Our building was evacuated today

  1. Had a nice scare today..our office building was evacuated because of a suspicious package. The bomb squad was there, as well as fire and police..the whole area was blocked off. They eventually let us back in so I suppose everything was OK. We were never clued in as to the details. Very scary feeling.
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  3. by   essarge
    Glad you are ok...that had to be a VERY frightening thing to have happen, especially with all of the things that are going on right now!!!!
  4. by   eventsnyc
    BeachNurse, by now I am a "frequent evacuatee", I understand the feeling. It is scary. I am happy to know that you are safe.

    God bless,
  5. by   hoolahan
    I'm in central NJ and I heard the last half of a radio report where some gov't office went thru the same thing today, a suspicous envelope with a powdery white substance. (Hopefully just some nut sending baby powder in a copy-cat attempt or something.) I have to wait for the papers tomorrow am to see what the scoop was. If anything serious, I'll post.
  6. by   BeachNurse
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Christina-our thoughts and prayers are with you and all New Yorkers.
  7. by   eventsnyc
    Thanks BeachNurse!

    Have you found out what the evacuation was for? The ones in my building were mostly bomb scares.

    Best wishes, Christina
  8. by   BeachNurse
    Hi, Christina..all I heard was that some women noticed a box in an unusual location that had suspicious contents. They called the cops to come and check it out. I am a bit unhappy that there has been no formal announcement to explain the incident. Still don't see any more security officers than before 9-11. I wish they'd make security more of a priority here!
  9. by   eventsnyc
    BeachNurse, Agree with you on the need for increased security after a false alarm. Tenants in my building wrote to the City and now the building has to give us evacuation classes. It also has employed more security staff since.

    In the mean time, keep wearing good running shoes. That's what I do now.

    Be safe, Christina
  10. by   hoolahan
    Found out the white powder was glue dust from the box.

    I had applied for a state nursing job about 6 weeks ago, they send you a packet of info and like a home "test" to fill out and send back. I said to my husband, should I even touch it? What exactly does being "ever vigilant" mean? Finally I said, screw this, I want this jpob, I'm opening it, anthrax and terrorists be damned!

    Take care Beach nurse!