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  1. do you have other family members who are nurses or in the medical field? if so, have you ever worked with them? what do you think about family members working together?
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  3. by   Ted
    My sister is a nurse. She live near Washington, D.C. (I live in upper New York state), so we don't work together.

    My wife have worked very closely together as lounge musicians oh so many years ago. Both of us experienced the most anger towards eachother during that time. Had to quit the job to save our marriage.

  4. by   adrienurse
    You sure you want to know?

    My mother is a nurse/former administrator. Her father was an army X-ray tech. One aunt is a massage therapist, another a counsellor, still another an activities worker. One uncle is an orderly, another aunt is a health care aid. Have one cousin who is another aide and still another cousin who is a rehab assistant. I really don't think my genes gave me any other choice but to be in health care.
    My mom is a nurse. Psych nurse at that! Very abnormal childhood. No screaming fights like teenage girls should have with their mothers. Instead it was "tell me how that makes you feel when you have to be home by 10?"

    I'd love to work with her! She's a great mom, a great nurse, and a fun person! But I'm not really drawn to psych, and she says repeatedly she has no desire to spend 8 hours between a woman's legs, so I don't think it will ever happen!

    Everyone else in my family are such medically backward hillbillies. They get their physicals when the local grocery store sponsors those health fairs, and they fill their own cavities with super glue

  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    Heather - ROFL! Your medically backward relatives sound like my inlaws! One of my inlaws called his horse vet when he was sick to ask what he should do! (I guess he couldn't wait for the next health fair)

    I used to work with a nurse who had a daughter who was a CNA at the same facility. They had to work on different floors though, because management didn't believe in having family members work together.
  7. by   stressedlpn
    fourth generation nurse here. I never got to work with my mom, she passed away before I graduated, although I wk at the place she did,I still wk with my cousins(2) and an Aunt that are nurses,It can be fun unless there is a huge family fight(which there usually is) then it is like well WW3, your either nurses or teachers in my family.
  8. by   Mattigan
    My sister is a LPN and a really good nurse. She worked in the ER at the same hospital for several years but we aren't close at all and are only polite when we happen to run into each other.
  9. by   researchrabbit
    My mom is an RN, two of her sisters were RNs, my sister AND her husband are RNs (I fought against my genetics for years but finally gave in and became an RN at 42). I haven't worked with any of them. Mom and her sisters are retired. I wouldn't mind working with my sister but she's head nurse for dialysis and ICU and neither of those areas really appeal to me. She and her husband worked together for awhile -- that didn't work out very well.
  10. by   kaycee
    I am the only nurse or medical person for that matter in my entire family.
  11. by   semstr
    my sister and bil are psych. nurses. my mil is a retired RN.
    my sil is an ob/gyn dr. and my fil was a surgeon.
    one aunt (in Chicago) is a RN. three nieces in Australia and Holland are RN's too. Another niece is still studyin medicine.
    Daughter is starting a "social-skill-training" school in september, to become a handicaped-therapist
  12. by   jennyej
    My Father is a paramedic/firemen/policeman. He has been a paramedic for 20 years. My step-mom is a paramedic also and works in the er and is hoping to go into nursing soon. She has been a paramedic at least 12 years. They met at work my Dad trained her. He ended up haveing to find another job when they decided to get married because of company law. My grandmother is a QMA but hasn't worked since my mom passed away. I am still in school so I have never worked with any of them. But, I think I would find it difficult to work with any of them because I think they treat you differently when you are family.
  13. by   deespoohbear
    One sil is an RN for the hospital in the county next to us. She works for home health. (Definitely NOT my cup of tea). Other sil is a home health aide for the same hospital I work for, but I do med-surg. Our paths cross once in awhile at the hospital if there is a big meeting or something. Otherwise, everyone in my family wants nothing to do with healthcare. My 12 year old son has mentioned becoming a paramedic, but he has to get over the fear of blood thing.
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks for the replies, every one!