Organ Donation?

  1. Ok, so here's my thing.........I'm an organ donor, on paper. Recently a friend of mine, who happens to be a very brittle diab. has run into even more serious health problems. She's 35, is scheduled for a heart cath next week and is looking at kidney failure..........she also has two small children.

    I told her, and mean it from the bottom of my heart, that I would be tested as a possible kidney donor. And I still will if and when needed.

    The problem is.........I spoke w/ Gary (my hunny) and told him my plans. He hit the roof! How dare I do such a thing w/o consulting him first! Well now........THAT just pissed me on off....... ...........but he is totally serious.

    He said that if it were a relative it wouldn't be such an ordeal, but since he married me and intended for me to be around for a very long time, why in the world would I put myself at risk for "a friend".

    My question to ya'll is this........How would you react? I'm just curious, my mind hasn't be changed, he just po'd me to the max and probably won't get any this weekend.

    Just looking for insight!
  2. Poll: If a freind needed you to donate an organ would you?

    • just say NO!

      8.82% 3
    • agree to be tested but back out later

      0% 0
    • Do whatever humanly possible for your friend

      70.59% 24
    • Does ir really matter if you know the person or not? After all what's the price of life these days!

      20.59% 7
    34 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   Stargazer
    Uh, isn't this the same guy who registed on the site specifically to come berate everyone in the infamous Pepsi thread for not being Christian enough?

    <cough> Anyway. I think that's a difficult and very personal decision for anyone to make. For a close friend, I would absolutely do it. For a more casual friend, I really don't know. To be frank, if the blood and tissue matches weren't pretty damn close to 100%, I don't think I would, because--irrationally, perhaps--I would feel guilty if the friend later had problems with organ rejection. And I wouldn't want to feel I'd given up my kidney for nothing.

    Probably not much help, sorry. I do think it's generous of you to consider it, though.

    And, despite my initial snarky question, I DO think you probably should've discussed with your hubby first, because it does involve/affect him somewhat--but when all's said and done, it's your kidney and your decision.
  5. by   NurseDianne
    ROFLMAO!!!!:roll Yep! That's him! The one and only! I love it!
    And yes, I do agree on the compatability! I would feel guilty also if my organ was later rejected. I am all for looking into ALL the pro's and con's!
  6. by   cactus wren
    Well, i would donate a kidaey if it was needed by a friend or even a stranger, if I was a match...but that`s just me....tell hubby....Do you really know that you do have 2kidneys?? My DIL just had an unltrsound, because of possible gallbladder problems...And to her surprise, she only has 1...that is functioning..2nd. id shriveled, and doc thinks was a prenatal glitch...And she is a healthy gal, you only need one...
  7. by   NurseShell
    I've decided it's a guy thing...they just don't GET IT!! When filling out our living wills I specified organ donation...etc...hubby HIT THE ROOF!! As if I could take it with me!! Then I told him my wishes about heroic measures etc...he got madder...*sigh*

    If a friend needed something I could offer...I wouldn't think twice!
  8. by   Kayzee
    I say do what your heart tells you. Its your kidney...not his!
  9. by   caroladybelle
    I had to just say No.

    I do not qualify to donate organs, blood, anything.

    I would if permitted but my person is not deemed acceptable
  10. by   cindyln
    MY sister in law donated a kidney to my brother because I wasn't a match. But I would have given mine in a heartbeat.
  11. by   BeachNurse
    In 1993 my son was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary atresia. I was worked up to donate a portion of my liver to him. Coincidentally, two days before the surgery he received a portion of an adult cadaver liver when he was 11 months old and is now doing great at the age of nine.

    This is my son, though...I would have given ANY and all parts of my body that he needed.
  12. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Originally posted by caroladybelle
    I had to just say No.

    I do not qualify to donate organs, blood, anything.

    I would if permitted but my person is not deemed acceptable
    Me too

    But if it were a close friend, and there were no other possible matches, and I was able to... yes, I think I would.
  13. by   meandragonbrett
    I am 100% for organ donation. I am a donor and so are my parents. My best friend had a rare liver disease called budd-chiari's more common now. She had her first transplant when she was 17 years old and did well..didn't have any problems. 4 years later she started having problems with her spleen, it was enlarged and they tried a procedure that used radation to slowly kill the spleen. The dead tissue become stopped up in her liver and she had to have another transplant....after months of fighting with the insurance company she was finally put on the transplant list after we raised 35K$. The insurance company wouldn't pay to have it done at UT-Memphis b\c UT-Memphis wasn't a "Choice Hospital" but she could go to UAB and have it done....but she'd have to go through all of the testing over and get new physicians. They decided to stay here and raise the money. So she was put on the list and we continued to raise the needed 175K for the transplant. It had been decided that when she got the liver they would remove the spleen at that time. She got the liver and went to surgery around 11pm at night. Around 3AM her BP started dropping and at 4:20 that morning the two transplant physicians walked through the door and we all knew. They explained to use that they had not even gotten to the liver transplant yet. Her vessels and arteries that brought blood to the spleen were worn so thin, when they removed the spleen she started bleeding and there was nothing to tie off. They ran out of matched blood in the city....during the previous months she had many transfusions b\c her HCTs would be around 14-15. She got 50 units...that's all they could match to her. So yes, I'm an organ donor and will always be one. The issue holds a special part of me b\c it gave us 4 extra years to be with her. It was her time to go and she was ready. The last words from her mouth before anesthesia started were "Tell my family and friends that I love them one last time." She knew she wouldn't make it, but she also knew she was going to a MUCH better place.

    Have a good night!
  14. by   Q.
    What Stargazer said.

    In all reality there are probably very few friends, in fact, probably only one, in which I would donate an organ for. My sister, or husband, or parents? You bet. In a heartbeat. But even if it were for my sister or parents, I most certainly would discuss it with my husband first. It's an important decision and we always discuss things like this. That's just us, though. Bottom line is, even if he disagreed, he would let me proceed with whatever I decided. In the same manner, if he felt I should donate and I didn't want to, he would respect that decision as well. But regardless I think major life decisions like this should be discussed.
  15. by   hapeewendy
    I watched someone I loved very much go thru the emotional rollercoaster of need an organ transplant (liver)
    quite a few times we thought she had one and were so excited/elated/overjoyed only to find out that no , not as compatable as they thought, someone else was sicker and needed it or the family renigged on the donation issue...
    My aunt got her liver on mothers day , unfortunatlely she died that same september (nothing liver related)
    so to me its quite simple, I would donate to anyone who needed it... if I could ...
    If i was married I would discuss the issue with my husband as I believe that you should discuss important issues with the person you are spending your life with before just making decisions that quite possibly could affect you both..
    I dont think that anyone I married would be against the idea though so I cant really see myself in your position
    I do find it admirable that u are willing to do this, but do think you should have discussed it with hubby first....... NOT for his permission of course , cuz it is your body , just to go over things with him and explain your feelings on the issue...
    what if he just decided to do something serious and major in which his life , and yours, could be changed negatively forever?
    you'd be a lil mad right?
    good luck, keep us posted on things