzanne4
    They are too cute. But who is actually playing with them more, you or your kids?
  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    LOL @ Tom and Russell...no, no recipes for now, please...I fell in love with the girls!

    Mary, thank you...your post did help. We have had them about a week and have been doing just as you suggest and they are not going in that darn litter thing. I think one of them is and one isn't, because I still have a mess in the rest of the cage but it appears that one might be hanging out a lot in the litter area. They also poo in their pellets...good to know that I don't have to worry about them eating it! LOL! We only let them out in the kitchen and block off the other rooms and the back of the stove because the first day, MJ jumped back there and we had to move it to get her out! LOL!

    I really love the little buggers, but I need for them to be litter trained if nothing else...mostly because we live in an apartment where we had to fight to be able to have them!
  9. by   Energizer Bunny
    Suzanne...I think it's me playing with them more! LOL! Piper finally got used to them enough that she got off the kitchen chair yesterday when they were out! LOL!
  10. by   UGAmomX3
    just keep trying with the litter. One of mine is really good about using it and the other one is sorta kinda maybe every once in a while. Just always have the litter box handy, even when they are running around. We have a side door on the cage that we leave open when they are out and Roger will jump in there, use the potty, and jump back out. And it's not like what they might put out is anywhere similar to a Doberman or something. Just a few "bunny balls" can be swept up. Watch out for that baby if he's crawling!! Just a thought, they might still be rather young, so it'll take time to catch on to the litter thing. Tell the kids to be very careful about handling them. They need to feel safe. If they start kicking, they can break their own backs because the body skeleton is really not strong enough for the force those back legs can put out. So always have one hand on the front half and the other holding the butt and the back legs. They're strong little dudes! Oh, and they love to be brushed and they will shed, but very few people are allergic to rabbits. One of my son's friends starts sneezing when he plays with our cats but he played with the bunnies and he didn't even sniffle. Sorry I sound like an encyclopedia of bunnies, I just love my animals and Amazon books loves me...I read a lot! Mary
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    Oh Mary...let me tell you that I just love you! LOL! YOu are exactly what I was looking for! My very own encyclopedia of rabbits!

    The baby is almost crawling...scooting everywhere...but we don't let him in the kitchen when the bunnies are out. We will put him in the high chair. He is on and off with them...sometimes he screams because he is afraid and others, he is ok.

    The other two have already had stern lectures. piper barely touches them so she's okay but Trey has tried to pick them up and he is afraid of their claws so he won't get their feet underneath them. I talked with him about it and he hasn't done it since, but I watch him very carefully right now.

    Do they make a certain kind of brush for bunnies?
  12. by   UGAmomX3
    Yeah, the pet store should have a really soft little brush to use and they will also have a pretty stiff comb to use on the dead hair. I don't like to use it because it's just looks too sharp. As they get older they will get some hair that feels rough and dead. Well, sit down with them in your lap and gently pull on the dead hair and it will come right out. You need to get rid of that dead hair because they get hairballs and rabbits can't throw up like cats. The vet told me to give them some pineapple or papaya every once in a while to break up any hairballs they may have. Geez, I'm just full of it today!! Feel free to Pm me PRN. Mary
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Mary...again, thank you!

    Anyone else have anything to add?

    What do bunnies like to eat I'm wondering? do they really eat carrots?
  14. by   nursebedlam
    those bunnies look so sweet, thanx for sharing the pictures