Ouija boards... Have you ever? Gotta story? It's almost Halloween!

  1. so i have this antique ouija board but haven't had the guts to play around with it...
    when i was a kid, we had one and played with it. well when i went to bed i kept hearing creaking sounds in my room like someone walking across the floor...
    the other kids in the family said they heard similar noises in their rooms and my brother who's room was in the back of the house next to the stairway that lead to the attic said he heard noises coming from there like footsteps creaking on the steps as they were coming down from the attic... it was about this time of year and we always built a fire in the fireplace in the morning so we burned the board in the fireplace the very next day!
    as an adult i've had lots of people tell me how much they believe in them and they will not play with it out of fear!
    so what about the rest of you...
    do you believe? gotta story...
    ~* happy halloween *~
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  3. by   Q.
    I don't know. My husband and I play sometimes and we trust each other immensely. So it's always been fascinating. That said, I still never, ever, ever EVER play alone!

    The last time we played (about 2 years ago) we forgot to say "goodbye" and put the board away in it's box. So we went to bed and I had the most terrifying dream, I can't remember what is was exactly but I remember being soooo scared, I mean so fearful like I have never felt in my life! I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs - woke the neighbors in fact. My husband woke me up and even after I realized it was a dream, all I kept thinking about was the Ouija was still out........


    We put the thing away.
  4. by   duckie
    They scare me too much, never tried one, never will. I've heard some real horror stories and even though I can't confirm their truth, I ain't taking any chances.
  5. by   CATHYW
    I do believe in them-used one a couple of times as a teenager-scared the bejeepers out of me and my friend!

    As an adult, (and have no wish to start anything major here!) I have come to believe it must have something to do with demons/devil. Because of that, I haven't been near one in almost 35 years!
  6. by   duckie
    Originally posted by CATHYW
    I do believe in them-used one a couple of times as a teenager-scared the bejeepers out of me and my friend!

    As an adult, (and have no wish to start anything major here!) I have come to believe it must have something to do with demons/devil. Because of that, I haven't been near one in almost 35 years!

    My feelings also!!!!!!!
  7. by   mintyRN
    Played with one a lot in college with my roomie. We would stay up late talking to spirits. We loved to scare ourselves silly. Weird things began to happen in our apartment, the TV would come on by itself and the cable box would flip channels first to 06, then to 66, too freaky for me!!!!! Then I had nightmares and one night I dreamed I was being dragged out of my bed by an entity. We stopped playing it after that. I believe they are very dangerous and would not touch one with a ten foot pole today.
  8. by   kelligrl
    For reals you guys?? A game board made by Milton Bradley dangerous?? I think they can be scary, but I also think that a lot of the time we have just heightened our awareness (read:scared the crap out of ourselves) to the point that we notice EVERYTHING and interpret it as an "occurrence". Don't get me wrong, a Ouija board has scared the shyt outta me bfore, and I DO believe that things happen that none of us can explain, but....I just have a hard time with the term "dangerous". And now that I've said that, for sure some 7th grade girls at a slumber party somewhere will end up opening the gates to hell...:chuckle Just my freakin' luck....
  9. by   jevans
    last time i worked a board was when i was in training. we were a group of acquaintances[sp] only.

    we were very drunk and like only students can be very silly:d


    a message came up[ not vey computer sassy so] dun dun dun!!!

    margaret wishes to tell you that it was not your fault

    omg my mothers name was margaret who died when i was 15

    just then a girl in the group started to cry-----

    her friend had died at the age of 17!!!!!!!!!!!! car crash
    they had been drinking

    never played again
  10. by   night owl
    Had one as a kid and the sucker scared the living cr@p out of me. My daughter wanted one, so I gave in and bought the $15.00 version...didn't do anything. The spirits have expensive taste! Christmas is coming so I'll give in a buy the $30.00 version for her. Maybe I'll have better luck with that one! I love this sort of stuff. Bring on more stories...
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    Only one time. 6th grade. The whole table came off the floor. This was a heavy oak kitchen table that three little girls couldn't lift while their hands where on the board and we were standing up (so there were no knees under the table). Never ever again. We don't even speak about it to this day.
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I've never tried it. Now I have to go buy one so that I can check it out.
  13. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... I own a ouiji board... which, actually, translates out of the french as a yes/no board... cute? actually, if I'm not mistaken... it has to do with the subconcious... as in... if you block out the concious mind, the subconcious mind can play... so, the focus of the awake concious mind on the dimmed room, and the 'fear' of the moment... and, whomp, your subconsious mind comes raging out...

    I also own tarot cards (2 decks) runes (one set), a scrying mirror, and a crystal ball....
    I practice palmistry and I read tea leaves...
    I play with a pendulum.... I use a magic 8 ball for advice at work... (think I'm joking? Guess again... my 8 ball is very smart)

    just remember.... its only in your mind...
  14. by   shygirl
    When I was younger (9), this girl that we hardly ever played with invited me and two other girls over to play. We went over there. Her mother was very religious and didn't know her daughter had this game. Anyway, we were in the basement and the lights were low and we started to play. Her mother came down stairs and "caught" us and OMG, she had a fit. Called us all devils and kicked us out of the house and we were never to talk to her daughter again. She had the house blessed and everything.

    I have never played with it again and I will not. Too spooky!