Original Progressive Rock tune: "Chicago Dregs"

  1. hello -

    just want to share a progressive (pop) rock tune that i wrote and sequenced/recorded about 3 years ago. this piece is written in honor of two band that have greatly influenced my own style of composition. these two groups are (the well-known) chicago, and dixie dregs (a little bit less well-known but really great musicians, none the less!), hence my choice with the title, "chicago dregs" for this composition! i've seen both groups perform live! i saw chicago around 1969/early 1970. it was my first rock-band concert and was a lot of fun, though i was just a kid then! about a decade later, i had the opportunity to hear dixie dregs live, twice, while living in boston. they are a phenomenal progressive rock/blue-grass fusion group! one of the musicians of that group was (at that time when i saw them) allen sloan who played electric violin. although all of the musicians of this group were (and still are) quite talented, allen sloan made his violin sing like i've never heard before! this group brought tears to my eyes when they played their tune, "long slow distance" and sloan played that hauntingly beautiful violin solo. well, i don't believe for one moment that i can create equally well-crafted and well-performed music as these musicians can create! but i like trying!! :d

    in honor of two great rock groups, here's "chicago dregs"! and yes! i shamelessly "stole" some of their music "licks" for this piece! lol! enjoy!

    click on this link to hear the music: chicago dregs
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